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  1. LDNurse

    Nurse NSW 190 invites

    It is so frustrating. Would be great if we could just interview with someone instead of being a number in thousands
  2. Any nurses had invites in the last couple of months? I’m checking my emails relentlessly but still nothing ? I’m on 70 points too
  3. LDNurse

    190 NSW invite times for nurses

    Thanks so much for reply...it’s good to know they’re inviting. Sometimes it feels like you may have been lost in the system! Just checking, was your invite recent?
  4. Hi all, Been going through all the threads but none of them seem to address general times for registered nurses. I put in EOI for 70 points including superior English, any idea how long it will be for an invite? I can’t seem to find any statistics on 190 NSW invites at all, only for 189 visas. Thanks so much in advance, want to get back to oz so badly!