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  1. Hi Bec, my partner and moved over about 18 months ago and we are having the same issues. My pommie friend has been staying with us for the past 2 weeks and has made me realise just how much I miss some Brit humour. I'm originally from near Cardiff and my partner is Irish but been living in UK for most of her life. My OH and I live near Newmarket but I work in West End and she works in the city so we are always around southbank etc in the evenings and on weekends. if you fancy a coffee or are planning a meet up due to your overwhelming responses, let us know. Lau
  2. Does anyone know if this is the case with Malaysia airlines? thanks
  3. Hi Neil, We used the spire medical hospital in pentwyn. They are all set up to go! Just ring and book an appointment stating it is for Aussie immigration- its a really nice place and the doctor was lovely and very reassuring throughout. They were really quick uploading the docs too. It cost about 325 each. I don't have the number but it's definitely called Spire- google and it will come up! Any other help, just ask! ​Lau
  4. launquee

    What if you miss entry date due to illness?

    Thanks for your responses- you've echoed exactly what I was thinking. As my visa was granted in 3 weeks after lodgement my entrance time is slightly earlier than I was expecting. With school it's often more convenient to leave at the end of a full term, which means Xmas or Easter- the difference will be 4 grand of savings! Hence the appeal to leave it to the latter term. I will speak to Head and politely request if I can leave mid term (mid Feb) which gives me at least 2 months to enter. Tlhanks for all of your replies (and the job advice PositivePixie- really appreciate all of your suggestions!) Lau
  5. Hi Poms Ive received my 189 visa and have to enter Oz by 30 April. As I am a teacher I was hoping to work up until Easter holidays (11 April 2014) and then leave for Oz. However, people are telling me to leave much earlier just in case something happens and I miss my entry date. What are the rules for missing a date? If I did become ill, would they extend the date? I know I'm just worrying but don't want to make a silly decision ​Lau
  6. Oggy oggy oggy welsh! Cheers, hope it all goes well for you too! Diolch!
  7. Good luck Lou! I hope it's as quick for you after mess as it was for us! Keep me posted with your progress and if you need any advice just let me know- though everything I know is a culmination of the hundreds of posts I've read on here- so probably nothing new to you! ​Lau
  8. launquee

    Brisbane Gay Community?

    Hi Poms My girlfriend and I have just been granted our 189 visa and will be moving to Brisbane early 2014. My brother and his wife are living there already so we already have an in-built social circle to stop us getting lonely, but would really like to know if there is much of a gay girl social scene in Brisbane. Im not on about clubs and bars but more meet-ups, meals and general chit chat. I've only ever spent a few weeks at a time in Brisbane so my knowledge of events and groups is very limited. I lived in Sydney for 6 months about 10 years ago and really liked the close scene they had in some of the suburbs. Anyuway, I've gone on way too much! If you have any advice or no of any community events please post me. Lau
  9. Hi Poms This is my first post but I have secretly been using this forum for the past 6 months. Thanks to all of the amazing information that is available on this forum I received my visa grant just 3 weeks after lodging my 189. My timeline is as follows: EOI submitted 30 March with 70 points EOI invite 1st April 189 lodged 10 April CO Adelaide Team 4 first contact 30 April visa grant 1st May Cant quite believe it. The only thing I can think is that I followed every piece of advice on here for my employment and especially defacto dependent and was so super organised submitting absolutely everything advised that the only thing they had to ask for we're medicals which luckily had been done and were uploaded on 30 April by my emedical centre in Cardiff. My girlfriend and I are now able to start a new adventure in Oz with my brother (married an Ozzie- lucky sod!) and it wouldn't have been possible with this forum- so THANK YOU! Laura