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    Moving to Oz and unsure where to live!

    Brisbane! There is so much for families to do in Brisbane and surrounds... Yes, it is quieter than Sydney but maybe a city-style nightlife is not a high priority factor for a young family. I am in real estate on the Redcliffe Peninsula which is about 30 minutes north of Brisbane and approximately an hour from the Sunshine Coast. Happy to show you around if you are seeking a lovely seaside city. Google it to find out more information... Good luck in your search ?? Karen Prince, Waterfront Properties Redcliffe
  2. Hi ceddy, I would suggest using a website called realestate.com.au to find your rental property. There are LOTS of very good rental properties in North Lakes (which is only 15 minutes or so from Cashmere). Or rent on the Redcliffe Peninsula if you want to be right by the sea. Either of these will be a good base to start from... I would be happy to give you a little guided tour around both of these areas to give you some local information and a head start - particularly if you're trying to decide where to settle and buy at some point. Cheers, Karen
  3. I see that many people wonder 'where to live?' when moving to Australia (especially if they don't have family here already). I came here from New Zealand nearly 20 years ago with my Pommy ex-husband and we headed straight to Queensland as I had a sister here. The Redcliffe Peninsula is just 30 minutes north of Brisbane and so has access to all major city facilities. For many years it was a sleepy seaside village but now has 55,000 residents and is predicted to have significant capital growth. There are now many new apartment complexes on the waterfront, sensational canal homes as well as a variety of other real estate options. If you would prefer a 'sea-change' rather than living in a tight-knit suburb, then consider the Peninsula. You can find fabulous beachside properties at very reasonable prices. If you have friends or relatives living at North Lakes, Queensland already - it's just 10-15 minutes from them. I'd love to show you around... Happy New Year! Karen