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Found 92 results

  1. Hi all Any help/advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I keep going around in circles trying to find the answer to the following: When an applicant passes the practical assessment with Vetassess and they receive an AQF certificate III (based on 3 years skilled work experience as Capenter and Joiner), can this then be used to claim 10 points under the educational qualifications, where it states 'You have completed a trade qualification for award by an Australian educational institution.' or 'You have attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining your skills for your nominated occupation.'? Unfortunately, I have received conflicting information. An agent we have asked says these points can be claimed, but I believe we would have to input start and end dates of study which we would not have as the qualification was obtained through skills assessment. Any ideas? Thanks for your time. Sara
  2. Hi to you all. This is our first post, the trades recognition is our first step on gaining a skilled migrant visa to NSW, Sydney. I have been self employed for 10 years and run a successful landscape design and build company but have no formal qualifications for TRA. I have been told to do the RPL, cost AUD$2,300, to gain a certificate III in Horticulture (landscaping). I have a website Hopkins Gardens, testimonials and portfolios, is there anyway of avoiding the assessment and applying directly to TRA. Can anyone hazard a guess to how long it will take 'till we receive our permanent visa? We feel rather knocked back having made the decision to go. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I wonder whether anyone would be able to provide some initial advice? Myself and my wife would like to migrate permanently to Australia with our 9 month old baby. Computer Support Technician is on the SOL. However, for the last two and a half years I have been undertaking a lot more than just support. I wondered whether my skills would qualify under the (NEC) category. (I think I would need 8 years experience so I don't think this would be an option for us). However, I understand that for either category my skills would have to be assessed and therefore I need qualifications. I am about to commence an NVQ3 in IT. I understand that under Computer Support Technician, TRA would assess my skills. However, I understand that the NVQ qualification is not recognised in Australia - the equivalent being AQF III and TRA do not accept NVQs. How can I go about finding an RTO in England to help me? Any advise would be appreciated. I have little other qualifications. I do have ITIL and also am about to undertake an MCP. I wonder whether these are classed as trade certificates? I am very experienced already, working in the IT industry for over 10 years. I am desperate for some advice in the best way into Australia. If it means going under a tempory visa to begin with then that is fine as long as I have a good chance of getting a permanent visa after. Also my wife would need to be able to work part time under my visa. I think I have read that TRA need a 3 year apprenticeship. However, this would be a backward step for me. I am already highly experienced. Also, I wasn't sure whether if I can obtain a sponser and I can get a tempory work visa, I can then also study towards an AQF whilst working so that after I would be able to gain a permanent visa? Do you think this is a viable option? I hope someone can help as we need to know which way to go as it all seems so confusing.
  4. Hi First time poster to the site guys. My head is up my *rse lately so please help!! We recently decided to apply for a visa to Oz... simple I thought?... not on your nelly!! Same old story... partner is a plasterer over 15 years... has run his own successful plastering co the last 10+ years BUT! never got formal qualifications (like alot of plasterers in Ireland during the boom years!). So our problem is this:- We're running out of time to apply under the old 175 Visa app process as my partner would need to get an AQF Level III qualification for Skills pathway E (since A, B or C would require a subsequent 2 years in the trade after an NVQ equivalent cert). But I'm having problems finding an AQF assessment in the UK. Also, since time is running out should we be waiting to see what happens after July 1st... if anything does actually happen as I've been reading this may not be passed until the end of the year? I think we should get this AQF cert eitherway, as you (apparently) get the 10 points in the new points system. Part of me is thinking that we'll go to alot of trouble to get this AQF, only to be told you need 5 years on the job exp with this or something as this seems to be the story every way we have turned in our quest!! (sorry ranting there). Sorry, to the point... can you tell me:- A: Is there a way of getting your AQF Level III in the UK? B: Would he be better off flying to Oz to attain this qualification? C: Is there any point in applying for a 175 visa before July 1st (even though it may be delayed) & since the TRA take about 3 months to process? D: Under the new points system it says you get 10 points for family sponsorship... my partner doesn't have family, but I have alot in Perth... can we use my family sponsorship for the 10 points even though he would be the main applicant? I wouldn't even ask him to attempt the IELTS for the extra 10/20 points, his spelling is atrocious!! I realise this is alot of questions... so if you reply... many thanks in advance!!
  5. Hi - I'm new to this, first post so please bear with me! My hubbie is a welder and we know we have to apply to TRA for recognition of his skills - however we are hoping to apply for him being a 1st class welder, as he does all of the tasks listed on the governments website for this job. The only thing is that the government website also states that the entry requirement is an AQF Level III or higher qualification.:err: My hubbie did a 2 year college course in welding and has a National Certificate in Fabrication and Welding Engineering Practice (this is his highest qualification) - is this equivalent to AQF level III, or does he have to get the AQF level III? Does the TRA do this for us when we apply for a skills assessment? I'm completely confused now! I hope someone can help :confused:
  6. Can anybody help me on info how to get my skills assessment done for AQF Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Graphic Pre-Press) (ICP30205) did anybody use these people before ? https://www.australianskillassessments.com/ I have also recently done the IELTS test, any info would really help, thanks
  7. Guest

