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  1. aliasp

    First British Passport for Aussie Kids

    thanks mate, actually i am just back from australia post now, just sent off my documentation and all passports are applied for now for the kids. just have to do my wife's visa application now and we will be well on the way. some small renovations on the house and hopefully we will be back in Scotland around about Feb / March time!
  2. aliasp

    First British Passport for Aussie Kids

    Thanks Marisa Does the spouse visa enable her to work straight away or would she need to wait? Money will be fine as we will be selling the house in Melbourne before we move.
  3. aliasp

    First British Passport for Aussie Kids

    Thank you i will have a look now, i am Scottish and moved here when i was 31, now 49 and my wife agrees after so long i am due some years at home with my family and friends. She is Aussie and no British ancestors, so i don't know how easy her visa will be.
  4. Hi all Have looked but can't find a previous post, can someone point me in the right direction of how to get the first UK passport for Aussie born kids, I am British and wife is Aussie. Moving back to Perth in Scotland in January hopefully and starting to get things moving, applied for my passport renewal today, and now need to do the 3 kids and get my wife's visa organised so she can work when we arrive. Was strange when i applied for my own passport it went to the UK, and not here in Australia, and i need to now scan and send them all the pages from my Australian passport also with my old british passport in the mail. Any pointers for either appreciated, thanks.
  5. aliasp

    Moving back with teenagers

    Sounds almost the same as me, my kids are 8, 13, 15, I am in the process of getting the ball moving also, moving back to Perth after 19 years here. To homesick, missing family to much, missing friends to much, and have been for years. The covid debacle in Melbourne and Victoria has only served as a catalyst for me now, I have had enough and hope to be back in Scotland early 2022.
  6. aliasp

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    I totally do, and every time i miss a big premier league game as it is on in the middle of the night!
  7. how have you found it rose? does it feel the right decision, or still to early to say?
  8. lovely post, My heart goes out to you. x
  9. I have exactly the same issue. been in Australia 13 years and now have 3 young kids. desperate to move back to UK but my Aussie wife won't entertain it at all. we get no family support from her family whatsoever, my family are exact opposite and would give any help we ever needed. after so long here and wanting my family to see the kids grow up I desperately want to go back, I feel increasingly trapped and lonely and I'm getting very depressed as a result. I really don't know where to turn.