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Found 29 results

  1. To our members who live around the Brisbane area (although I keep being told Lockyer etc aren't Brisbane) but which part would you class yourself in. I'm just considering trying to organise another meet up but for our area.
  2. Hi all. Just wandering if there is anyone from Manchester liviing on or near the Goldcoast. From a place called Failsworth myself and was interested to hear from anyone who lived in Manchester.
  3. Hi there. I have relatives living in Gold Coast, Queensland who are willing to sponsor me. However, we are n0t sure whether they are eligible to sponsor or not.. Is Gold Coast still a designated area? In the immigration website, it states that for Queensland it's anywhere except Greater Brisbane metropolitan area, however other websites say relatives in Gold coast cann0t be sponsors.. Help please. Thank you. Cheers! Btw, postcode is 4215..
  4. Hello! Me and my boyfriend are flying to Brisbane in June and were thinking to whack out our farm work straight away and was looking for any advice - such as where's best to go, what's in season, what pays well etc. Any help would be appreciated!!
  5. Hello, my name is callum steele and im moving to hope island gold coast in 3 days... I want to meet new people age between 15-17 hopefully somebody will reply ? :wink::cool::notworthy::biglaugh:
  6. bazz


    Hi guys, I am moving to gold coast in 3weeks but want to know best parts, places with low crime, high crime etc. I have been looking at mermaid beach. I would like somewhere not to busy but not far from busy lively areas, also would like to know that its a nice area not known as bad crime area. any advice welcome thanks
  7. SurreyFamily5

    Just a usefull Goldcoast link

    I enjoyed browesing through this site and thought I would share. http://goldcoast.asia/
  8. hi im im a solid plasterer from leeds with nvq's levels 1&2. im moving to the goldcoast in january. im writing on here just to get an insight into how they go about solid plastering in the goldcoast and if there is much demand for plasteres in this area. ive been told everything is mainly tape an joint an no wet plaster at all except for rendering. if anyone could help that'd be great. or if anyone knows of someone setting on that would be better lol cheers. kieran
  9. Hi All, This is something I should have sorted by now but even though we are going in Jan and begining to pack up etc we still have not finalised a location. We currently live in a small village with my kids 10 and 12 (almost 13) going to the local primary school. Primarily I want to be in a nice area with nice schools and close to amenities. I don't mind if I am 30/40min drive from the beach it's the schools that I am more worried about. i don't want a huge culture shock for them with huge schools. I am doing so much research but am at the stage where I know so much I actually know nothing :sad: Any help and information would be so greatfully welcomed. Thanks in advance, D
  10. Hi all flights are booked for this sunday were are a family of five very excited, we are staying in macarther parade main beach with relitives, Any welsh boys or tradies about for a meet up and where is the best place for the amber nectar lads :wideeyed:
  11. hi ....we were told last month that our 175 visa will be granted once our new baby has the all clear when born in august. We lived in Sydney for four year until 2008, and we love it there but moving back for a 'better life' not an expensive life!! So wanting to either go to gold coast or sunshine coast. We went there when we were travellers but have kids now so priorties very different. We want to live near beach, in a beautiful, upbeat area (not hillbilly) and in commuting distance od brisbane for my partner whos a painter, but totally lost on where to go!!!! We want to get it right first time because we know we'll end up heading back to sydney where are friends are if we get it wrong!! can anyone help ???
  12. bazz

    where to shop in goldcoast

    hi I am looking to move to the goldcoast and wondered if anyone could advise places to food shop. i have heard that the supermarkets are expensive but you can find markets that are a lot cheaper. so if anyone ca tell me any much appreciated. thank you
  13. Hey, at the beginning of september me and my partner are coming to Goldcoast and need accommodation for the first 2weeks while we look for somewhere long term. If anyone knows any cheap apartments to rent please let me know as it would be a great help! thanks,
  14. bazz

    weather in goldcoast

    hi, just wanted to know what the weather is like all year round in goldcoast thanks
  15. hi, ok we have decided to live in goldcoast but wondered if anyone could advise on an area? we would like to be close to a beach, preferable a more quiet beach (not tourist). but then have to bare in mind cost! any advice would be great thanks!
  16. Guest


    Hi there, does anyone now of any companies on the Gold Coast that sponsors excavator operators or water utilities foreman/ supervisor (certified)? I have been working in the water industry for nearly 10 years I'm also qualified to lay gas pipes and test them, I've been looking at a few companies but unsure of the termonology used in Oz, any advice or help would be appreciated. Matt
  17. hi i am looking for temporary accomadation in the Goldcoast relocating from Adelaide anyone recommend. thanks
  18. Guest

    Adelaide to the goldcoast

    Hi myself and my husband with are 6 children from ages 18-3 are relocating from Adelaide to the Goldcoast , our kids are registed at Saint Stephens college and my oldest son at griffith uni ,so we are looking at areas within 15min distance although we have checked out the local suburbs a few times any inside recomendations would be appreciated, also we are looking for soccer club for are 4 boys , and bailie class for 6yr old daughter .thanks
  19. Guest

    Adelaide to the Goldcoast

    Hi myself and my husband with are 6 children from ages 18-3 are relocating from Adelaide to the Goldcoast , our kids are registed at Saint Stephens college and my oldest son at griffith uni ,so we are looking at areas within 15min distance although we have checked out the local suburbs a few times any inside recomendations would be appreciated, also we are looking for soccer club for are 4 boys , and bailie class for 6yr old daughter .thanks
  20. Guest

    goldcoast, meet-up

    hi all, thought i better re-organise the meet, and decide on the day/time etc so thought sunday 31st may, (the weekend after next), at labrador around 11'oclock (unless anyone has any betters ideas!):nah: be great if you could make it, regulars, and hopefully some newcomers!! always good to meet new people. so alls welcome. (obviously, weather permitting!!), hope to see you all soon :yes: joanna
  21. hi all, i'm organising a meet for next sunday 10th, mothers day was thinking down at labrador around 11am hope you can all make it. let me know what you think joanna
  22. Hi all! having read some of the horror stories on here about hairdressers, I must say I have been extremely lucky!! The first hairdresser I tried, is the best haircut I have ever had and not too expensive. I got a free hair treatment and was actually escorted to my car with an assistant holding an umberella as it was raining!! I felt like royalty. Ali was trained in the UK and is now involved with training here in Oz. They are all so friendly in the salon. Give them a try and tell her she has been recommended on PomsInoZ! 'Hair on the Park' in Nerang is the name of the salon, tel no 55965722. Happy pampering, Gaynor.x
  23. Guest

    garages on the goldcoast

    hi needing to have some work done on the car, (wanting extra seats putting in), so does anyone have any recomendations for garages or mechanics that could do this type of thing on the goldcoast, (or even garages to stay away from!!) thanks joanna
  24. hi all Hubby has just started RPL. does anyone know if we can actually start looking/applying for jobs now ready for (hopefully) sponsorship or do you at least have to wait for the rpl assessment pass to come through first? also we are hoping to head to brisbane/goldcoast area as apparently IT work is in these areas the most especially GC. Just wondering is this still the case are there plenty of jobs for programmers in queensland or is the credit crunch starting to hit there too? thanks :hug:
  25. Guest

    anyone goin to goldcoast

    hi its syd aged 11 and i might be living in goldcoast so if anyone who is goin there can u plz speak to me and if anyone has been there and who lives there now can u also talk to me and tell me whats its like and are there any things for kids to do. 1 more thing is there any jobs for carpenters there or a joinery person because my dad works there and he doesnt no if there is. so if u can plz reply that will be a big help for me and my family thankyou.:err::err::err::err: p.s.plz reply