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Found 32 results

  1. This is a bit of a rant and I'm sure it won't stop anyone wanting to come to Oz, but you really do need to be aware of how cripplingly expensive it is out here. Having been in Oz since October 2010 I can give you proof of this and why I suggeset you bring everything and the kitchen sink with you in your container. The most important thing to bring (if not the whole bed) is to bring your English mattress. What is it with Ozzie mattresses? They are useless yet cost a fortune. In the Uk mattresses are made to be turned over and if you do so regularly with a good mattress they can last 20+ years. In Oz the mattresses - and believe me I hunted high and low - are a made in way that is obviously about saving money on the manufacture - but that saving will not be passed on to you! It is a nasty, inferior product at an inflated price. Their mattresses cannot be turned over, only around like a clock dial. All mattresses ar made with an integral topper. The deeper and more lush the topper the more you pay - and pay - and pay. I paid $1800 for a Queensize bed from Myer and that was 40% off as it was floor stock. I assumed at that price it would be a decent mid-range bed. No so - every morning when I first wake up I have back ache which only wears off when I walk around. Yet when I am back in UK (as now on a visit) and on my Vi-Spring - Oh Bliss. I wake up refreshed every day and never have back ache. Other things? Bring as much as you possibly can from bikes (especially quality mountain or road bikes) to Wet Suits and swimming costumes, trainers - sports equipment generally. Yes you can pay a lot for items in the Uk too, but the difference is you can shop around at places like, say, TK Maxx (or M&S during their sales) and pick up incredible bargains. The price of a my surf life saving swimming cossie was $55 which I thought was really expensive for a plain costume, but you need it to be on duty. Don't get me wrong, I love the climate, the place and the people.But I HATE the cost of living. Everything - and I do mean that - is just so expensive. Clothes can be cheap but when they are they will be cheaply made too with horrible material. Nearly all 'knitted' type tops are made with 100% Acyrlic. If you want wool anything you'd have to go to Myer or David Jones and pay a small fortune. And it's odd that it's so hard to find nice fine wool clothes as the one thing Oz is not short of is sheep. Other examples. In the Uk you can pick up a pack of four Crunchies, Mars Bars, Marathons etc for £1 which is 25p each - so lets say at exchange of $1.50 to the £1 that is about 38/40cents. Go into Coles or Woolies or Target - ONE of those bars is all but $2. A litre of Ribena in UK on offer can be bought at £1.24 so call that $2. On offers in Coles - $6+ . And Mozarella cheese which here (UK) works our at 65 cents for 125 gms is $4.99 in Coles or $3.99 in Aldi for 125 gms. Bananas. Well OK there were problems in Oz with the floods etc. But in Morrisons the other day a Kilo of bananas was 68p, so about a $1 a kilo. At the point I flew out of Sydney the price everywhere was between $12.99 - $14.99 a kilo. What can I say - I'm eating bananas like a monkey here as I can't afford them when I get back. For women - buy stocks of all your make-up. 3 for 2 Maybelline mascaras here work out at £5 each - so $7.50 and they are 10ml. Exactly the same product in Oz is not only $17 for one - but it is a 20% smaller size at 8ml !!! Finally, in UK I was signed up to a local authority for a direct debit of £21 per month which gave me Monday to Friday 8-5pm access to swim, use classes and the gym as much as I wanted. Normally I used the pool 3 times a week and did two classes - all that for $8/9 a week. I can find nothing even remotely like that in Sydney. One exercise class is $15 minimum and a swim $5. So I don't do classes anymore and buy a block of tickets to make swims a little cheaper. I don't know why the Ozzies don't protest at the prices they have to pay. But no one seems to care. When I do my whinging Pom bit my daughters (both Citizens and both earning natch) just say to me "Mum, build a bridge and get over it"! So I have to bite my lip and try not to talk about it, but all joking aside I really do find the prices and cost of living my biggest head ache and a genuine worry. Here in UK they are moaning about prices. Me on the other hand I find it so cheap it's as if they're giving stuff away. I'm returning next week to Sydney and I've bought as much as I can carry to bring back in my suitcase because it is soooo much cheaper. Bottom line everything is so much dearer in Oz even given the cost of a container you will save on what you would pay in Oz for often quite inferior goods.
  2. Hi, I need to buy furniture in the Sydney area. I was just wondering where to buy furniture from. Which shops have good furniture at good prices? Does anyone know where I get a reasonably priced bed frame? Thanks.
  3. I am looking for a queen bed and 2 single beds, have matresses, ikea style, has anybody got for sale in Brisbane region
  4. Just trying to make a list of what to ship. Planning on moving to Sydney so I guess we will still need duvets for winter. Are the duvets , mattresses and beds the same sizes as in the uk? For e.g do they have the standard 4'6" double bed etc? Also are duvets the same sizes? Oh please help.
  5. kasisalo


