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  1. Kay Dee

    Great news!

    So glad that you will get to enjoy a stress free Christmas Incata AND that you'll get to see your son's Nativity! Things work out for the best sometimes. Have an absolutely fantastic Christmas when it comes! :smile: :xmas24:
  2. Kay Dee

    Just under a week........

    Have an absolutely fantastic time!!! I am sure your visit will be the best pressie your mum could wish for :smile:
  3. Kay Dee

    Family not suportive

    Hey jen140977, You are not alone, believe me. We moved to Australia just over 3 months ago and did not have the support of my parents. My dad didn't speak to me for 12 weeks after he found out what our plans were and the whole process was horrendous because of their attitudes and disgusting comments. We managed to clear the air before we left and although they didn't understand our reasons for wanting to emigrate, they wished us luck. I felt extremely guilty for wanting to move to Australia in the first place as I felt as if I was taking their Grandchildren away from them, however, I didn't have children for my parents sake! I keep reminding myself of that fact and since we have moved here, we actually keep in touch and "see" my parents more than we did when we lived 5 minutes away. It's not easy to make the move and if we could have our family and friends with us, Australia would be absolutely perfect. Having said that, we have no regrets whatsoever; our children are thriving out here and we have made some wonderful friends. It's definitely worth taking the leap!!! I hope that things improve with your parents and fingers crossed they realise that their negative comments are not helping the situation. Good luck and stay strong because it is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family!!! :hug:
  4. Kay Dee

    Remember to check your skin!

    So pleased to hear that because of your vigilance you caught it early LKC. It really is a worry and I always ensure that the kids are suitably covered in factor 50+, however, I need to be a bit more consistent when it comes to applying my own sunscreen. Hubby is always reminding me to apply my sunscreen prior to going running and I have to admit that I avoid doing it sometimes. Your post has given me the wake up call I needed. Thank you.
  5. Hi Vinny, Have you checked out the children's services at your local library? http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/facilities-recreation/libraries/opening-hours-locations/holland-park-library/index.htm We don't live in Brisbane but our local library hosts story time and toy library sessions and they are a great way to meet other families. Our local council also run a Play Van which goes to the local parks and allows children and their parents to take part in arts and crafts, free play etc so it may be worth checking out your council website too. :smile:
  6. Kay Dee

    Worst films you have ever seen

    I have to completely agree with your choices! I now wish that I had walked out of the cinema when I was seeing "The Village" as I was gutted that I'd wasted 2 or something hours of my life on that drivel!!!! I would also add "Jeepers Creeper" to my list of worst films - that was just weird! :huh:
  7. Kay Dee

    Visa approved - yay

    Congratulations and good luck for the big move! :biggrin: Hope everything goes well for you :smile:
  8. Kay Dee

    update; 3 years in oz so far.......

    Great to hear that everything is going well for you. :smile: We've been here just over 2 months now so I'm hoping we can be as happy and settled as you and your family are. So far, so good though! All the best for a happy Aussie future!
  9. Kay Dee

    How old are you?

    I recently celebrated my first Aussie Birthday......just a shame I turned 34!
  10. Kay Dee

    A Few Photos of Scotland

    Fantastic pics of my home land - thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great trip :smile:
  11. Kay Dee

    457 - a warning

    What a horrendous situation to be in :sad: I really feel for you SeadogSal and hope that things work out for you and your family, I really do. :hug:
  12. Kay Dee

    How many times per day do you Break Wind

    As often as possible - it is better out than in :wink: Unfortunately, my kids are outdoing me with the impressiveness of their flatulence skills :laugh:
  13. Kay Dee

    Had to share.

    Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that someone could be that barbaric?!?! :cry: There are some real sickos out there. Each scumbag in the world needs to be placed on the same island where they can inflict pain and suffering on each other, instead of innocent people. That poor wee boy :sad:
  14. Kay Dee

    When I grow up I want to be a....

    I wanted to be a Police Officer from the age of 11. I then decided that perhaps I wanted to be a Beautician and then moved onto the idea of becoming a Journalist. After finishing College, I worked in I.T. for years and once I got bored of that, I decided that my 11 year old self was right and I joined the Police. :policeman: I absolutely loved my job but it did have its moments and barely having any time off to spend with my hubby and kids was a killer; another reason why we swapped our crazy, stressful jobs/lives for our move to Australia. No regrets so far as our kids are much happier here which makes everything worth it! :smile:
  15. Kay Dee

    Not human.

    This, and some of the other stories that have been in the news recently regarding cruelty to animals are just horrendous. These delightful folk are clearly just scumbags who get some sort of perverse pleasure out of inflicting pain on poor, defenceless animals. Here's hoping karma is a biatch:mad: