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  1. I can't believe I missed this. I hope it doesn't delay things too much. Ihave the award letter on the way from the Registrars office for my Bachelor degree For the doctorate the Uni only send the letter from the academic registry. Will this be sufficient??
  2. But I went through the advisory service and no mention of this. So frustrating because I paid AUD100 for the advisory service and it took 2 and half weeks.
  3. Hi folks, Submitted Vetassess application on Nov 12th and received notification today: 1. Qualification award certificate / completion letter - Insufficient Reason: Not supplied Comment: These documents for your Bachelor and PhD degrees have not been supplied. If an award certificate cannot be obtained we require a letter of completion from the registrar's department of the awarding institution. This letter should clearly state the qualification name, program duration and details (eg: mode of study) and successful completion of qualification. I supplied official academic transcripts for both my Bachelor and PhD degree -For my bachelor this was a four page official academic transcript from the Uni registrar office. -For my PhD this was a letter from the registrars office stating my PhD start and finish date, location, thesis title, submission date, acceptance and award date. I can't understand what else they want. If I again contacted the registrars office from both Uni's they will send the exact same documents.
  4. The job offer should be full-time for at least six months in the the field of my qualification assessment. I will definitely get help from an agent to at least check my documents anyway. Fingerscrossed it all works out!
  5. Thanks Jodi Podi. I am really really relying on this state nomination so I will at least have an agent check all my document before applying. I have contacted many more today and will try select the best one. I spoke to Australia here we come and they said despite the migration office saying I don't need a job offer, they don't my chances are very slim without one. Even if I move to Victoria before applying they may think I only moved to apply so it's very hard to know what to do. Does anyone know what qualifies as a job offer? Does it need to be a full work contract or does a letter or email stating the terms of employment along with company details and ABN suffice?
  6. I will just wait for the skills assessment in case it's negative. I will also keep trying for the job offer and see if I can get annother agent to offer me a cheaper rate foor a "no visa, no fee". I'm waiting on a contract from True Blue, they said it will be a refund if I don't get the nomination.
  7. I called Vetassess. They said 12 working weeks which doesn't include xmas and bank holidays so they said "don't quote me on this but I think the first or second week of February". They couldn't even tell me if someone was working on my case. I will be afraid of ruining my chances by applying without the skills assessment
  8. They actually did update the list a few weeks ago and luckily it was still on it. I will see what timeline Vetasses gives me and if it's more than a few weeks I will submit
  9. Please ignore the part of my last post that where I suggested that I won't be in the two week streamlined pathway. I will be because I have an overseas PhD and an occupation on the State nomination occupation list for Victoria. I was reading it quickly and for some reason thought I didn't met the criteria for this pathway but I do. I didn't even realise I could apply without the skills assessment. I sent it in 9 weeks ago but I contacted Vetassess four days ago for an update on the completion date and they haven't responded yet. My previous emails they responded within a day or two thomasvo, I will go through the website now. are you applying for 190 too? Do you work in Vic?
  10. I was just about tho post this. I feel it will be too risky to wait until my contract is up and then move because if I don't get this I will need to of regional work for a second year visa. I though PhD graduates all go through the streamlined path but I just read that the occupation must be on the SOL for this…ahhh!! Victorian Government has introduced a streamlined pathway to state nomination for international graduates with a PhD. Applications through this pathway will be processed within two weeks, compared to the standard 12 week processing time. To be eligible, applicants will need to either: have completed a PhD at a Victorian University in an occupation on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) – Schedule 1 and 2 (PDF, 76.1 KB) in the past five years, or have completed a PhD of a recognised standard (as determined by the relevant skill assessing authority) from an overseas university, in a field relating to an occupation on the State Nomination Occupation List for Victoriain the past five years. I have been in QLD since July except for two weeks myself and my partner visited Victoria and NSW
  11. Ye I feel that this is outrageous too. It can actually be more difficult to get when living and working in another AUS state because with a state nomination PR you do not have to (morally yes, legally no) live in the state that sponsered you so they require evidence that you will live in the state and not just get the nomination from them and live elsewhere. So for me I guess the concern would be that I will continue to live and work in QLD
  12. squeakf99

    BAD news! For 190 visa W A

    It is worth calling the WA migration office to see if you can apply without the job offer if you can show evidence of strong ties there and lots of jobs applied for
  13. I have tried four agents so far but I will try more. True blue quoted me 2200 for just state nomination. Another gave me incorrect information (said I could apply for 189 which I can't as life scientist nec is not on this list). Another said they don't to GSM visas and the fourth didn't respond. I have requested a contract and breakdown of what service I will receive. The no visa no fee policy really appeals to me because I really feel that this will be tricky to get and I could spend more money and still not get PR. Life scientist unfortunately isn't on the QLD state nomination list if that’s what the "off list" is?
  14. This is exactly the point, it really isn't straight forward. If I was living and working in Victoria it would be. The fact that the agent is willing to take on the case, albeit with a very high price with a "no visa no fee" policy makes me think that they feel they can get me the visa. It is really about how strong a case I can put forward to convince them I want to live and work in Victoria and can get a job there. Getting a job on a WHV is near impossible but with a PR it would be fine (been told by numerous HR departments and agencies). I can also try get this is writing from a few agencies. It is a very high risk for me to give up a well-paid job in Qld to move to Vic with no job in the hope that I get state nomination. 2200 would be worth it if I get the state nomination but it seems a very high price for just a state nomination application. I will have completed skills assessment and IELTS and selected the visa category. After nomination I will still have to do all the DIBP application on my own.
  15. This quote is not including the EOI, the quote for that was 3,500. If that was included I would be quite happy to go with it.