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  1. johns46

    1 Year in! (well almost!)

    Brill post for us who are about to make the biggest decision yet. Positive Mental Attitude will serve you well. Wishing you all the very best for your future. Keep us updated...
  2. johns46

    Living the dream.

    Hiya, where abouts do you live and how long you been in OZ? Hoping to move this year. Its great to read a positive post especially when you have to make the biggest decision yet. Yep I read the negatives too. Perth we are heading for any tips?
  3. johns46

    Official nurses thread!

    Go for it you get what you dream for x
  4. johns46

    Official nurses thread!

    Hiya, Perth we are hoping to settle, oh undertakin skype interview wed already had telephone interview. Hopfully it wont be too long to fine out if he is successfull all fingers and toes crossed. Have you applied to Aphra yet and have you got family? Its a massive decision thats all we are thinking about ha. Will find a few more grey hairs after this process I tell you.
  5. johns46

    Official nurses thread!

    Thanks for highlighting mistake ha
  6. johns46

    How does the university system work in Australia?

    Hi any ideas on how much it would cost. Daughter is finishing A levels this year has had two offers and awaiting third. However, doesnt know whether to study in UK or OZ, or give up on uni altogether and come to Oz with us on whv. Just wanted some info if anyone is putting their child through uni in OZ.
  7. johns46

    Official nurses thread!

    Hiya, I applied for the access to health course at my local college which was full time and 1 year there were also 2 year and evening classes which do take longer. I was also working 30 hours in a nursing home. This would be an excellent start to kicking off a new career as it would give you insight into the caring field and gives you experience to add to cv. I like you was a mature student and applied to univercity at the grand age of 34 ha. Qualified in 2007 and currently working as a psychiatric nurse in my local area. I love my job and it has opened many doors to which in the process of undertaking the move to OZ. Hope this helps. Is Oz your future plan?
  8. johns46

    Official nurses thread!

    2 post above my original post. The info on payscales I have is approx $947.50 level 1 wkly base rate.
  9. johns46

    Official nurses thread!

    Hiya all, I am a psychiatric nurse currently working on an acute assessment ward. My oh has had a telephone interview and are awaiting outcome OMG. It feels sereal at the mininute, initially it was me who was giong to be the main applicant however, oh decided to apply for this job. The company are giong to sponser our family on 457. I wanted to ask I will also be looking for a job too. I know about the registration side with aphra however a little confused on salary and levels? I have been qualified for six years coming up, if calculations are $1,900 a fortnight, works out $2,353 a four week month which is £1,540 which is less than what I already earn. Help x
  10. Brill news, wishing you all the best for your new adventure.:laugh:
  11. No short adventure, we are looking to gain PR. Its the older children thats the worry. My daughter has 6 mths left to complete her A levels which she will do she still lives at home and we support her however, has been debating for a while not giong to univercity. I can only advise her to stay in uk in uni but she has her own mind. They want to come to Oz if oh gets job. Its trying to give them the best advice I can with info provided.
  12. Hiya all, looking for more advice regarding my two older chilren coming to Oz with us. As a family we have been offered a sponsership with a company (if oh gets the job) and will travel on 457 visa. My older children have been offered the 2yr working visa. Want to ask if anyone has been in simular position cause if they want to stay after whv expires what do they do?. My daughter is just finishing her A levels this year, was giong to go to uni, however wants to come to Oz. Son has been working for groundsmaintenance firm for three years. I hope they will love it in Oz as we have never been there, but hey lifes too short and just want to grab the opportunity if it comes our way. My god though what a decision to make, on a daily basis my head is all over the place. Are we diong the right thing, what if it doesnt work out, we will have nothing to come back to....... Does everyone contemplating this move go through the doubts? We are just waiting for decision from company which should be within next few days. Oh has had e-mail to ask if he is still interested, last interviews tom eek.
  13. johns46

    Would we survive on 1 wage?

    With the 2.5 guide for cost of living are you saying 2.5 x wage in pounds to cost of living in pounds ie £25,000 x 2.5 = £62,500 or $96716 hope it makes sense. We tryin gain information on what wages we need to earn to go.
  14. johns46

    Could we still make the move if we're 40?

    As the saying goes.........Life begins at 40 good luck and Happy New Year:biggrin:
  15. johns46

    Is this enough for one wage?

    Thanks, will do. How long you been there and what area do you live in? I am a psychiatric nurse oh will find out in two weeks whether he has been sucessful in the job.I have no job yet to go to, how does it look jobwise for psyc nurses there.