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    Queensland Regional Areas for 475 and 489 visas

    Hi Millie.. would you happen to know if postcode 4215 is still a designated area for 489 family sponsored? Thanks.
  2. Hi there. I have relatives living in Gold Coast, Queensland who are willing to sponsor me. However, we are n0t sure whether they are eligible to sponsor or not.. Is Gold Coast still a designated area? In the immigration website, it states that for Queensland it's anywhere except Greater Brisbane metropolitan area, however other websites say relatives in Gold coast cann0t be sponsors.. Help please. Thank you. Cheers! Btw, postcode is 4215..
  3. katieb22

    489 sponsored visa help

    Hi starcakes. Would you let me kn0w too, if relatives fr0m gold coast can sponsor for the visa 489? In the immigration website, only brisbane metropolitan area is exempted, however,several other websites claim GoLd coast as an exemption. My relatives live in postcode 4215. Thanks! By the way, visa costs Aud3060 for main apPlicant and dependents already. But if any of the dependents above 18 have less than functi0nal english, there woud be an additional Aud4000 plus fee.