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Found 117 results

  1. Martinbjulieb

    Residency when drawing your Super

    We have been back in the U.K. for just over two years now and were in Australia for 10. When we first moved we transferred a personal pension and my civil service works pension into 2 Australian super funds. My question is, when we reach 60 (our preservation ages) how long do you have to be resident in Australia for to withdraw your funds? For example could you take an extended holiday for a few months? Is so we would then transfer the money back to the U.K. using Moneycorp or the like and invest it here. Then we would just declare to HMRC the interest gained each year? Like you do on U.K. bank accounts/investments. Is that the way to do it? Otherwise we would just transfer amounts each year that would keep us under or just over the tax free threshold. Any advice greatly received! Thanks.
  2. Has anyone managed to claim back there super if you are a permanent resident and have moved back to the UK for Good. Any advice would be great or if they don't pay it out can you transfer the funds over to a UK pension? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me please! I'm currently on a 457 visa but have started the process with my employer to apply for Permanent Residency. I'm married to an Australian Citizen and having our 1st baby in September 2017. I'm not entitled to Paid Parental Leave from the government whilst on a 457 visa and my permanent residency will not be granted before the baby is born. You can however claim paid parental leave up until the child is 52 weeks old. My question is, can I apply for paid parental leave within that 52 week period if my PR visa is granted even though I was on a 457 when the child was born? Any help or advice is much appreciated :-) Nicole
  4. MissionAussiePR

    Returning Resident Visa - Substantial Ties

    Hi All, What are possible ways to show substantial ties to Australia to get RRV visa considering one has stayed only 3-4 months in Australia on PR. But stayed 2 years on work visa. Problem is I don't have wife, child, relative, property. What else one could show as substantial ties. The only thing is I am working here from last 2 years. Where can I get more info on showing substantial ties Is there any other way to maintain PR status ? or Is there any other way to get citizenship quickly ? (I know nothing like that but just asking as sometimes you get some clue) Cheers, MA
  5. A quick query I hope someone can help me with..? We'll be moving to Sydney in August 2014, on 457 visas, for a period of not less than 3 years. For tax/super purposes I understand I'll be classed as a 'resident'. Will my 9yr-old daughter be classed as a 'resident' for school fees purposes? (For example, I have seen a least one independent school website list different fees, residents at ca. $18k pa and overseas students at $39k pa. Yes, I'm looking at the higher end - but not that high!) Thanks in advance - Steven.
  6. Guest

    Resident Return Visa

    Can anyone advise me how long it takes to to approve an RRV? I spent less than 2 years in Australia.
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Andy and I have a question that I would like anyone's thoughts. My family and I migrated to Australia and subsequently returned to the UK in 2003. I wanted to stay in Australia however I was 11 years old at the time and unable to do so. My permanent residency visa expired in 2008 before I was unable to return as I was only 16 years old at the time. I am now 20 years old and am in a position where I would be able to return to live and work in Australia on my own. I believe I may be eligible for a one year resident return visa as long as I meet the certain conditions. I have returned to Australia on a tourist visa in 2011 so this is the last year I can apply as I would have left Australia as a resident 10 years ago in July this year. I have an employment offer from the company I work for, Apple, so feel confident I could meet the substantial ties due to employment condition. I also have family who have been citizens of australiangor over 30 years however they are Aunties, Uncles and cousins so not immediate family. I also will have completed a degree in BSc Computer Science in June this year so I am sure this will benefit Australia as I will be employable in an area that is in high demand. For compelling reasons I feel that the fact that I wanted to stay in Australia and was forced to come back to the UK because of reasons out of my control would suffice. If I had been of an age and in a situation where I could have stayed then I would have done so however I was unable to. I also would have acquired a college and university education in the uk which was another reason that I did not apply earlier or return before my visa expired. I am in the process of completing the application currently and would love some advice from anybody on what would be necessary in the application and any advice anyone can give on whether you think that my reasons would be sufficient to secure a resident return visa. Another question I have is can documents be certified by univeristy lecturers or do they have to be certified by certain people in particular? Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you. Andy
  8. Guest

    Resident return visa

    I have noticed that the requirement for the resident return which is to spend two (2) of the last five (5) years in Australia as a permanent resident. But i am not sure this 2 yr mean accumulate of a total of 2 yrs stay in australia over the 5 yrs or at least 2 yr stay in australia without leaving the country at all over the 5 yr period?
  9. Guest

    Resident Return Visa (5 year)

