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  1. tingtongman

    Car Insurance as a non resident

    You can get backpacker insurance for like $400 or so, google it.
  2. tingtongman

    UK to Sydney, anyone want to buddy up??

    Just do it, plenty of people will be there staying in hostels, you wont ever be alone.
  3. tingtongman

    Farm Work Help!

    If onion season will be good, you will find contracted work daily.
  4. tingtongman

    How much money to start off ??

    Check gumtree everyday, walk the streets handing on your CV. Contact local job agencies. You need to do more than just one thing if you want a job on a WHV, there's a lot of competition.
  5. tingtongman

    Farm Work Help!

    Hey Arianne, Gatton in September will be very busy with onion work. I know, I was there last year.
  6. tingtongman

    Looking to take the plunge

    I think finding contract work in IT will be hard on a WHV. You can only work 6 months in one job, and even though contract work is part time and can end whenever, they usually perfer someone who can work for them longer than 6 months is poss. My friend tried to get contract jobs, he had a hard time. It's not impossible, just very hard.
  7. tingtongman

    Pedicab riders

    It's hard work and you need to have an awesome personality to get customers. You hire the pedicab for a day and you get to keep all the profits. It's a bit of a risk.
  8. tingtongman

    Working for same employer on 2nd WHV

    You cant work for one employer for more than 6 months.
  9. tingtongman

    Sydney or brisbane to start WHV

    Work is pretty quiet near Brisabane in Jan/Feb although it starts to pick up again in April (farm work). So Sydney seems like a wiser choice.
  10. tingtongman

    2 months till OZ

    If you're going on your own and are worried about meeting people, spend the first few days in any hostel in Melbourne, you'll meet a ton of people.
  11. tingtongman


    Can you get in touch with them and ask? or contact the WWOF website and see if you can get it from there.
  12. tingtongman


    Yes, you may someties need more proof, like rent receipts,and even you withdrawing from your bank account for the area to proof you was actually there. The farmer filling in your 1263 helps too, but sometimes it may not be enough. Get a paper trail
  13. tingtongman

    Disappointing my parents :(

    Also to add, it's seems like your parents are disappointing you, not the other way round. Don't make anyone else make you feel bad for what you want to do, they are being selfish.
  14. tingtongman

    Disappointing my parents :(

    Do what you want to do. I hope this does not come across as mean, but you parents should support you in anything you will do. I think there reaction is more about you leaving them and being so far away than anything else. This is quite common, over time they will get used to it. You should follow your heart and do that, otherwise the next thing you know you are 35 and still in the same job, and wishing you took the jump when you was younger. I left for Oz last year, everyone was telling me to get a job in the UK and blah blah blah, in the end if was the best thing I have ever done, so many new doors opened.