    New points test & aqf

    Hi all Just wanted to get anyones opinion on what I think I understand about this new points test being implemented 1 July 2011. While reading the Introduction to New Points Test on DIAC website I came across FAQ: Q: Are there any restrictions on what Australian qualifications can be used to claim points? A: Yes. To claim points for an Australian qualification, the qualification must have been undertaken while the applicant was in Australia and it must have been completed as the result of a course of study that was at least two academic years (that is, 92 weeks as registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)). Then further down the page: What points will be awarded for education qualifications? The following table outlines the number of points awarded for an applicant’s highest education qualification. Points and Description of education qualifications 20 points for PhD 15 points Bachelor Degree (including a Bachelor Degree with Honours or Masters) 10 points Diploma completed in Australia, AQF III/IV completed in Australia, Offshore recognised apprenticeship NOTE THAT ALL DIPLOMAS AND AQF'S HAS TO BE OBTAINED IN OZ!!!! As I am currently being assessed for my AQF (technical interview being conducted tonight) and the fact that we just recently got our required funds in the bank (which now has to stay there for 3 months) clearly we will not make it to apply for SS and our visa by 1 July!!! This means that my AQF will be useless by then!! Any thoughts anyone???
  8. Hi there My fiancé and I are in the throws of trying our best to get to OZ.after waisting so much of our time getting wrong info from visa first we think we are on the right track. My fiancé is waiting for his aqf level three plastering papers in the post.hw sat his IELTS test at the weekend so 2weeks waiting for that. We onld found out the other night that hus aqf level 3 now also has to be asseses by the TRA who also told us they have a 3month back log. We were speaking to a lady in immigration the other night who told us the quickest way to get visa is get holiday visa arrive in Perth find a job that offers sponsorship and that the visa would be grantedin a week!! Has anyone else come across this info???? Also dose anyone know if the medical is done by your own gp or by a dr they assign you to? And do all visas require a medical?? We are going for the 176 ss in WA. Trying to find the correct info is so hard I'd appreciate any help please.....Ger
  9. Hi, I am in the process of applying for a skilled visa as a glazier to come to W.A. and my migration consultant has informed me that because i dont have an a apprentiship in glazing and i only have 10 years experience and a NVQ that i have to take a australian qualification called a AQFIII run by the Australian skills assessors. This is no problem except it costs £1800. Does any one now about this or a way round it or another company that does it cheaper. Cheers Dave
  10. gaz&family

    AQF in simple terms

    Im a plasterer (solid) renderer or internal work, got the visa, but I want to know about getting my AQF (I need it to start work, dont I). I cant just swap it for my city and guilds or am I wrong. What else do I need in simple terms.Ta.
  11. Hi All, Just a quick query as to whether anyone has used the Australian Skills Assessment to gain the AQF qualification? My OH is a tiler and has many years experience but unfortunatley no qualification. We have been looking into the possibility of him completing an NVQ 3 - The cost of this is approx £1000 and can take approx 6 months to complete. Then I came across the Australian Skills Assessment website which talked about gaining the AQF. The cost of this was nearly £2000 but only takes approx 2 months to complete (according to the website). I would love to hear from people who have used this company to gain their AQF and your experience. Would you recommend them? Also, is there something i'm missing as it all sounds to easy?!? You complete a form, attach lots of evidence, have an interview and then get your qualification!!! Right? Help and advice need please! Sue :twitcy:
  12. Hiya all! Following another sleepless night I have decided to have a bit of a rant on here and hope that someone ... anyone can help me!! I have posted on this site before asking about a 176 visa for my husband as a Radiocommunications Technician but have now found that there may be another way in for us, please take the time to read this as it is quite a long winded question!! My husband currently works on the Digital Switch over contract in London installing satellite equipment (radiocommunications job on SOL). He took this job when the recession hit as there was very little work about in his previous job which was working on a self employed basis for 10 years as a floor fitter, specialising in wooden and laminates. I have now found that the SOL for WA lists 'Floor Finisher' and am wondering whether to go for this option as he does still attend clients homes for service issues regarding flooring in his current position (re-routing cables under flooring etc). He would need to get his skills assessed but we have found several forums which advise the AQF III certificate to increase the chances of a positve TRA assessment but have also found comments stating that DIAC are in dispute with the TRA as they will only accept this qualifiction if it is completed in Australia over a two year period. Can he take this assessment in the UK? Can onyone recommend a good company to contact? Even if he can, will a specialism in wooden flooring be enough? Any help would be very much appreciated! Eve xx
  13. Guest

    AQF 111 trade train ?