    hi could anybody tell me if thereis a problem when shipping over beds regarding mattresses are you allowed to bring them the reason bieng i am about to buy a new mattress its a memory foam and dont want to buy an expensive one in case there is some sort of rule regarding mattresses many thanks
  6. gazsmith

    Queens Beds!

    Hi all, Request from my better half, Sue would like to know the size of a queen bed? Not sure yet on wether to leave most of the furniture and buy new when we get there! Cheers Gary & Sue
  7. cartertucker

    Beds ~ Take or buy in Australia?

    Just deciding if we should take our beds from here or buy new once we arrive? :unsure: Im waiting to hear from the shippers as to how much extra it will cost in our container...But what is your opinion, what did you do? :wideeyed:
  8. Guest

    2 SINGLE BEDS for sale

    $250 each - as new - metal white frame - easy assemble - Pick up in Artarmon Just pm me OFFERS TAKEN Simon :yes:
  9. Guest

    New beds, UK or OZ??

    Hi, both my sons beds need replaced but no point doing it now as we are hoping to be away in November. Thing is I have been looking at some furniture shops and the beds seem quite expensive, I have been looking at the single beds with the bed underneath to pull out for both of them, that way I have extra beds for visitors. Would I be better buying them before I went and shipping them over or waiting to buy them over there?? :wink:
  10. tonyman

    camping beds

    can someone please advise me on which type of bed to get for me and my wife , do we get two single strecher beds and then two self inflatable mattreses or a double , dont want to pay too much , need to know best deal and from where to buy , any help would be great thanks (oh its are first camp ,thats why we are not so sure ) :unsure:
  11. The Butlers

    2 single beds to buy in perth ??

    Hi all We are looking for 2 beds to buy for the boys it has to be single (not king single ) as have bedding for singles. sinlge beds or bunk would be great x Thanks Emma sick of looking on gumtree Butler :laugh:
  12. Guest

    Beds to Vics

    Hiya Just discovered this forum today. We attended the Opportunities Australia Expo in London yesterday and are waiting for our personal assessment and then we will know exactly where we stand. I have wanted to go to Oz since I was 13 but have detoured many times .... picked up a wonderful husband and 3 lovely children along the way. If we do get to Oz, it will be the 4th country we live in - and hopefully the last. Not looking forward to all the stress of it though but am looking forward to getting to know many of you on the journey there.
  13. Guest

    Beds and Table and Chairs

    Hi Everyone..... I was wondering whether I could pick someones knowledge about furniture n such like....... Weve finally sold our home on Monday after four long months of viewings :biggrin:, so weve been ringing around getting quotes for removals, weve been told it would be cheaper to buy our beds and dining table/chairs in the UK rather than waiting until were in NSW....Any ideas anyone? Would it be cheaper, or can anyone recommend a decent furniture store??? Thank you!!!!!!! Rachel
  14. tonyman

    Sofa Beds

    i want a good quality sofa bed (especially the mattress) i have now put one of the twins in the 5th bedroom so the guest room is now going to be my games room.......so i need a good quality sofa bed , the one we have tried out in harvey norman ect , the mattresses are poor.......our friend got one from snooze 2 yrs ago but it has been discontinued and it was fantastic quality ..."caprice dublin cinnamon" ive phoned thenm to try and find out which company supplied that bed........so does anyone have a good sofa bed recommendation ...thanks ...serious post only please as this is suppose to be a serious forum for serious people who need help and advice on serious issues .........
  15. Guest

    Where to buy beds?

