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Found 58 results

  1. Hi - we're about to land in Oz for me to do a PhD at Deakin U. I was meant to be based in Warrnambool but since my OH will almost certainly need to work out of Melbourne (I.T.) I've been offered an office out of the Geelong campus. Having spent months learning about Warrnam am now in a bit of a spin. We're just looking for a rental, but not student digs - a nice place to settle in. Could anyone provide advice, tips or opinion on particular areas? I fly out in 3.5 weeks! In the UK we live in the rural Cotwsolds (have a mini smallholding) but thinking we'll want to have more of a social life in Oz/easier to fit in etc, so possibly living in Geelong or suburbs might suit.. (Geelong doesn't exactly look like a major metropolis, so maybe it's a nice liveable city?) I've seen online a few nice looking properties in Belmont and Newtown - would anyone recommend these areas? Or anywhere else? On the other hand, rural life does call, so Ocean Grove and that area also looks very nice (and doesn't seem too isolated - is it?). We're originally from the coast (used to live in Cornwall) and am hoping to re-connect with rowing and maybe sailing (dont' think surfing is on the cards). We don't have children so no issues there. Re living on the coast, a concern going south of Geelong would be the additional train commute time for OH, if he was trying to get back and forth to Melbourne - is it much additional time? And does the train from Geelong to Melbourne make commuting reasonable? Thanks for any and all tips!
  2. Looking to move to Belgrave or thereabouts this year and wondering if anyone had good experience of the commute. How long does the commute take by car to/from the CBD? What's it like outside of rush hour? Would people recommend getting the train from Belgrave to CBD? Is it a reliable line or are there delays/cancellations all the time? From the comments I've been reading lately BTL on newspaper articles, Melbourne freeways are like glorified car parks at rush hour. Is this a huge exaggeration or near to the truth? I'm used to a 1hr+ commute in the UK anyway so anything similar wouldn't phase me. And where's the traffic worst - coming from the N, S, E or W suburbs? Thanks!
  3. Good day all. I have been offered a job in Bacchus Marsh but would like to live as close to Melbourne as possible and commute to work daily. I would therefor like to know what suburbs, I suppose western, would be good options for me? Obviously looking at proximity to a train station with a direct line to Bacchus. Safe suburbs are key as I hear there are youth gangs out in the west making an appearance. I was looking at Footscray. Can anybody offer any information surroundthing this suburb? Or others that might be appealing? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, We currently live in the suburbs of Manchester UK. We have been offered a job working in Bella Vista Sydney. Mad keen on the move but cannot find any definitive info on how long the commute from the CDB actually would take? Would anyone have any recommendations on good central(ish) locations, plenty of bars, restaurants and ideally a decent golf course which would not be too much of a hassle to get to Bella vista from? At the moment e have been looking in Newtown and surround area. All help would be massively appreciated. Cheers Sam
  5. Hi all, I will be working in Port Melbourne so we are too-ing and fro-ing between looking for 'more for your money' properties on the West side of Melbourne and 'more established but expensive' properties on the East Side. Williams Landing looks an attractive proposition for basing the family but I am unsure as to the primary school situation and also the commute time. I hear the station can be stupidly busy in a morning? I am contemplating getting a scooter (an engined one :cute:) and using that to get to Port Melbourne. Is there anyone out there who A) lives in Williams Landing and can give me some tips, or B) lives around there and can give some good advice on commute and schools? Cheers in advance, Andy
  6. Hi, We're hoping to be moving over to Brisbane next year and are just starting to research places to live. My husband hopes to find a job at Brisbane airport as he has a work contact there. We want to live within walking distance of a beach ideally, and he would like to be able to get to work within about 45 mins. Can anyone please suggest anywhere we could consider. We have three young kids so will be needing a family friendly community with good schools. Our friends over there have suggested Bribie Island and it sounds great but I just wondered where else we could research too. Are there any coastal places on the train route to the airport which could allow us to live a little further away from the city? He will have a car so a train route isn't essential, but I wondered if this could open up more options for us. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  7. aduffield76

    Commuting on the metro from Bayside

    Hi All, What is it like commuting to the city on the train from the bayside suburbs of Parkdale, Cheltenham, and Moorabbin? are the trains rammed? what is the usual commute time? Cheers guys, Andy
  8. Londoner76

    Where in Sydney should I live?