    Hi can anyone help? I was granted PR (subclass 175) as I am a nurse. Lived in Australia with my family from 2004 - 2006 a total of 18mths. Came back to the UK as a very close family member was very sick and has since passed away. Our PR visa's don't expire until May 2009, but our 17 year old son in middle of A level's and does not want to come back to Australia to live with us. He has no close family in London and we don't feel we can uproot him Realistically, we can't go before summer 2010. I was told by 3 people (including the Australian Immigration dept in London) that I may be able to apply for a 5 year RRV on the grounds of 'compassionate and compelling' reasons. I was told today by case worker there that my application will fail as I am not entitled to apply on these grounds. I can only apply if I have substantial ties to Oz (ie a family member there) or cultural, or other strong reasons. The case worker did 'hint' very heavily that if I were to apply in Australia where I don't need to complete an application but just turn up at a migration department I am quite likely to get a 5 year RRV issued. He couldn't give me a definite and was very careful with the words he used, but that was definetly the message he was giving me. Has anyone applied for a 5 year RRV inside Australia having spent less than the 2 out of the last 5 years in Australia. I am quite willing to go to Australia to do this but would like to know if I stand a chance. I am unable to call the Brisbane branch as calls can only me made from Oz!! Thanks Sam
  10. Hello, Can anyone clarrify what visa process I'd have to look into to move back to NSW. After about 7 years living in Syndey we moved back to Europe for a few years so our kids could spend time with grandparents. We were initally buisness sponsored and then independent permanent residents and our first child has an Australian Passport, but not citizens. Still have superanuation, have degree from an aussie uni etc but no property. We stayed away longer than planned as additional children followed on but now are thinking of moving back We have now been gone just over 5 years ( other than a month long holliday a couple of years ago) which looks to be problematic but but have maintained good ties and could easily have my employer move my job back with me. What approach should we take? Can we use a resident return visa? Should we look at a family visa based on our son? Would I have to go down the route of another buisness sponsored visa. Cheers
  11. Hi, I am currently on a 457 visa with my husband and have been living and working in Oz for over 2 years. We are looking to start a family soon but I've heard there are no family benefits for people on a 457 visa. Does anyone know if I have a baby whilst on a 457 visa and then apply for perm residency, would I be able claim maternity pay for the child if I am not working. Wasn't sure if you could claim after child was born. Also if I become pregnant whilst in process of applying forperm residency, does this effect our application at all? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello, Could somebody please clarify whether i can apply for PR whilst on a 457 business class ( 4 years)?? Talking to work colleagues, they say i can, and it goes on points. I have applied for E.O.I ( expression of interest) on line, but would i be best to apply straight ( thats if i can ??). I really would be grateful of your advise/guidance!! I am a nurse, 7 years experience ( but 20 years altogether in the field), irish, my partner is 41 and has 20 years as a carpenter, is from wales. Any info welcomed, Gx
  13. Hello Everyone, My boyfriend has just applied for a Partner Visa, sponsored by me. Everything has been submitted and now we are just waiting for the answer. Anywho, my boyfriend wants to eventually join the South Australian Police Force but he needs to be a permenant resident. Therefore he wont be able to join for 2 years from the date of the Visa approval. Does anyone have any idea on what he could do for work during those to years that will boost his chances of getting into the Police Force that doesn't require him the be a permenant resident or have qualifications?? He's 21 by the way, 22 by the time we get back to Australia. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi Please can some-one help I have a property in the UK I have been granted perm residents in OZ and will depart in January 2012 I am going to rent the flat in the UK I have filled out the UK non residents tax form so will get rent with no deductions I understand I need to complete a tax form at the end of the year as the UK will have first call on my rental income minus my personal allowance Since OZ collects on worldwide income I will get a tax credit from the UK and pay any extra tax owed in OZ So far so good I have a list of allowable expenses for UK rental income (10% depreciation for wear and tear, repairs, professional services and mortgage interest payments etc - on another matter I do not have a mortgage as I own the home outright and would be interested to know how I should make best use of the tax breaks e.g remortage or not etc) What I do not understand do I use the UK model for allowable expenses or do I need to use the OZ model. So I am getting around £13,000 a year in rental income before any expenses and before tax Do I use HMRC rules for allowable expenses on my UK rental income or the OZ tax rules I would be so grateful for help on this matter Also would welcome any professionals to approach me if they can offer a service to help me through this
  15. Hi, I need info about student visa if im moving with my Husband and mother in law. I want to initially go on a student visa to study for a diploma over the course of 2 years with the intention of applying for a permanent visa once I complete my studies, I have 2 questions with which I'd be delighted to hear any response to, 1: Has anybody had any experience with a Student Visa to Permanent Resident?What difficulties can we face? Are the rules tough for bridging visas? 2: I've read all the Great things about Oz but I'd love to hear from somebody who lives there to hear what its really all about, Thanks in advance to any responders Angjol
  16. Hi all, currently awaiting the outcome of my de facto partner visa application. Fingers crossed if all goes well I'll be moving over to Aus to be with my partner. We are hoping to buy a house asap with a joint loan. He being an aussie and good job should have no problems but I was wondering if we are likely to experience any problems as I'll be a temp resident? Has anyone had any problems with this? Will we have to wait until I am a permanent resident? Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  17. hello everyone and am new to the site.we are looking for advice and wondering if anyone can help us.we are poms residing in NZ and basically wife and kids are bored stiff here in NZ.NOW ARE LOOKING TO GO TO OZ.i am 44 years old(getting on now) and a boilermaker/welder working here.wife is a health care assistant at whangarei hospital and boy/girl,16 and 14 years old and 2 pommy and 1 kiwi dogs.i have a brother who is a oz citizen living in brisbane.are we eligible to move to oz,i know age is a concern but would it be easy to get into oz.i know all about meds and expressions of interest and ITA to apply.what do you guys reckon?
  18. Hi all Just wanted to know if anyone would know if I was granted a perm resident after being on a temp spouce visa am I still entitled to live in australia with my aussie daughter if my husband and I split up??
  19. Hello, My husband and I will be moving to Australia next August (2012). We are on a permanent resident visa and would now like to get a job as soon as possible. I'm an HR manager of 31 years old with more than 7 years experience and extensive exposure to Industrial relations (International). Currently working in the Packaging Industry, previously in the Automotive Industry. Our first intention is to go to Sydney, however, we would be happy to go anywhere in Australia where we could bothe get a job (Husband is IT consultant, specialised in Oracle) Anyone in the field has done the move? I'm just starting looking around.... wondering if it makes sense to have my skills assessed to "prove" to Australian employers my experience in the field. Wondering if it makes sense to go to law school to grasp the main points of Australian labor law... but feeling the cost very expensive for uncertain result If you had any advice on where to start, that would be muche appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  20. Juliep

