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  1. Zoe Coton

    189 and partner?

    Good luck for your IELTS!
  2. Zoe Coton

    189 and partner?

    I booked the academic one. I'm unsure for a secondary school teacher though I'm afraid. May be best to research with your registration body in Australia and check which one they will need?
  3. Zoe Coton

    189 and partner?

    Hi I'm just after some advice, I'm a UK registered nurse and I've booked my IELTS for July, following that I'll do my ANMAC skills assessment and then put in my EOI for the 189. My question is, will my partner automatically go onto my visa or do I have to do a separate partner visa? And would he also have to have a medical etc? I want to do as much as I can to speed the process up. We're hoping to move out in Summer 2018. Thanks Zoe
  4. Zoe Coton

    Nursing in Australia

    Hey Kerrie I've booked my IELTS for July and whilst I'm waiting for that I've contacted my university to get my transcripts across so I can send them to ANMAC for the skills assessment. You have to have your IELTS result before you can apply to ANMAC, after that's all done you can then put in your IOE for your visa. Which visa are you going for out of interest? I'm going for the 189. APHRA can take anything between 3-6 months to be approved but in the case it's approved within 3 months it's best to wait until you've got your visa approved before applying for APHRA as Richard says, you only have 12 weeks to present to Australia with your registration. You also have to contact NMC and fill out an online form to say you want to emigrate to Australia and they then send confirmation of your registration to ANMAC too. Its all on the NMC online website. Good luck! x
  5. Zoe Coton

    Nurse 189 Visa help?

    Thank you SusieP17 I have filled in the overseas application form for the NMC so hopefully they will send that and then that's one thing off of the checklist!
  6. Zoe Coton

    Nursing Agency Sunshine Coast

    Hi Emma Healthcare Australia are a great agency offering shifts all over Australia. I'm unsure of the work on the Sunshine Coast as I only worked in Melbourne with them but with the new hospital open they may have a good contract? It's worth contacting them. The team are very helpful!
  7. Zoe Coton

    Nurse 189 Visa help?

    Thanks for that VERYSTORMY, what a big help! We're hoping to stop in QLD, preferably Sunshine Coast / Brisbane way as we love it there! I'm hoping to secure a job for when we arrive but obviously that's not guaranteed. Thanks for the help!
  8. Zoe Coton

    Nurse 189 Visa help?

    Thank you Richard for the advice! The ANMAC website kept crashing when I tried to look before, so if this keeps happening is there another way around this that you're aware of? Hi chrisxl_123 what confirmation letter do we need? I haven't heard about this. I'm aware that we need to get our transcript and confirmation of our degree from our universities, that will be my next step following the IELTS and ANMACI'm booking my IELTS for July so I'm at a bit of a stand still until that's completed now I guess! When I was looking into the cost of the 189 visa I've found it's probably going to cost approx £3500 for myself and my partner. Is this realistic or shall I budget more/less? I'm hoping to save a good amount before emigration as I'm aware we may not get jobs straight away. How much money approx have people gone out there with? We'll be looking at renting initially and renting out our house in the UK before committing to selling our house here. If anyone else has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Zoe
  9. Zoe Coton

    Nurse 189 Visa help?

    Hello! I'm at the very beginning of wanting to start my application for the 189 skilled independent visa to emigrate to Australia from UK. I'm a registered nurse with a bachelors degree and I'll be bringing my partner with me who will need to be on my visa as he does not have a skill on the occupation list. I understand I need to do the points test with ANMC however every time I try to visit their website I seem to get error messages? Can anyone offer me any advice? I understand I cannot lodge an expression of interest until I have my points assessment completed and also have completed an English test? Can anyone advise what else I need to prepare to assist with the application running smoothly? My mind is a bit boggled with information and what to actually do next? Any advice / help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  10. Zoe Coton

    NQ Nurse on Working Holiday Visa

    I have a job secured for September at my local hospital so I will work for 12 months and then hopefully head out. I want to go to Queensland and even if I can get a 6 month contract somewhere I'd be happy, and then travel for the next 6 months of my visa. To see what healthcare is like out there is what I really wanna do. Fingers crossed. Do you know where you want to immigrate to in Australia?
  11. Zoe Coton

    Working Holiday as a nurse....

    Hey I'm planning on doing this too! I qualify in August this year and I'm hoping to go out September 2015. Have no idea how to go about it though so if you have any luck, please fill me in! Haha Good luck! x
  12. Zoe Coton

    NQ Nurse on Working Holiday Visa

    Thanks Jac. That's what I was worrying about, although I've heard some agencies do offer a travelling scheme. If not I guess I'll just have to do normal care work whilst I'm out there
  13. Zoe Coton

    3rd year nursung student due to finish in dec 14

    tothemoon Can I ask you what seminar you are going to in May? I too am qualifying as an adult nurse this year and want to go to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa whilst working as a nurse and need all the advice I can get!
  14. Hi everyone :biggrin: I wondered if you could give me any advice? I'm a 3rd year student nurse in the UK due to qualify with a BSc (hons) degree in adult nursing in September this year. I really want to spend 12+ months in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, travelling and I'd love to be able to work as a nurse whilst doing so! However I have found that most hospitals I have contacted are only happy to employ nurses with at least 1 years experience. I've read on a few forums here that some agencies are happy to employ new qualified nurses? I'd really appreciate hearing of anyone's experiences or knowledge on how I could go about this? I wouldn't be in a financial place to go until at least February 2015 so I will have 6 months experience and would like to work in the Queensland area. Thanks! Zoe