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Found 56 results

  1. Hello forum members, I have been following this forum for a while. Thanks a lot for all the informative info. I have a question about Vetasses skill assessment for work experience while studying, if anyone could please take the time and answer I would really appreciate. I am looking to apply for skill assessment with Internal Auditor which falls under Group A and requires a minimum 1 year of post qualification work experience. I have been working as an Internal Auditor since 2012 to date. However, I completed my bachelors on December of 2017. I continued my work while I was studying full time from 2014 to 2017. I am still employed as an audit officer with the same company. So my question is will Vetasses only count my work experience after graduating from Uni or will my work experience before and while studying be counted too? A break down- working as internal auditor with the same company from 2012 till date. 2014-2017 studying at uni while working at the same time. 2018- to date still employed with the same company under the same occupation (Audit officer). Please let me know. Thanks
  2. 1) My first query is that I want to apply for VETASSESS skill assessment for Job Code 149212 - Customer Service Manager for sub-class 489 Visa but unable to get roles and responsibilities letter from my employer. If I get statutory declaration written by my supervisor that is notarized from India, do I need to get it for all designations that I hold in the company since joining or only the latest one? For ex- I joined as Domain Expert Trainee and promoted to Assistant Manager (which is my current designation) after 2 years of joining. So should the Stat Dec include only Assistant Manager roles and responsibilities or both Domain Expert and Assistant Manager. If both, then should it be on one letter itself or two different letters? Also, Should the declaration include duration/tenure for both the designations? 2) My second query is that I used to work for a bank in London, UK which I have left about 5 years ago. I tried contacting bank's HR department for the roles and responsibilities letter but they denied stating they don't have any such letter to be issued as per their policy. Now, I am back in India with no contact with my supervisor or any colleagues. I do have supporting documents such as e-mail confirmation by HR that they don't provide any such letter, my appointment letter, pay slips, experience letter, relieving letter, tax statement etc. In such a scenario, should an affidavit with a self written statutory declaration about my roles and responsibilities be accepted by Vetassess? Please suggest
  3. Hi friends, I have bachelor degree Business Administration. And I have my own music education school for 4 years. I want apply to Vetasses for Education Manager NEC skill assessment.(ANZSCO 134499) I know my bachelor degree is not about education but my job title is one on one . Do you have any suggestion ? Can I get positive skill assessment for this job ? Or choose another code according to my career ?
  4. Good Morning folks, I hope everyone is doing very well. I am pretty new to this valuable forum and would like some help from the helping forum members. I intend to apply for the skill assessment for Hotel or Motel Manager. As it is not a trade skill, there is no practical exam, I am just wondering if they conduct any sort of interview or something for us to be prepared for. I do understand the importance of precise documentation, fulfilling their requirements. If anyone has any experience with Vetasses regarding Hotel or Motel Manager skill assessment and would like to share the process and experience, it will be very very helpful. Looking forward to hearing from you .....
  5. Acharyakumar

    187 RSMS Confusion

    Hi there, I have a condition like I am in 457 visa and I am going change my employer after continuously woking with him since june 2015. Currently I find an employer who wish me to sponsor for Rsms 187, do I need skill assessment after having 3.5+ years of experience in same occupation to apply 187 visa?
  6. I got positive assessment from VETASSESS. I have been working for the occupation for 3.5 yrs, however VETASSESS deducted 2 years so Number of years assessed positively: 1.5 How should I put work experience in EOI? Should I or shouldn't I include those 2 years deducted. (EOI asks to state starting date. if I ignore those 2 years that means starting date is 2 years later than reality??) Please help. Thank you.
  7. Hi there, I am very disappointed by the negative outcome. Did anyone here got their negative outcome and got positive from re-assessment? Please help. My question is: what is the best way to position this in the reassessment application? I'm afraid it would seem fishy if I provide another job description that goes into further details of the required tasks. I actually have a solid argument as I actually perform most of the tasks that ANZSCO required. I'm just not sure what's the best way to approach this. what are the additional documents that strong enough to support?
  8. Hi all, can anyone help clarify the below statement...242111 University Lecturer (Suitable for the position of Research Associate or Research Fellow in a University) "Suitable for the position of Research Associate or Research Fellow in a University"Can a Research Fellow (but not a lecturer) working in the uni be nominated by "242111 University Lecturer" occupation ?And If so, can this occupation go with 186 (direct entry) or just can do 457 (long term TSS from now on) and transfer to 186 later ?Thanks all
  9. I am processing for Skill assessment under engineering Australia. I have submitted Self Declaration from one of my co-worker while submitting the document. I got the below message from assessor " Please note that affidavits are not accepted in lieu of 5 point duty statement from the company. You are therefore advised to provide the 5 points duty statement from the company" So now Question is..... 1. As per my company policy, I will only get the reference letter after leaving the company as they are liable to provide only for EX-employee. HR person is ready to give me on email why they cant give the letter. Also, they have given my letter which includes my tenure and designation with working hours. So can I go ahead and submit that letter and attach an email from HR? 2. Why did EA not accept my Declaration? Do I need to submit another declaration? Please, someone, help me here. How I would process further.
  10. Luke&Nicole