    resident return visa ??

    i got my PR last year in June when we lived in Brisbane, we came back to the uk in December but are thinking of moving back over to oz do i need a resident return visa ?
  21. BritChickx

    Resident Return Visa

    How hard is it to get? Asking on behalf of Paul :wubclub:
  22. Can anyone help pleae? I have been an Australian citizen for some years. I recently inherited a house with my sister in the UK which has been rented since last year. When completing my Oz tax return I declared the income and have paid tax on it. I recently received a letter from the UK tax authorities stating that I was required to complete a UK tax return. As this seems a bit daft as the only income I have in the UK is a paltry sum from the rental of the house, is there a form I can send them from the Oz tax authorities to show tax has apready been paid here?
  23. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me. I have been a PR residing in Australia for the last 11 years, but only having residency for the last 6 years. In previous trips back to the UK I have not had to worry about a RRV as I was covered for unlimited travel under my original visa. So when my grandmother suddenly died, I didn't give a second thought to booking my flight over to stay for three weeks to attend the funeral. It was only when I reached heathrow to come home that they informed me that I wouldn't be allowed back in Australia as my unlimited travel ran out in May! I ended up getting a 3 month E-visa at the airport and travelled no worries and had no problems entering Australia. I now assume that as I am back in australia that there will be no further issues? I can't find any information on the net about this situation, but as I will be applying for citizenship soon I want to make sure that there is nothing I should be doing to ensure that the two visas I currently hold will not cause any issues. Can anyone give any advice? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Christina
  24. Hi Everyone, First time poster - long time fan, you guys seem to be fantastic for helping people out so here goes... My wife has been offered a job in Sydney with PR visa, truth be told we are very keen on Melbourne. How long are you obliged to stay with a company once you are in employment? She would be working for one of the hospitals, so her employer would be the local government/state, Many thanks in advance J&L
  25. Please clarify? Is it from the day I land in Oz? The day I start working in Oz? (which might be 6 months to 1 year later) The day I leave England? ( what if I go travelling for a while elsewhere in the world?) Reason I ask is once the house is sold in the UK I dont want to feel forced to transfer funds while FX rates may not be favourable? Help appreciated.