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  1. Hi i have a debit card issued by a bank in the uk. I would like to know if this will be accepted by dibp to pay application fee for subclass 190 visa through immiaccount. Thanks
  2. I want to pay my subclass 190 application fee using a uk debit card online (through immiaccount). Can you tell me if DIBP going to accept payment from this card?
  3. I have come across this section in IMMIACCOUNT which is asking me to fill up my educational details: "Highest recognised qualification This is the highest recognised qualification that the applicant has undertaken and not the highest qualification relating to their nominated occupation. Example If the applicant has completed a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree, the applicant should select the Masters degree as the highest recognised qualification. If the applicant has nominated Accountant as their occupation and hold a Bachelor of Commerce, but have also completed a Doctor of Philosophy, the applicant should select the Doctor of Philosophy as their highest recognised qualification." I have completed a Bsc degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and received a positive assessment on it. However, I have also completed all the 14 papers of ACCA qualification and I am an affiliate. Therefore, should I mention "ACCA qualification" as my highest recognised qualification. Please note that I dont know if it falls under the "Recognised" category since i have received neither positive nor negative assessment on it. Moreover, I have not mentioned it in my EOI. So, am I going to confuse CO by mentioning it? Or should I avoid mentioning it altogether? Please help. Tau