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Found 94 results

  1. Hi, I have been living and working in Australia since February 2015. I have, however, been with my current employer since October 2016. My employers would like to sponsor me for PR, but since I have not been with them for 2 years, I require a skills assessment with Vetassess. I have 12 years experience in my role, however I am not degree qualified. I have contacted a company called Get Qualified, and they said my experience can be transitioned/recognised as comparable to a Graduate Diploma - http://qualifyme.edu.au/qualifications/graduate-diploma-of-management-learning/ . This qualification is nationally recognised. This is actually higher than a Bachelor Degree (Undergraduate program). On Vetassess website, it says that in order to get a positive skills assessment, I require a qualification comparable or higher than a Bachelor Degree for my chosen occupation. So, in theory, if I get this qualification, would that be sufficient for a positive assessment?
  2. Hi everyone,I’m about to submit my visa application (189) today but I just got one last doubt on the education history part:I graduated from a Bachelor degree (Electrical Engineering) back in France and it is my Nominated occupation for the 189 visa. (Engineers Australia assessed my skills only based on my undergrad qualifications in France).Now, I am currently studying a Master degree in Sydney in a different field (commerce), not related to the nominated occupation for the visa 189. (I will only graduate at the end of this year and I am not claiming any points for it).When I’m at the Education part, I need to choose a ‘Qualification’ for my Postgrad studies in Australia.Should I select ‘Master degree’ or ‘Other – Non AQF accreditation’?It would make sense to select ‘Other – Non AQF accreditation’ since I’m not claiming any points, however, since AQF stands for Australian Qualification Framework, it made me doubt...Thank you,Victor
  3. I have come across this section in IMMIACCOUNT which is asking me to fill up my educational details: "Highest recognised qualification This is the highest recognised qualification that the applicant has undertaken and not the highest qualification relating to their nominated occupation. Example If the applicant has completed a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree, the applicant should select the Masters degree as the highest recognised qualification. If the applicant has nominated Accountant as their occupation and hold a Bachelor of Commerce, but have also completed a Doctor of Philosophy, the applicant should select the Doctor of Philosophy as their highest recognised qualification." I have completed a Bsc degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and received a positive assessment on it. However, I have also completed all the 14 papers of ACCA qualification and I am an affiliate. Therefore, should I mention "ACCA qualification" as my highest recognised qualification. Please note that I dont know if it falls under the "Recognised" category since i have received neither positive nor negative assessment on it. Moreover, I have not mentioned it in my EOI. So, am I going to confuse CO by mentioning it? Or should I avoid mentioning it altogether? Please help. Tau
  4. bijit011

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    Hello everyone, I am an ACCA affiliate. Can any one tell me how much point I might get for my qualification in the new point system for visa subclass 175? The departement website gives the below info - Doctorate - 20 points Bachelors - 15 Other recognised by assessing authority - 10 I guess its going to be either 10 or 15. Please help. Bridge
  5. I'm a carpenter with an NVQ city and guilds level 2, I've been told by a recruitment firm that I must make my qualification valid in Australia to be considered as a carpenter. How do I convert them?
  6. Problem ! Has anyone cross qualified as a solicitor in Oz from the UK? I am a solicitor based in the UK and intend to relocate to Australia permanently within the next 12 months. I have submitted an application to The Legal Admission Board, which has been approved, subject to first completing 6 further areas of study, such as Australian Constitutional Law. The difficulty I have is trying to work out how I can complete these studies from the UK before getting to Oz. I have heard that some Oz universities offer distance learning courses, but can find nothing. Any constructive ideas would be gratefully received. Kind regards
  7. Hi my husband got GNVQ in hospitality and catering and he is working as Chef for last 5 years. Is anyone got visa on only GNVQ and experience? We are looking to apply under 190 skilled visa. so confued what to do. We are preparing for TRA. Any help please.
  8. Gunnerking