    hi, i,m looking for a bit of advice/ information..... does anyone know about a company trade train ? we were just looking into the AQF 111 for chefs and apparently you would only require 4 not 5 years exp to make yourself eligible for the tra assessment, many thanks in advance if you could shed any light on costs and how it all works karen
  14. Hi All, Just thought i'd let people know about the situation we are currently in - Not sure if anyone is aware of this, I haven't seen any posts on this site. Basically - My OH is a Tiler by trade with many years experience but no qualification. We have 55 points (with regional sponsorship) so in order to gain the extra 10 points it was a case of either doing the ILETS or AQF. My OH isn't very good at spelling or reading so we were considering going for the AQF. We then found out that DIAC are currently in a dispute with TRA because TRA are insisting on not recognising employment before gaining AQF. Apparently DIAC does not agree with this approach and other skills assessing bodies are not taking the same approach (Just our luck that it is the TRA who assess Tilers!). DIAC and TRA are currently in discussions to resolve this. We now have a dilemma - We wanted to apply for our visa before the changes in July 2012 and we definately need to apply before August 2012 as that is when my OH turns 34 and we lose age points. The question is do we wait until the TRA/DIAC make a decision therefore taking the risk that we might not get our application in before our deadline or do we go ahead with the AQF (which costs around £2000) which is a risk as TRA may still insist on not recognising pre-qual experience and we may just waste our money! What would you do? Is there anyone else in the same situation? Sue
  15. Hiya! I would like to ask for a bit of advice regarding the TRA / AQF III situation .... my OH hasn't got any formal qualifications in his job which is on the SS SOL for WA and we are wondering whether it might be worth 'having a go' at the TRA skills assessment to see if he can get enough points before having to take the AQF III. We can provide references, employed details, customer feedback, evidence of work etc to the TRA. We were thinking that if he can get it first time we will save $2500 on the AQF, on the other hand if he fails it will only cost us an extra $300 which, in the grand scheme of things isn't fortune! What do other PIO people think?! Eve :biggrin:
  16. Guest

    AQF III - Technical Interview

    My OH has his technical interview (floor finisher) at 9pm tonight, fingers crossed!!
  17. We are hoping to move to Perth in about 12 months - we have just submitted our 176 visa application under OH's occupation. I am currently on maternity leave (I am a School Business Manager) and have been thinking about completing my AATs to brush up my skills. Howver know that we are looking to move I am wondering if I'd be better looking into AQF but have no idea if I can or where to start Can I? how much does it cost? how long does it take? :eek: Est
  18. boardie

    Drainer Assessment

    Hi, first time posting so please be gentle! My husband is a Groundworker in the UK. His job covers all of the skills under Drainer on the SOL. Unfortunately as he has no formal qualifications (other than machine licences) we are unable to get a TRA assessment. TRA have told me our best option is for him to obtain an AQF III certificate, however the highest you can go is AQF II for Drainer and I can't for the life of me find anybody who will assess him based on 20 years experience. He's not a plumber so not sure a plumbing AQF assessment would be of any use (he'd probably fail). Is anybody else in the same position as us? I've read a few posts on here about this but nothing too recent... Be very grateful for any advice. many thanks Alex
  19. Hi all, we have started the 176 state sponsorship visa. We have appointed an agent but are struggling with the AQF, as I don't get the impression that they fully understand my husbands job. My husband is a CNC Setter/Operator which is Austrailia is classed as a Metal Machinist (First Class). We have sent the initial AQF application off but now have to complete the stage 2 application form, but the agents keep sending us Metal Fabricators/Mechanical Engineer form which we have to complete and then get a score of points based on equipment he has used. The problem we have is that the machinery listed is all to do with Fabricators and welding and not relevant to my husbands job which is working with spindles, lathes, milling etc. I have spoken to our agent and they have said that there is only one form but I find this really hard to believe as we cannot gain points based on a job he doesn't do. Can anyone offer any advice please, or if you are a metal machinist (First Class) and have had to complete the AQF could you please let us know if this is correct that you have to complete this Fabricators application form? Please any help or advice would be mostly appreciated as we are on such a tight deadline as we have been told come the 1 July the chances are we won't be able to lodge our visa as we won't be eligble so we are desparetly trying to get it done asap. Thanks Natasha
  20. Guest

    AQF - painter and decorator-

    hello all, i am a painter and decorator who's about to do my AQF in England, is there any p and d's out there who have already done their AQF and passed? cheers Wayne- Leicester
  21. Guest

    AQF III assessment

    Does anyone know of a company that do AQF III Assessments in the UK for Stone Masons???????
  22. Guest

    aqf / tra

    hi i would like some help was ment to do an aqf for roof tiling the company no longer does them they wanted £2000 to do it can get another company to do it they want 2800 . i will qualify for tra with my own qualification in july which is only £200 and will not need an aqf but changes to pionts system in july i may not qualify for visa does anyone no what changes will be made or should i just pay the 2800 . i have my level two roof tiling which i passed in feb 2006 dont no if tra would accept that. i passed level three on july 2010 which tra would defo accept . can anyone help
  23. boardie

    AQF III assessment

    Evening all Has anybody been assessed for an AQF in pipelaying? or studied for one? thanks
  24. Guest

    AQF Diploma - Projects?

    Hi after looking through some threads seems some people have been abe to complete an Australian Diploma from afar whcih VETASSESS have approved in Project Management. If you have ay experience on this / detais please share! THANKS ALL! Lu
  25. Hello everyone I was wondering whether anyone knows of any Australian Registered Training Organisation in England or Australia (I'm thinking to fly to OZ for assessment if there is any in England) who could help with undertaking the skill assessment for an AQF III in chef occupation?:err: Many thanks