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  1. Thank you for your reply Alan. At the time of my AOS approval I satisfied all the requirements. However I believe once AOS has been approved, it can't be canceled unless there's a really major change in circumstances like death of an assurer or assuree? I thought changes in employment, income etc. wouldn't be a valid reason for canceling an AOS, am I wrong? I wouldn't think I'd have to let them know if my employment changes as it can happen so many times in ten years? Should I contact Centerlink and/or DIBP in regards to my change of circumstances?
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice from those who have experienced a similar situation. My parents are waiting for their visas subclass 143. I am their sponsor and only assurer. The AOS process has been successfully completed a couple of months ago. I have recently been made redundant from my job and now I'm trying to work out a couple of things: 1. Do I need to inform the Department of my change of circumstances as a Sponsor and/or an Assurer? There is a form to inform of the Applicant's changes, but what about Sponsors/Assurers? 2. Am I in trouble in regards to the AOS? I initially got really stressed thinking that because I'd lost my job I couldn't be the Assurer any more. However, after I've done some reading I now believe that once the AOS has been approved, I am finalised as the Assurer for the next 10 years whatever my circumstances are. This would work perfectly for me; I'm still willing and able to be the Assurer as I've got savings and don't think it'll be too hard for me to find a new job (however I wasn't planning to start looking until after the school holidays as I've got young kids and wanted to spend the holidays with them). Could anyone help answering my questions? That would be highly appreciated.