    Hello all, I am just wondering where would be a good location to live. I will be working in the CBD and I also need to get to the Norwest area at times for meetings? I love the Manly area but I have heard that this would be a difficult commute. I was thinking about Neutral Bay or Cremorne, perhaps even Mosman. Would this be reasonable? How hard is it to get to the CBD from Mosman using public transport? Thanks.
  9. Hi All, I am new to this forum but thought I could get some advice, I have just had my 457 via approved and will be flying into Sydney on the 16th Jan to start work in the CBD a week after, my company has given me 2 weeks in a serviced appartment in Mosman when I arrive. I am a 32yr old single male from the UK, Initialy I was thinking I would like to live in Manly but have been told it can be a long commute to do daily and difficult to get back at night? - My budget is up to $500 per week and just wondered if people had any advice or ideas in regards to the best places to live and commute to the CBD. As with a lot of other people I am a little bit apprehensive about moving to a new country on my own and want to live somewhere safe but also friendly and fun, Ideally as close to a beach as possible would be great but not sure if this would be possible? Also would people suggest a houseshare or getting your own place to make some friends? Thank you any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Pards.
  10. Hello, I have accepted a job to move over to Sydney and will be moving in between 4-6 weeks. I have friends already living in Coogee and would ideally like to move in with them if possible (providing we can find a 3 bedroom place). They have told me that Coogee is a really nice area with a nice beach and good sports facilities. It sounds fantastic however my office for work will be based in St Leonards (North Sydney). I would realistically only be required to be the office 3 times a week due to the nature of my job however I just wondered if this commute between Coogee and St Leonards would be manageable? Does anybody on here do a similar commute and how bad is it driving through the city and across the bridge ? I could potentially use public transport but I understand that from Coogee it would be buses not trains so would still have to sit in traffic. I would like to live near the beach but at 28 and with a 'proper job' I dont think living in Bondi would suit my lifestyle. Although I enjoy going out at weekends I want to live somewhere with a less party atmosphere. Any advice on what the Coogee to North commute is actually like or any other recommendations of places to live would be greatlt appreciated. Thanks Graham
  11. Hi all Can anyone PLEASE help with suggestions. It's getting very overwhelming! I am looking for a nice, safe family area to live within about 30 minute commute (public transport) to City Centre (Central station). I also have a 4 year old daughter who will be starting school and trying to link a nice area and nice school within budget is rather tricky! Is $600 or less a week realistic? I would welcome any suggestions and advice! Obviously done quite a bit of research but not having ever been to Sydney it feels a bit like a stab in the dark with what area we end up in. Thanks inadvance
  12. We have put an offer in on a house in Cleveland this will be our first home and we dont know a great deal about the area We are both from the UK have lived here for 7 years (in both Sydney and brisbane renting) but we are not expecting our first baby and want to feel settled so are going to buy a family home I have some questions regarding areas in Brisbane We have looked for a year for an area to live in bribane and have been constantly dissappointed and have now settled on cleveland as a lot of english live there and feel it has a nice community feel to it (although dont know a huge amount about the area) Wondering if anyone can tell us if they commute everyday from cleveland to the city (we have done a test run driving took less than 40 mins and the train 50 mins in rush hour is that normal and is painful everyday What are the schools like there and do you have to pay fees Are the parks good for kids is there much crime And basically any other information people can tell us as feeling like this is such a huge step actually buying a house over here Thanks
  13. Hello We have just moved to Canberra last week and are facing the daunting task of finding a rental property. we have seen a few few already - some fine, some awful - ALL expensive (in my view) we did expect this though... We are going round in circles at the moment in choosing or narrowing areas and wondering if people could respond if they commute into Civic by car or bus in the morning and where from and how long this takes. we are in temporary accomodation at the moment and of course viewing properties during the day when there is less traffic and would like to know the realistic commute times from different suburbs. Thanks so much in advance! Angela
  14. My husband and I live in Melbourne but are just not enjoying it. We have been here 3 years and to us Melbourne is not the Australia we pictured. When we visit Queensland we feel it is exactly what we envisioned when we moved her from the UK. My question is: Is it possible to commute to Brisbane and be 15 -20 minutes from a beach? Surf or no surf, not bothered! Also, If it is possible, how long does it take door to door by train preferrably? Also I am only interested in suburbs that have good schools with good results on Naplan and the majority who attend are middle class. My experienc teaching in London was not good in suburbs with lower SES so want to avoid that! Many thanks if you can help. Angibean
  15. BritChickx

    Work Commute

    Me and Paul spent 4-5 hours in total driving to and from where we are working today :eek:, the job itself lasted 6 hours! Most days we spent 2-3 hours in total commuting, because the traffic is just crazy around Brisbane and we don't fancy paying to use the toll roads so have to drive through the city centre if our jobs on the south side! We were just wondering how many hours you lot spend commuting to and from work every day and where do you live UK/Oz? Out of curiosity! :smile:
  16. PityTheFool

    How big is Perth???