    RSMS Visa - relevant qualification

    Hi I am applying for an RSMS visa in the ACT, under UNIT GROUP 1413 - hotel and motel managers. I have a bachelor of commerce majoring in business management, is this relevant enough to satisfy the RSMS qualification requirement? Please help, as I cant find any indicators anywhere! Thanks
  9. Good Evening, I am lucky enough to be going through a job process for a move to Melbourne, with a company who are going to sponsor me for visa's and things . The wage may not support my family totally, so my wife will need to continue her professional career as a Physiotherapist. We know a little bit about the requirements but we are looking for persons who are physios in Australia especially the Melbourne area, that she can use as a sounding board for questions relating to prospects, salary, qualifications etc. If there are someone out there that can assist please get in touch.
  10. I emailed DIAC asking if for non-licensed occupations, if they'll consider pre qualification experience for points. Here is their response: PRE-GRADUATION WORK EXPERIENCE If you have undertaken part-time skilled employment work while completing a course of study, you may count this towards any General Skilled Migration skilled employment requirements as long as you were employed on a paid basis for at least 20 hours per week at the skilled level. Generally, pre-graduation skilled employment experience would be at the 'semi-skilled' rather than the 'skilled' level and therefore not be acceptable. ...... My situation is that it was the other way around: I have undertaken part time schooling while working full time in my current profession. So in my case, I can safely assume that I can count the experience while in school, since my job was full time and schooling was part time?
  11. Guest

    UK Qualification equivalent

    Hi everyone I am a newbie to this site. Can anyone tell me what the following UK qualificatiions relate to in Australia, or has anyone else got these UK quals and if so what pm visa could/did they apply for. NVQ Level 2 in Childcare and Education (0-5 yrs of age) NVQ Diploma Level 3 in Playwork (0-11yrs of age). Would i be able to apply as an Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher. In Australia the qualification most people have for working in early learning centres and childcare centre's is a Diploma in Childrens Services and a cert 3 in Childrens Services. Any help info or past or present experience in this field or SOL occupation would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone also know if Perth WA are sponsoring for Early Childhood (Pre-primary school) Teachers. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi everyone, I received my ACS PIM3 Group B assessment. But it does not mention explicit recognition of my overseas qualification. DIAC mentions that to claim points for qualification at the Bachelor Degree level, it should be assessed to be comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree. And this assessment should come from the Skills Assessment Authority. I have been corresponding with ACS on this. They say that they do not provide any qualification assessment. They say they only confirm suitability under Group A or B. And DIAC reserves the right to award points for qualifications. This means that one can't be certain of receiving qualification points before putting in the application. I want to avoid this uncertainty. Can anybody advise as to how to get the recognition for my overseas qualifications ? (frustrated) Joy
  13. Hi i'm going to perth and i have a Btec level 2 diploma in health and social care from england, could i get any sort of job over there with my qualification? I've looked on west coast tafe website but nothing jumps out at me. Any advice would be helpful. thanks
  14. we was going to go for our skilled visa as partner has had 7years experience plastering, but have now found out we have to wait another 12months as he has to of had 3 years experience plastering AFTER he gained his qualification ( he only has 2 years experience) ---> big knock back number one! We have now found out, but not 100% sure that he has to have his level 3 (he has level 2) We have been emailing TRA and blue migration as to what to do now etc. They have said we need to get his trade recognised in Australia which will cost 3k- i thought that TRA- was to get your trade recognised- so now we both really confused! ---> another big knock back! Any one explain to us any better please? and if we do pay this 3k to get his trade recognised- does this mean he doesnt need to get his skills assesed by TRA? And do we still need to have the 3 years experience AFTER he gained his qualification? ~confused~ Kind regards
  15. Hi everyone, Is there any national/standardized qualification in Australia to be a teaching assistant? I am from Indonesia and I was recently granted a one year Work and Holiday visa in Australia. I possess a Diploma in Child Psychology and Learning Disorder Management issued by Singaporean college. If my aim is to work as teaching support in special school, do I still have to be registered first to work in school setting? Thanks a lot.
  16. HI everyone is there anyone out there that knows where in south australia i can get my uk gas qualifications assessed so that i can apply for an australian gas licence any help would be great thanks
  17. Guest

