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  1. gazsmith

    The wheel is about to come off what to do ?

    Hi Bug, is good sometimes just to get it off your chest, it can be hard when it feels your not just contending with your wife but her whole family too and can really lead you to feel bitter. i can imagine you feel you just have to roll with all the decisions leaving you isolated, which manifests into thinking it's just not right for you! Hang in there buddy it may just all come good! Work constructively with the in laws and move them on when they have the deposit they need! Maybe suggest a break for your wife and kids to get away together with you and try to work it out! remember why you wanted a new life here and although you love wales there must of been a sparkle that brought you here to get a better life! I had a childhood if holidays in north wales and each one was an adventure, I loved and hanging round the black cat in towyn and it still brings back fond memories. However I'm now in Perth and no matter how good those memories are they will never pull me back! Like you I have had a daughter here and I can only want her to grow up here in Australia knowing that she will have such a better life. Start yourself up with an interest and give yourself a new lease if life, don't get down trodden, as you stated! New country! New home! Just adjust the lifestyle mate and rekindle the love you not only had with coming here but also with your wife and family! Show them all the big guy you are can play ball with the best and come out the winner! Where would any of them be if you hadn't took the huge step to get here! Your the winner mate, the family is riding on the coat tales!! if your ever down mandurah way send me a message and we can have a beer! gaz.
  2. gazsmith

    can emigrating be part of a midlife crisis?

    You bought a JEEP! ​sorry couldn't resist! The ad drives me mad!
  3. Well it seems to have been a marathon event having our child here! she was so cozy in mums tummy she didn't want to make an appearance! Felicity was born on Tuesday afternoon after being evicted by C-section and a healthy 8lb4oz (think Sue is glad she didn't have to push her out at that size!) Mum and bub are fine and back home, and now the fun begins!!! ​Gary
  4. gazsmith

    Items for sale Perth - Mosman Park area

    Hi Mindy, Do you have a list of the items for sale you could email to me? A friend of mine has just arrived in WA and he will be looking for furniture. Im sure he will be willing to take a look with a view to buying from you! cheers Gary
  5. gazsmith

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    hmmm! I seen the line there but they were too late! I imputed my own rules which were disobeyed!!!!! Now be gone and bring on my prize lol
  6. gazsmith

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    Please no more posts as I've won! no prizes for 2nd place I'm afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please forward the prize to me ASAP! lol
  7. gazsmith

    I can't take much more!!!

    What can I do! im lying awake hours on end! The stress! Expectations! What were we thinking! Our AUSSIE baby will be born this Friday! Glad I got that off my chest! Can't wait to see her arrival and a dream come true it's happened since we settled in Australia. Take care all Gary
  8. gazsmith

    Items for sale Perth - Mosman Park area

    Hi Mindy, Would you have a decent size set if bedroom drawers in white? we are going looking tomorrow. Would sooner part with cash to someone who needs it rather than a store. Pm me with details if so or email garysmith496@yahoo.com.au Gary
  9. gazsmith

    VISA APPROVED one weeek after medicals!!!!

    Congratulations! We will keep a cold one waiting for you! Gary & Sue
  10. gazsmith

    white card advice ??

    I did mine in perth last year, took 45mins and walked out with the card in my hand for $60 from which I could claim $50 back from my end of year tax return! Remember to put the receipt in with your end of year return. gary
  11. gazsmith

    Moving to Orange, NSW - anyone offer any tips?

    We have British friends who live in orange! pm me your email and i will ask Sue to pass it on for you! gary & sue
  12. Most job adverts carry an enquiry number! I have called the ones I'm interested in and make a good impression on the phone! They will usually say they will look out for your application. I have had an interview with everyone I called to enquire first! Works for me!!
  13. gazsmith

    PR has been granted

    Sounds like a celebration is in order! Lovely 38degrees this weekend to bask in! congrats to you and your family. Gary & Sue
  14. gazsmith

    How far do you travel to work in WA???

    Travelling to work seems the norm! when we first arrived I travelled from Rockingham to Northam everyday about 300klm round trip and almost 4hrs driving! At the moment I'm driving to bassendean which is about 60klms or hour each way! next week I start my new job which is in mandurah 25mins each way and only 4 days a week! let the long weekends roll! I will get a job on my door step!! good luck mate. Gary & Sue
  15. As said above its only a moral obligation to stay within that state for 2yrs. SA have only sponsored you to get your visa and there is no legal law stating you must stay there after DIAC have issued it. I guess it does come down to basic morals and how the decision to leave that state lies with you. At the end of the day though if there is no jobs in your industry you have to do what's right for you and your family, Savings won't last forever! gary & sue