    Plant fitter 189 visa process

    Hi all, Me and my OH are currently going through the process of moving to Australia with the 189 skilled visa, I am a qualified plant fitter and have passed my IELTS and the first stage of the skill assessment with vetasess and have my technical interview on the 12th December (which I am very nervous about). We are just wondering if there is any other plant fitters that have already had their technical interview/visa granted? We are hoping to get over to Australia by September/October 2018. We look forward to hearing your experiences
  11. Hi Guys, My bro got sponsorship offer for 457, does he need skill assessment for this visa , his occupational is Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic - ANZSCO 342111 Regards DT
  12. Hey guys,does anyone knows how long would it take for ACS to finish the assessment? for me now it shows that my application is "With Assessor", I don't really what that means, and it says" Please note that the whole application process takes approximately 6-8 weeks", which is really LONG LONG time.BR,
  13. Hello Everyone, Going to face a technical skill assessment interview through Vetassess. So anybody who did already get through this stage would like to help? Any advice will be appreciated. I'm willing to know what kind of questions they will ask? So will prepare myself mentally. I'm not worried but don't want to take any chance. Thank you guyz..
  14. Hi All, I have a question about the connection between TRA/Engineers Australia and DIBP. Age: 30 points Education: Diploma in Electronics (full time)– 2007 BE. Electrical and Electronics (Part-time) – 2012 Experience: Electronic Technician – 2007-2011 – 4 years Electrical Technical Specialist - 2012- 2016 – 4 years (This is mixed job profile of Electronic/Electrical hands-on and Degree level job responsibilities) English: IELTS – 0 points I have TWO positive skilled assessment on the following: Electronic Instrument trade worker – 8 yeas (2007 -2016) Electrical engineer - 4 years (2012 – 2016) The CRITICAL AREA is that I have skilled assessment of Electronic Instrument trade worker and Electrical engineer for the same period of 2012 – 2016. I am not submitting any fake documents; it is just that my responsibilities are inclusive of Electrical equipment, electronic equipment, and hands-on activities & degree level responsibilities. I haven’t launched the EOI. My question is that is there any issue of submitting EOI as an Electronic Instrument trade worker since I already have a skilled assessment from Eng AU as an Electronic instrument trade worker? Is there any chance of rejecting my visa application? I will not submit any Eng Au paper when I get invited. Did Engineers Australia create any record at DIBP when I have completed my skill assessment with them? I will have 60 points if I can submit as an Electronic Instrument Technician. And how about TRA? Did they create any record at DIBP when I have completed my skilled assessment with them? Thank you in advance, Best regards, Sony
  15. Tasha Johnston

    Looking help with ANMAC

    Hi , i am looking help with applying for my ANMAC assessment. I have only qualified as a nurse so i do not have experience to get 3 months references. I am registered with AHPRA though so i can apply for a modified assessment and it states you do not necessarily need 3 months experience to apply. I want to know if not having experience will mean i will not be successful. does anyone have any experience of applying newly qualified? Thanks!
  16. After some advise please Is there any way somebody working in any of the following, would be able to get a skill visa into Australia - health & welfare service manager, mental health, support worker Thank you in advance guys
  17. Dear Seniors I was graduated in 2011 from an Australian University and since then I worked 1.8 years as a professional. I'm about to submit my EOI for 189 visa and I'm claiming for 5 points for Australian work experience. I heard/aware the fact that ACS nowadays deducts "years" from applicants work experiences to deem people as skilled etc. My question is, will I be eligible to apply under "Post Australian Studies skill assessment"?? If I'm eligible, then there is a chance that my 1.8 years work experience all count. So, I can claim 5 points. Because, skilled met date for this category is "the date of the graduation". Please advice, thank you
  18. Hello, I have a bachellor as computer engineer and I finish the master degree 2 years ago. I was in the trainingship visa 402. Now, I want to apply for 457 with the help of my employer. I want to know if the skill assessment by the ACS is required. Not even in the website there are any information about 457 and skill assessment (only recommendations). Can anyone know for sure if I have to complete the skill assessment? Kind regards, Gabriel
  19. Hello, I am a new member. I will be applying for a skill assessment for the "Developer Programmer" role. I was wondering if anyone can provide me a sample of an Employment reference for this role. I have the format provided by ACS and also ANZSCO job description. But just need to know how detailed the employment reference needs to be. Is is sufficient to have the points mentioned in the ANZSCO job description or do we need to go into details of technology, etc? If anyone has a sample employment reference letter or any other information that would help, it would be great. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi All, Below is my situation. I was working for organisation A for 6 years and 8 months till December 2013. In February, i Joined Organisation B at the same designation (Senior Business Analyst - IT - 261111). In May, i had my skill assessment done, but in my naivety, as i did not want to inform my employer that i'm planning on migrating to Australia, i only showed the reference letter from my previous employer i.e. 6 years and 8 months. I got my assessment result in June, and ACS deducted 2 years making my experience 4 years and 8 months. I recenly got my ielts result and got a band of 8 (min 7.5 so 10 points). So here is my points Age - 30 Qualification - 15 English - 10 Job - 5 / 10 if current experience is counted. I want to now, whether i should go ahead and show my current experience which is 9 months now making overall 5 years and 5 months, despite that my current experience has not been assessed by ACS. Would diac accept if i show them the reference letter and salary proofs from current employer. Cheers
  21. vmadhav531

