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    Hi angie we got the children into school quite soon after we got here but we did have to have a rental agreement torove we was in the catchment area. The school is great my kids have settled so well and they love it. I also have a 6 year old and he is in year 1. It would be good to start before December but if you can,t get to I wouldn,t worry as the kids at the school and the teachers have all been so welcoming and they have settled really well. I have 4 at school and my youngest who will be 3 in January goes to mountain creek daycare twice a week whilst the kids are T school and he is really enjoying it. if you want to meet up when you get here that would be great just get in touch good luck with everything xx
  2. scarlet mia

    Hair colour in suitcase

    Hi does anybody know if you can put hair colour like garner nut rises in your suitcase and bring it from England to Brisbane. many thanks x
  3. scarlet mia

    Arrived 2 weeks ago on the sunshine coast, so far so good.

    Thank you for all the tips on places to go. We will be trying them all. And I have drove past that pub a few time looks really good too. thanks again and if you have any more keep them coming Karen
  4. scarlet mia

    Arrived 2 weeks ago on the sunshine coast, so far so good.

    Hi we are staying at headland gardens. The owners are fab and they have helped us a lot. The prices are reasonable and it,s in a great location.
  5. scarlet mia


    I will do that thank you. My 9 year old can,t do 2 lengths but really wants to get better now he,s here. Use to really try to push them into to swimming back in England but had no interest. Now I think he really have listened. They are going to mountain creek and didn't,t know they did lessons there so that would be great. thanks again for you help karen
  6. scarlet mia


    Thanks for that I have just looked at website and it looks really good. My younger kids aren,t very strong swimmers and didn,t have much interest in swimming in england so I think I need to get them some swimming lessons. I noticed an outdoor pool at cotton tree wonder if they do them there. I really want them to be confident in the water and to enjoy it to thanks
  7. scarlet mia


    Hi I have read before when the surf club has been mentioned so I went when we first arrived. The lady at the desk told me it would be November when I could sign the kids up for it. Does this sound right. My kids are 11,9,7,6,2. Thanks for any advise
  8. scarlet mia


    Hi we are about o move into our rental in buderim. We have only been here just over 2 weeks. Our kids will be going to mountain creek and our youngest will be going to mountain creek daycare just round the corner from the school. I think where we are must be on the border as we seem closer to mountain creek. Would be great to meet some people and get some info on the area, where all the things are for the kids to do. karen
  9. scarlet mia

    Arrived 2 weeks ago on the sunshine coast, so far so good.

    Please do I would be happy to help. For now all I can say is I feel we have made the right choice to move here it,s gorgeous and feels right. Good luck with your move and pm me and if I can help with anything I will x
  10. scarlet mia

    Arrived 2 weeks ago on the sunshine coast, so far so good.

    Hi thanks. I will have to look out for the get togethers it would be really good to meet some people, thinks that is all what's missing not really knowing anybody
  11. scarlet mia

    Arrived 2 weeks ago on the sunshine coast, so far so good.

    Thankyou feels like it took us years to get here but only weeks to get everything sorted. Apart from missing loved one I think we are gonna love it here x
  12. Hi just a little message for those planning the big move. We started all our planning about 4 years ago and then last September got our visa,s. the goodbyes were awful and found them really hard to the point it was making me not want to come. We left for the airport and took the 25 hour flight and so far life has been amazing ( early days I know ) we booked a holiday rental for 4 weeks so 2 weeks in now in and it,s fab just accross the road from mooloolaba beach. We hired a car for a week and ny husband the day after we arrived got a job he starts tomorrow. We started to drive around some areas we liked the sound of mountain creek and buderim and they really a lovely places well so is everywhere here. The first house we viewed and applied for we got which was great as it is in the catchment area for the school we want (mountain creek) which we loved when we looked round. The children start there next week. We have just bought all the uniforms and books and pens which they have to have and it was a small fortune especially with 5 children . So we have 4 starting school and my youngest starts daycare in Tuesday the same day the others start school which is just round the corner. we did quite a lot of research before we left mostly on here which was great but until you get here you just don,t know what it,s going to be like . So far for us it has been better than we could of imagined. The cost of living is higher and I do prefer the food in England as I am a vegetarian and there doesn't,t seem as much choice but I just think so what it,s not England and just have to get used to what's on offer. Now just can,t wait to move into our house and for the container to arrive and then hopefully really settle and hope the kids settle at school it will then be perfect. fornthose worrying about leaving loved ones, both our parents have booked fllights come one set in oct for 3 weeks then my parents in dec for 3 months so I just focus on that when I,m missing them. thanks for reading and if I could be any help to anyone who is soon to be making the move just ask karen xxx Tt
  13. scarlet mia

    Tourist visa. How long ?

    Hi We are moving to sunshine coast and fly on the 7th Aug this year. My mum and dad are going to be coming to visit for christmas for 3 months. My mum is wondering when to apply for her visa to visit us and how long it takes to arrive once applied for. Think they are getting a bit worried so would be great for any advise to reassure her. Thanks Karen x
  14. scarlet mia

    Feather duvet and pillows.

    Hi we have the packers coming on Tuesday next week and was wondering if anyone knows if it is o.k to put feather pillows and a duvet in the container. I have only just thougt of it and when the companies have come round it has never been mentioned as a no no. If anyone does know it would be great to know as I have just bought some feather pillows and my duvet is also a goose feather one too. Thankyou Karen
  15. scarlet mia

    WANTED Holiday Rental For 6 Weeks on the sunshine coast

    Hi we are staying at Headland Gardens which is at Alexandra Headland. We are going August this year for 4 weeks and as it,s off peak it,s cheaper. You also get a discount the longer you stay. The owners seem lovely and have been really helpful. We can,t wait to get there. Also as we have 5 children they even have the larger family rooms which I was struggling to find and can accomodate 8 people. Good luck Karen x