    qualification recognition

    Helloooooo I'm new to this. I'd love to live out there and I'm trying my hardest but I'm too old. I'm trying to get my electrical qualifications recognised by the Aussies but unsure of how or costs. Anybody out there can help? Cheers GS'er
  18. Hi, I completed my MCA in Aug. 2008. But before that I was awarded Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (after 1 Yr. study after Graduation, in 2003) and Advanced Diploma in Computer Application (after 2 Yrs. study after Graduation, in 2004). I am working as Software Engineer since August 2005 (permanent, full-time, paid). I got skill assessment from ACS in Feb, 2010. It stated: Dates: 08/05 to 10/09 (aug/05 to oct 09) 4 yrs 2 months Position: senior software engineer Later it states "Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 2231-79 (.Net Technologies Specialist) of the ASCO Code, being skilled occupation indicated that you intend to nominate in a General Skilled Migration application." Next: "Based on the provided certified documentation it is the opinion of the ACS that the application has 12 months experience in .NET Technoloiges." As I will get same points for Graduation/Diploma or Masters Degree, I am considering getting my professional experience re-assessed based on my ADCA or PGDCA. Please guide me if it is legal and does not breach any rules to get assessed lower qualification, as I am holding higher qualification. Thanks.
  19. Hi Folks, In the ACS result letter, they have recognised a 6 months' full time IT course I did as equivalent to Australian Bachelors with minor in IT. There's no mention of my non-IT engineering degree or Masters degree. The problem now is that the institute from where I did that 6 months' course no longer exists. All I have are the identity card, marksheets and the holographed certificate. Now if DIAC tries to contact the institute they wouldn't be able to. That could engender doubts in their minds. I was hoping that they would recognise my IT experience but would not recognise my qualification(non-IT engineering degree). Then I could have got my non-IT engineering degree assessed by VETASSESS and claimed the qualification points. My degree and Masters institutes are well known and very much alive - so DIAC verification wouldn't have been a problem. I am now thinking of - 1) either going for ACS assessment again without mentioning the 6 months' IT course. 2) or enquire ACS about this apparent oversight. 3) or apply for 175 and take a chance with my hard earned 3000 $. Please let me know your thoughts. Regards, Joy
  20. Hi All, I applied to ACS for my skills assessment and got a positive feedback on June 2011. In the letter, ACS sent I am suitable under PIM3 Group A as Software Engineer. Is this assessment still valid with new rules? I can’t see my qualification is printed in the letter. According to the DIAC site, I can get an opinion on my qualification and employment from skill assessment body. Does anyone know how to get an opinion on my skill employment and qualification? (refer: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/eligibility-qualification-aust.htm ) Thanks
  21. Dear All, This is my post to the forum. I received positive assessment on the basis of CDR from Engineers Australia on 27th June 2011 that on the basis of CDR I am comparable to a Professional Engineer (Skill Level 1).My question is that does my engineering degree is good for claiming 15 points or I have to obtain an opinion from Engineers Australia for claiming these points. Thanks to all
  22. Hi, My wife and daughter and myself are moving to Sydney/Central Coast next yr. I am a financial advisor in the UK and will be looking to do the same in Oz and I understand that I will have to convert my qualifications. Has anyone got any advice about moving to Oz and working within the financial industry? I am qualified as a mortgage broker and have all my CF exams and will have my diploma when we come over. Thanks for any help
  23. Hi, My other half is a carpenter and has successfully completed his vetassess paper and practical. We sent off for regional sponsorship in June for Murray NSW and today have been told they will sponsor us. Felt really excited until I double checked the new points system and started to get really confused as to whether the vetassess counts toward a qualification recognised by the australian assessing body giving us 10 points or not. Also do we now need to do a points test with vetassess. I am really,really confused so if anyone can help I would be really grateful. We are hoping to apply for visa 475 and as I am not using an agent I do not want to get anything wrong:unsure:
  24. Hi peoples Wondering if anyone can help. I am on the Schedule 2 list of skills but do not have any qualifications. I have over 13 years experience in my profession. I am getting mixed advice, some agencies say that I will not be accepted and one in particular is advising to go through the ACS - does anyone know if this is worth trying, or as I do not pass the points test it will just be a flat no.
  25. Morning all My partner and I are looking into applying for a skilled visa as my Occupation is now on the SOL List (Occupational Health and Safety Advisor) I have contacted VETASSESS who have informed me that I do not qualify as I do not have a degree however, when I did a little research on the Department of Immigration website, it clearly states under my job title that 5 years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification. I have 7 years experience, am fully qualified and a graduate member of the leading H&S body in the UK and do not have a degree as I do not need one in my occpuation. I contacted VETASSESS who passed me on to DIAC who passed me back. I cannot contact VETASSESS over the phone as I am on hold for such long periods so I use email which is proving fruitless as they just pass me off. Can anyone advise on how I can approach this? Is there a skills assessment form I could complete? Just because VETASSESS say no and do not look into my query regarding the skills assessment on my background, I do not want to give up and some guidance would be greatly appreciated.