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  1. evenezia

    Photo calendars

    vistaprint as well, have used the uk website for quite a few calendars, and also the aussie website to get a calendar to relatives in qld before christmas last year. i think i used paypal to pay.
  2. evenezia

    Computer help needed please?

    Sounds like the Autocomplete setting is filling out certain web page form fields automatically. Have a look in the browser options / settings and there will be the option to delete your autocomplete history.
  3. evenezia

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    Grant received! (email at 4.35am) My timeline for those interested ANZCO 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer ACS applied 02/03/2015, received 10/03/2015 PTE Academic done: 07/04/2015 - Results on 08/04/2015 [83,80,66,90] PCC applied 01/04/2015, received 16/04/2015 EOI lodged: 07/04/2015 Invitation received: 09/04/2015 Application lodged: 19/04/2015 Medical done: 11/05/2015 Information Requested 01/06/2015 (Information provided same day) Delay email received 16/06/2015 Grant received 09/07/2015 (80 days from Application) Just need to start saving! Good luck to all still waiting!
  4. evenezia

    How much are you guys paying for flights?

    Not booked anything for this year yet, but last year we were very lucky to get Qantas/Emirates return flights to Brisbane in November for about £500 each by booking through the Brazilian expedia website. Booked last March but this was some sort of pricing anomaly that has since been closed unfortunately...
  5. evenezia

    TIme interval between visa granted and date of entry

    You have 1 year from the date of your police check certificate or medical - whichever is the earliest
  6. evenezia

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    This is why - I will change permissions back so people can edit and not just comment. Try in 5 mins. Regards
  7. Applied for 189 on 20th April, and in the meantime I have applied for and received my first British passport. On the application I only submitted details of my EU passport as that was the only one I had at the time. I gather i need to complete and submit form 929 with my additional passport details, but was wondering what to put for question 5 Details of visa applied for TYPE: CLASS: At which office was the application lodged? I was thinking "Skilled Independent", "189" and "Online" but thought I'd double check. Thanks
  8. evenezia

    visa medicals

    You can book the medical anytime as long as you have the HAP ID number. To get this, log into your immi account and do a new application, looking for 'My Health Declarations' under 'Health'. Once you complete the application, you will be able to download a Medical referral letter which has your HAP ID number.
  9. evenezia

    Has anyone used the "My Health Declarations" system?

    I did a couple of weeks ago, and it went without a hitch. Would recommend doing it if you want to get the medical out of the way (bearing in mind this affects your validation date). Once you do it, you download a medical referral letter with the HAP ID number you need to book your medical. Then after you have submitted your visa application, there is a button to click called 'get health details'. Click on this and assuming the medical details have been forwarded to DIBP, you will see this message; Health requirement – health clearance provided – no action required All health examinations required for the specified visa subclass have been finalised. Processing of this person's visa application can now continue. This will not occur until a case officer investigates the case in line with published processing times for the visa that has been applied for. Do not contact the department about health examinations in the meantime.
  10. evenezia

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    @Ozmaniac These are the relevant answers in my application.. Relationship status: De Facto Are there any migrating family members included in this application?: No Non-migrating dependent family members not travelling to Australia who are notAustralian citizens or Australian permanent residents: No
  11. evenezia

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    sorry for all the questions, but as I am doing this application solo I wanted to make sure. In my application I said I was in a de-facto relationship (for 5 years), but also said I would not be adding my partner to my visa (as she is Australian). Do you think I still need to provide evidence of my de-facto relationship? I have the documentation ready but thought i would see what others had to say first.. Thanks!
  12. evenezia

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    To those of you who have submitted form 80 - how many personal contacts in Australia did you put down? I know a lot of family and friends (my gf is from Queensland) but thought more than 4 or 5 is overkill? Or not? Thanks
  13. evenezia

    Computer help please folks!

    Does this happen in other browsers - Firefox or Chrome? If you don't have them i would recommend you download and install them as they are both better and more reliable than IE. If it doesn't happen in other browsers then sometimes changing the Accelerated Graphics setting under Tools->Internet Options (Advanced tab) help. Click to select the 'Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering check box' and restart IE. Try youtube again. Good luck
  14. evenezia

    189 visa lodged April 2015

    Submitted my application last night. eek! Have front loaded police certificate and medical. Has anyone submitted form 80 upfront??
  15. evenezia

    Small dogs travelling to Brisbane

    We have two 4 year old ragdolls and would also be interested in what people have to say about this.