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  1. Rara82

    How to fill in the EOI for a skilled visa 189

    It's Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) Sara
  2. Rara82

    How to fill in the EOI for a skilled visa 189

    Hi Rob I don't have a guide but when I completed the EOI for my husband in the education section I selected AQF Certificate III - the institution I put as 'VETASSESS' the campus I put 'n/a - OSAP Assessment'. Then in the Skills Assessment section, I put TRA as the assessing authority. I hope that helps.
  3. Rara82

    189 Visa Lodged August 2015

    Thanks supercow and Orlando, all the best to you both!
  4. Rara82

    189 Visa Lodged August 2015

    We have also received the golden email today with our grants. We are over the moon and want to send a big shout out and massive thank you to the wonderful people on PIO, we couldn't have done this without you. Quick question though, my husband's (main applicant) grant letter is addressed to our current address and my grant letter is addressed to our old address which we moved out of in March. I imagine this is just an oversight. Do you think I should advise them of the error? I'm not sure if it will matter or not. :confused:
  5. Rara82

    189 Visa Lodged August 2015

    We have submitted our 189 visa application today and updated the online tracker. We wanted to thank all on this forum, especially @adele244, for being so helpful. Hopefully we will be able to be just as informative and helpful to future wannabe applicants. All the best guys and gals.
  6. Rara82

    Any one done The Pearsons English Test Yet?

    Hi @adele244 - sorry for delayed reply. Yes, our timelines are very similar! We are doing the process without an agent, how about you? I hope your husband's technical interview goes well, am sure it will. My husband has his PTE on 11th May. He did have his practical assessment booked in for 30th May, but unfortunately, VETASSESS have just cancelled it (grrrrr!) so we need to book a technical interview instead. We were hoping to have the visa application submitted by 1st July as Carpenter is one of the flagged occupations on the SOL. Anyhow, if everything goes well, we are hoping to be based around Sydney as that's where all our friends are. How about you guys?
  7. Rara82

    Any one done The Pearsons English Test Yet?

    Massive congratulations supercow! My husband's PTE is booked for the 11th May - so I will report back, hopefully with some good news. I'll be looking out for your thread
  8. Rara82

    Any one done The Pearsons English Test Yet?

    Thanks thomasvo - I think we'll do the same.
  9. Rara82

    Any one done The Pearsons English Test Yet?

    That's really good to hear @thomasvo. I am booking my husband's PTE exam this weekend. Hopefully, for the second week of May and I too will post an update on how he gets on. Can anyone recommend any good websites or books which may help with revision or practice? He has had a few sessions with a tutor already but this was more focused on the IELTS which, after reading the above, we have decided to leave for now.
  10. Rara82

    My 189 journey starts here!

    Great post evenezia! Wishing you all the very best with your application! Keep us posted!
  11. Rara82

    Validating visa

    Sorry I can't answer your question familyof4 but I wanted to say massive congratulations on the visa grant. Wishing you all the very best once you get to Australia. Please keep us posted with everything
  12. Rara82

    Vetassess - More like "pain in the ess" !!!!

    Well done for getting statements for 2 suppliers. That's where I am having difficulty. My OH is applying as a Carpenter and Joiner (self-employed). We have been able to get a number of reference letters from companies he has sub-contracted to and letters from private customers but struggling with acquiring letters from suppliers as my OH would always shop around for the best deals for materials and tools and would rarely open an account. I think we will at the very least be able to get one supplier letter but otherwise it will be lots of receipts and supplier invoices and then keeping our finger's crossed! Sounds like you are nearly all set - wishing you all the best xx
  13. Rara82

    Vetassess - More like "pain in the ess" !!!!

    Hi Adele Just wondering if you found the answer to your question above, i.e. whether you did have to acquire 3 statements from suppliers?
  14. That's good Robwilliams, sounds like however you completed the EOI, the correct points have been claimed. Wishing you all the best for your application.
  15. Thanks Ozmaniac. This clarification definitely helps us out and hopefully will assist others wondering about claiming these points. Thank you again