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  1. Looks Positive. Have they contacted the form 888 guys for verification? Your application was ready for decision application (PCC and medical submitted upfront)?. I called and found that case officer was assigend after 3 days of submission 10 Nov case submitted, 14 Nov Case Officer was assigned. No contact yet and not sure weather case officer assigned mean any work is started on it yet or not.
  2. I would suggest to call the AHC ( Contact info below) to check the status of application and ask weather case officer is assigned or not. If assigned whats the name and CO and what date he was assigned. Best time to call : 08:30-10:00 or exactly after 2pm (Pakistan time). Contact number: tel: 0092 51 83 55500
  3. My wife applied for 309 from Isb on 10 Nov 2014, It was a "ready for Decision" application. 3 months gone havn't heard back from AHC. Are they going to email when Case officer will be assiged?
  4. ihtisham20

    Partner Visa from Oversees - Not Employed in Australia

    Yes, My question is regarding applying visa for my Wife. My PR visa has almost 2 year left and we havedecided to move Australia. 2.5 Years Married, I (Sponsor) am not employed in Australia and have no financial history in Australia and also currently oversees. Can this cause any issue?
  5. Hi, I got Australia PR 175 in 2011 and got married in 2012 ( After almost 6 month i got married). I stayed in Australia for 10 days in 2011 and after than i never went to Australia. Now my PR has almost 2 year left and decided to move along with my wife. 1. Can i apply for Partner Visa while i am overseas and not working in australia. 2. I am married since last 2.5 years, no kids. I heard Immi requires "PR sponsor to be usually resident in Australia before sponsoring the spouse"? What is definition of resident in Australia? 3. Is it mandatory Sponsor shall be employed in Australia at the time of filing the application? 4. If i apply in this scenario what are chances of success, as partner visa almost takes 8- 12 months. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  6. ihtisham20

    PR 175 Visa Expiry - and RRV Visa

    Hi, I have quick question about Australia PR Visa Expiry. My Visa will expire in 1 year time and i am planning to move to Australia. Since PR Visa holder can stay indefinitely, to move fly outside and come back i need to hold Valid RRV Visa. 1. If i travel to Australia before 10 month of expiry of Initial 5 year sticker. Will i be able to still get the RRV for 5 year if i stay there for 2 years? Or it shall include 2 years of the last 5 years Initial Visa i had? 2. The RRV requirment stay 2 years... That doesn't include time of intial 5 year via... One can go last month of expiry and stay there for 2 years to get 5/ 1 year RRV Visa? Will be very thankful to your help.