    ACS Skill Assessment - Queries

    Hi Guys, I have submitted the required docs(personal details - passport, Educational details - Graduation completion certificate and transcript, Employment details - Self declaration (Notarised), references from my previous company and current employer confirming my responsibilities and designation (notarised). I have received an email from ACS to submit additional documents as below Please Note: the ACS is unable to accept letters of appointment, self-statutory declarations or contracts as employment references’’ You will need to provide third party statutory declarations that have been properly witnessed along with one of the following; Certified copy of Payslip - preferable first & last payslip Certified copy of Human resource statement or Service Certificate Certified copy of Termination Letter with corresponding dates I do have service certificate of mine as well as my colleagues who referred me. Could someone shed some light on statement " (You will need to provide third party statutory declarations that have been properly witnessed along with one of the following;") on what needs to be done for this (as i already submitted notarised third part statutory declaration with their signatures as well) Thanks for your help
  22. Hi men I have got the copies of degree and employment letters attested from Notary Public in India. I addition will be sending the original transcripts received from my University to Notary Public in India. In order to provide evidence of skilled employment to Engineering Australia I have done a Statutory Declaration from my immediate supervisor on a plain paper and signed by Notary Public in India. Is it ok or is it required to be on a stamp paper or something else can anyone help me out with it. Can anyone please advice on above. Thanks
  23. Hi everyone! If anyone could help me with the following enquiry I'll be thankful!: Migratory agents have access to the Country Education Profile (CEP) of each country, where they can see to which category a university belongs and according to that, they can check wether a 4 or 5 year degree like a Bachelor for instance (in my case from Argentina), is equivalent to an Australian Bachelor degree or Diploma. To have access, they pay an annual membership (I read it in another forum). For what I have been researching, also any individual (not an agent) could access to the CEP paying for an annual membership that allows to see the info of the country you are interested in. Have anyone used this service, and could tell me how does it work? E.g. In that year (membership), can you do several consults from several carrers? What information is shown when you consult? Also, I haven't fully understood the following: Is there a list of universities that are "recognised institutions" and if the case university is not recognised you could not apply for an assessment by any means? or, Does the fact of having a degree from a university that is not within the "recognised institutions" just imply that the degree could be considered as a lower degree (e.g A Bachelor being recognised as a Diploma in Australia)? Thank you for any help or comment that you could provide me :rolleyes:. Regards, Pampa
  24. uzair

    ACS Reassessment??

    Hi Guys, My problem is related to ACS reassessment for one work experience judged as not closely related. I applied to be assessed under 261311 (Analyst Programmer), my latest experience of 3 years 1 month has been assessed to be suitable with this ANZSCO however the problem is with my prior experience of 2 years in another company. Being a small-sized company the job roles were limited and more job duties were performed. My Job title was Project Coordinator but i had been performing almost 70-80% of the job responsibilities of Analyst Programmer and thats what my experience letter said as well. However it has not been assessed as closely related to 261311 (Analyst Programmer) and i want to get this reviewed. My queries are: What are generally the chances of positive review? What evidence in my case would be suitable? Does a detailed revised experience letter stating job roles in detail from same company helps? Any other suggestions are welcome!! Thanks
  25. mwn123

    Research experience in EOI

    Hello, I have just got invitation for 189 visa. At the same time I am little bit confused about my point claims. As per SkillSelect my EOI point breakdown is as follows Age: 30, English: 10, Education: 15, Experience: 10 (TOTAL: 65) I claimed points for research assistantship (RA) during my masters study which added 5 points. Apart from this I have 3 years experience which is assessed by EA. My confusion is 1. If I lodge visa and provide all documents of RA, will it be considered as an experience? (I heard somewhere that RA is not considered as experience) 2. If they don't consider it, I still have 60 points. Will they issue visa based on that? I am now thinking if I made any mistake including RA as an experience. I am confused if I should lodge visa or not, as I will lose the visa fees if it is refused I am eagerly waiting for your cooperation. Please provide your expert opinions. Thanks mwn