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  1. citation560XL


    Anyone here waiting for a ceremony from the Moreton Bay regional council? I am waiting for mine. Cheers
  2. citation560XL

    need education points clarification

    You would need get a skills assesment done to know if your study/experience would be accepted. For 262113 it would be ACS I believe.
  3. citation560XL

    Spouse on 887

    Hi All, I am currently on a 489 visa; and would be eligible for the 887 (permanent residency) by the end of the month. After receiving the the 489 in Nov 2013, got married last year and my OH moved here this January on the 489 subsequent entry visa. I know I have completed the requirements (2 yrs regional stay and 1 yr full-time work) for the 887; however my OH has not. Would she be eligible for a PR when she is added on my visa application? Cheers!!
  4. citation560XL

    489 to 887

    Cheers Richard.. Definitely good news.
  5. citation560XL

    489 to 887

    Hi All, I was granted a NT sponsored 489 visa in November 2013. I entered into Australia on 20th June 2014. Since then I have been residing in Darwin and working full time as per the visa conditions. However during this period I left the country 2 times on holidays totaling 40 days. Will I be eligible to apply for the 887 visa (permanent residency) after the 20th June this year or would i need to wait an additional 40 days due to the time away on holidays? Thank you for your input.:confused:
  6. citation560XL

    Child born to PR parents.

    Hi All, I guess this question would have be asked a few times already. Would a child born in Australia to PR parents be a PR or an Australian citizen? Thanks. Citation560xl
  7. citation560XL

    489 subsequent entry

    Ok,... So my OH got the visa today, we got the email with the grant letter which is all good .. however we are not able to view it the grant letter through the immi account we created. It shows "finalized" online. But the "view grant letter" doesn't seem to work. Is anyone facing the same issue? Cheers!!
  8. citation560XL

    489 subsequent entry

    Thank you Pom Queen!! Hi Neil; unlike the 489... the "489 subsequent entry" is not subject to priority processing... I've got to wait in line. I hope you get yours soon.
  9. citation560XL

    489 subsequent entry

    Hi All, Is anyone waiting for their 489 subsequent entry to be granted? My OH applied in May this year and we are still waiting. Any timelines would be great Cheers!!!
  10. Hi All, I am in Au on a 489 and i will be applying for a subsequent entry for my OH. I am totally lost with the process. Where do i start. Is it as simple as submitting the application online? or would I need an agent's help. What documents would i need to submit? Would our marriage certificate be enough evidence as we are newly weds or would i need to submit any other proof ? Please help!!!! :confused: Thank you
  11. citation560XL

    What is a Difference Between NT SS 489 & 190

    Hi Sun2 I had the same experience. Got a 489 instead of 190. On the bright side; its comparatively easier to find jobs here if your willing to work hard. In a blink of an eye 8 months have past since i came here and its been a good experience so far.
  12. citation560XL

    489 subsequent entry English requirements

    Thanks for the Input guys.. My OH doesn't have a UK passport but her English is as good as a native speaker. From the link Ozmaniac has provided; i think she can prove that all her education was in english. Can I (on a 489) sponsor her on a visitor visa until the subsequent entry gets approved. I have been reading that it might take up to 3 months for it to come through and i want to get her here ASAP. thanks
  13. Hi All, I am on a 489 visa and will be lodging a subsequent entry application for my OH. Is it necessary that she would need to do an IELTS exam as well? I read online that a subsequent entry would need to demonstrate " functional English" Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards
  14. citation560XL

    Aircraft Maintenance Engineer moving to Darwin

    Hi welcome to the group.. Good to know that there are still a few AMEs looking to come over. I have replied o your PM. Regards
  15. citation560XL

    What am i doing wrong!!!

    Hi everybody. I moved to Darwin 2 weeks ago and since then i have been applying for every job i could find. However, I haven't got any calls for an interview. Not one. I don't know if I am doing something wrong here. I have got a forklift license as well a few days back hoping that it would increase my chances of employment. I know its been only 2 weeks, but still, at least the hope of getting a job would lift my spirits. Citation