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    Where in Sydney should I live?

    Rupert, I won't be going to Bella Vista often, I have been told it will be about once every fortnight, occasionally once a week. So commute into the CBD is more important. Are there any places that are in the middle of both and are not major traffic hotspots? Thanks
  2. Londoner76

    Where in Sydney should I live?

    Thanks for the advice. I have heard Manly is a bad commute but I really don't know. Sorry, the other area is Bella Vista not Norwest! I just had a look!
  3. Hi, I need to buy furniture in the Sydney area. I was just wondering where to buy furniture from. Which shops have good furniture at good prices? Does anyone know where I get a reasonably priced bed frame? Thanks.
  4. Londoner76

    Where in Sydney should I live?

    Hello all, I am just wondering where would be a good location to live. I will be working in the CBD and I also need to get to the Norwest area at times for meetings? I love the Manly area but I have heard that this would be a difficult commute. I was thinking about Neutral Bay or Cremorne, perhaps even Mosman. Would this be reasonable? How hard is it to get to the CBD from Mosman using public transport? Thanks.