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  1. Im in the process of joining the ADF as a lateral recruit! Basically leave the British army and joining the Aussie Army! Best advice would be go on the ADF lateral recruiting web page and also their is a Facebook group (Aussie OLT's) regarding all things lateral transfer! That's deffo worth a look! So many people who have already gone through the process with a wealth of experience! Good luck
  2. Wilkiwoo

    Brisbane Gay Community?

    My GF & I are moving to Brisbane in jan too & was wondering the same! Be interested to hear what u find!! Can't wait to get out there now!
  3. Hi, BMW 1series M Sport 2007 70000 miles uk price approx £7000
  4. Wilkiwoo

    Anyone heading to Brisbane in 2013?

    Me too, im aiming to head to Brisbane in Oct 13! Everything is through now, visa, nurse registration so if anyone needs any info just give me a shout! No family going with, just myself, so that makes things a little easier! Exciting times
  5. Wilkiwoo

    Is Oz all it's cracked up to be?

    Great bits of advice coming through! Basically nothing I didn't already know, just need to actually make the leap of faith and actually go!
  6. Wilkiwoo

    Is Oz all it's cracked up to be?

    Thanks guys for your replies, some very useful sound opinions! I applied for a 120 visa and now have a PR visa in my passport, I just filled out the forms my company wanted me to! I'm 28 yo and in a relationship, which makes things a little harder as my other half is not as keen due to a family illness, which is completely understandable! I'm just worried that if I don't take it now the opportunity will fade away! Mmm the horrible waiting/deciding game continues! Thanks all for advice, I know I should go with my gut feeling and just go for it! With regards to things to loose, I'd loose my job in the UK and wouldn't be able to return to it if I had to come back. Decisions decisions!
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to PIO, just stumbled upon it by mistake but boy am I glad I did! Lots of useful advice I could have done with a few months ago! Anyway I'm just wondering if oz is all its cracked up to be? I've got a life changing decision to make in the coming weeks and would be thankful of any advice! I've been offered a good job in Brisbane, I've just received my perm res visa through the company and set to go next year! I'm settled in the uk but always looking for my next adventure. Help me make my decision a little easier, please! Yey or nay!