    I know this may seem like a stupid question but - how big is Perth??? Obviously I have googled population, area, distances and times etc but it is still difficult to get a real feel for the size of the place, so to help us out would people mind posting traveling times from Perth-suburb or suburb-suburb??? (could you please state whether or not the times are in rush hour) Maybe; Joondalup to Perth Cottesloe to Kalamunda Rockingham to Perth Joondalup to Rockingham Many Thanks!!!
  17. HI Everyone We have been here 2 months and are renting in box hill, its about 30 by train to the city (express). Takes about 10 mins on the bus to get to the train too and we drop our toddler off in creche on the way. (we both work in the city) We are thinking we are too far away from her when we finish work as its a mad dash to catch the train to pick her up before 6. Do you have kids in creche and work in the city? Which suburb do you live in? Having her in creche in the city isn't an option as the costs are way too expensive and we don't get help on the 475 visa. Plus I wouldn't like her having to travel on the commuter train either.
  18. Guest

    Commute from Bribie?

    We've been renting in the Brisbane suburb of Hamilton for 2 months now and love it here, but our long term (3 to 4 years) aim is to buy a house after we've got PR. I'd like to get a bit further out and was considering somewhere near Bribie Island (probably not on the island itself - maybe Sandstone Point). I wondered if any one had any thoughts on what the commute to Eagle Farm would be like? I reckon it would be close to an hour at peak times. I'd have a motorbike by then so maybe could knock 10 minutes off the ride.
  19. Hi there, I would really appreciate any advice from people about the reality of commuting. My husband has a job in Fortitude Valley and we have always liked to live next to the sea. (Not so worried about waves etc). I think Manly would be nice but we want to know what the reality of living there is with the commute to work. Particularly when our kids are school aged this will become more difficult. I will get a job at one of the major hospitals eventually, but I will need to be flexible about which hospital I work at to some extent so this may limit me. If we live in Manly I would consider Logan or the PA but I am not sure what the travel to those hospitals would be like. My preference would be manly to live but we are not keen on spending masses of time in the traffic anxious about picking up kids etc. Just wondering if anybody knows exactly how bad it really is. Otherwise would we be better off living in Ascot and just visiting the sea in the weekend? Sorry about the rambling, I know it is personal to some extent but any advice would be appreciated. I am not sure if we can trust the real estate agents opinions. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.
  20. We've been offered a job at Cabrini Hospital Malvern and are looking at areas to live within commuting distance. If possible we'd like the commute via Public Transport so we can manage with just one car. In terms of location we have two children (12 & 7) so are looking for family friendly area with decent schools. Initially only one of us will be working so we're looking at rents up to about $550 Can anyone suggest suitable areas for us to look at in more detail?
  21. Libbysmummy

    toowoomba - ipswich commute

    Hi my OH is looking at a possible job offer in Toowoomba. I had my heart set on living near the coast and have friends in victoria point. I have been looking at the Ipswich area as a compromise and OH is willing to travel hour or so to work each day as i will be looking after children and would ideally like them too settle into a school that would allow us the freedom to move nearer the coast once we have perm residency. Any information would be great. Looking to rent in an area that is family friendly have 2 teenagers and 10 and 6 year old.
  22. We are arriving In Sydney end of Sept and I have approx 2 weeks to find us a rental unfurnished property we can call home. We have decided we want to live Eastern Suburbs - at the moment we are thinking Bronte, Bondi, Clovelly, Waverley, Bellevue Hill, Randwick with Coogee being the most southern point. I have 2 questions - firstly I have heard most primary schools are pretty good in these areas but are there any I should avoid? Second question - We need to ensure our property is an easy commute to CBD on public transport (around 30 mins?) Are we on the right track with these areas or are we spreadingthe net too wide?
  23. Hi Guys, I have found a great property I fancy renting in Sorrento, but I wonder if anyone could give me an idea of the travel time in peak traffic to South Perth Esplanade? Would be arriving at work for about 8.30am. Thanks a lot! :cute:
  24. How long do you commute in the mornings to get to work The reason i ask this is........ the place we will be renting for a little while( holiday let ) will be quite a drive /train journey to OH's new workplace . Just wondering if he is the only nutter who will be driving more than a hour + to get to work . Thanks Brides x
  25. barnabus72

    commute to Melbourne CBD

    Hi just wondering how long is the commute from Mount Eliza to CBD, and which other areas close to Mount Eliza would make the commute easier ? Thanks