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  1. In regards to my message above. I think I've found the 'correct' answer now, and in fact Kate10 was probably right. [h=2]Australian citizen by birth[/h]Whether you are an Australian citizen by birth depends on the date of your birth. Most children born in Australia before 20 August 1986 are Australian citizens by birth unless one parent was entitled to diplomatic privileges or was a consular officer of another country. Children born after that date are only Australian citizens if at least one parent was an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of their birth. Children born in Australia to parents who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, automatically acquire Australian citizenship on their 10th birthday if they have lived most of their life in Australia. http://www.citizenship.gov.au/current/
  2. Hi I know this thread is old now, and I came across it while searching somewhat related questions....however according to the comment above, from what I understand this is not technically correct. A baby born in Australia to parents who are both not citizens (i.e. permanent residents) means that your new born will also need to apply for citizenship the same way you would (obviously after x amount of time). Happy to be corrected here, but unless one or more of the parents are an actual citizen at the time of birth, then the baby won't gain automatic citizenship. I'll assume Kate10 has had her baby now, so maybe she could clarify what happened in her situation? Cheers Mark
  3. I had made the assumption (maybe wrongly so) that it helped to have a licence showing I passed my test driving on the same side as they drive in Australia....where as Canada is the opposite side of the road. When I moved to Canada I had to retake my drivers...so not everything is as straight-forward as that
  4. I now live in Canada....they don't tend to like people using a UK drivers license over here...they much prefer Canadian ones Now that I'm technically not a UK resident I'm unable to renew my UK photocard. Yes this is what I meant, I'll have to dig out the counterpart to see if that has an expiry on it? As far as I understand as long as I have proof of successfully passing the drivers test i should be fine....whether my licence has expired or not (hopefully!).
  5. Hi everyone Great info here, and I have one further question to add to the mix If my UK photocard licence has expired (back in 2009) will that still be acceptable proof when requesting an Australian licence? I think I still have the paper version that came with the card, but I'm not sure if that has an expiry date or not. Cheers!