    Hi all we are now in Sydney from dubai!! We are just securing a house in cherrybrook , can someone tell me where we can buy beds from? For us and the children? Don't want cheap but don't want to pay a fortune where is the best place to go for these. We will also need a sofa, chest of drawers. Where is a good place to buy white goods? Thanks all and look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers
  16. Hi everyone, we are due to arrive in Vic in about 6 weeks, and bringing 2 cats..... we are looking through the guide on what you can bring into country and it says basically all animal equipment is 'of concern' - we dont want to pack the stuff on a container to then have to pay to have it either destroyed or fumigated at customs.... we have washed all the stuff.... has anyone been through this..... tried and succeeded to get this stuff in? Thanks a lot AnB
  17. pumpkinpie

    Double beds

    Hi All, Ok so I know that over here queen size beds are equivalent to King in the Uk, but how does it work for doubles? We've shipped over 2 'double' bedding sets which we plan on using for the spare room. I was just wondering if the 'doubles' here are the same size as the UK? Anyone know? thanks! Amy
  18. nicandjay

    Price of Beds ??

    HI We may struggle to fit in the beds into the container.......so are the beds expensive in Austraila? We require a double and a single....does anyone know of any online sites we can look at ?? Ps asking as we heard they were really expensive . xxxxx
  19. Guest

    2 X Single beds for sale

    Metal Single midsleeper for sale. Desk, shelves and chair underneath. Good condition $85.00 Quick sale needed due to move back to UK
  20. keily

    beds for sale ... perth

    1 king size single with mattress ... $100 1 double with mattress .... $100 both in clean condition please pm for tel no ...if interested mrs keily
  21. Due to our reluctant return to the UK, my partner and I have a 2001 Ford KA to sell, and a set of bunk beds. The Ford KA is dark blue, 2001, manual drive, 1.3l, 109000 kms on the clock, in good condition, and looking for a quick sale at $4300. A few superficial scuffs, but the car has given us no bother - perfect city run-around, which has seen the Great Ocean Road and Falls Creek too. Also has air con, alloys, CD player, alarm... The bunk bed is a double at the bottom and a single at the top, with silver metalic frame and wooden slat bases, and really good quality mattresses included in the price. This has been perfect for visitors and everyone says the mattresses are really really comfortable. We are only looking for $300. These items currently live in Fitzroy just outside Melbourne city. I would post images but I do not know how! Any questions, please contact me on 0414 156 962, or PM me. Thanks, Laura
  22. This will have a huge impact on both their health and the relationship as poor sleep increases the risk of stroke, heart disease and divorce, said Dr Neil Stanley. Read more: Want the dream marriage? Then sleep in separate beds | Mail Online
  23. This kinda annoys me. The ikea beds in oz are a whole 7cm narrower than the ikea uk bed (mattress is 160cm, whereas in oz..its 153). Now having slept on a 160 peacefully without divorce for a long while..i am not really ready to give up 7cm frankly. Apart from shipping an ikea bed from the uk, is there any other ways to get european bed sizes in oz? I see there are some "continental" type bed shops around perth but it seems the beds cost a small fortune. Its a bit of a disappointment really. i like my bed width! (the 180cm is too big for anyone who suggests a super what not)
  24. fairystar32

    fridge/freezers and beds

    hi does anyone know any stores similar to the cheaper ones in the UK in the Brisbane area where we can buy large fridge freezer and beds cheaply thanks natx
  25. Anyone emigrating from Beds, Herts or Bucks?? Hi guys ! We are a family of 5 from Barton-Le-Clay in Beds who are thinking about taking the plunge and heading to Australia. We'd really love to meet up with families near to where we live who are doing the same. We missed out on the last meet-up in April - shame 'cos Stotfold is just down the road from us!! Any other dates been organised for the Summer.?? Be great to hear from you! :jiggy: Regards Caroline-39 teacher, Mark- 36 Fire Safety Adviser, Caitlin,7 Eleanor,5 and Lydia,3