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Found 102 results

  1. Hi all. The wife and I are both teachers. My wife qualified at Liverpool John Moores University as a PE teacher and did everything University based back in 2006. She has taught in a secondary school since this date. We applied for her skills assessment got everything through from AITSL in 8 weeks with no issues. I applied just before her however and I'm getting nowhere. I recently became a teacher after a career change and went via a SCITT based in the North West and LJMU. This issue I'm having is that the SCITT arranged my supervised teaching placements instead of the University. I managed to get a great letter from the University trying to help me out but sadly it hasn't worked. Due to this occurring AITSL have declined me - here is the extract from the email from AITSL: We understand that a formal academic award and transcript has been issued by Liverpool John Moores University, however this institution has also clearly stated they did not participate in any way in the selection, organisation, supervision or assessment of your supervised teaching practice. In order for AITSL to recognise your teaching qualification, our requirement is for a statement of supervised teaching practice from the awarding university. This demonstrates a link between the theory being taught as part of an academic qualification and the opportunity to practice this under university supervision. Your university has confirmed Endeavour SCITT was responsible for this component of the qualification, therefore it has been found unsuitable for an AITSL skills assessment. Is there anything I can do? I feel like we have spent so much on this between the pair of us and have failed at the last hurdle. So annoying as part of the career change was done so I would be able to gain points to teach in Australia!
  2. So I've been living in England for around 6 years now (Born in UK, moved to Tassie, lived there for 8 years - up to grade 3 - , moved back to England - year 4 to year 10 (present)) My family is thinking of moving back to Aussie after I finish my GCSE's (year 11 finals) as I am currently near the end of year 10. We are not sure when/if we will be moving so I will most likely be doing college prep/searching for colleges in the UK but I do not know whether or not I will actually be going to college in the UK before we move to Taz. I don't really know much about Australian high school qualifications and stuff so I do not know what the GCSE equivalent is or what it means. I do want to go to college (idk if its university in Taz) though but I do not know what qualifications I need to be able to get into the colleges and whether my GCSE grades will be enough. I will be 15 doing my GCSE's and at least 16 when moving. Should I instead make sure I complete my college/year 12 A-Levels before moving or will I be fine with my completed GCSE qualifications? Any help would be appreciated as to what the schooling system is in Australia (i.e. primary school -> highschool -> college/uni etc.) and what I would need to do to be able to get into colleges. Sorry if this is confusing, I wasn't sure how to word it. Let me know what you have to offer to this topic, thanks!
  3. Alex159753

    professional review CIOB

    Hello, I have been working in the construction field for quiet a while now. And I am planning to get my charted membership from the CIOB, and i was thinking if anyone here would know any ciob professional review examples? If anyone has any info, could appreciate if you can suggest. But No pressure. Many thanks Alex
  4. Hi! Need help URGENTLY!!! I'm an international student graduating this year July 2019. I'm looking to get the 485 TR visa, followed by the 186 employer-nominated visa. I need advice on the Australian Study Requirement. I understand the ASR requires 2 years/92 weeks of study, and I'm unclear even after several calls to the DHA. Here's my case: - The 3-year course I am doing is 156 weeks of study (based on CRICOS). - I transferred to Australia midway through, so instead of 3 years I spend 2 years here. So 2/3 years x 156 weeks = 104 weeks. - A full 2-years/104 weeks consists of 4 semesters, each semester with 4 units = 16 units (full 3 years/156 weeks would = 24 units). So 16/24 units x 156 weeks = 104 weeks. Now the thing is, I did 13 units instead of 16 units. And 13/24 units x 156 weeks = 84 weeks which is under the 92 week requirement. I would need to do 2 more units to satisfy the ASR (15/24 units x 156 weeks = 97.5 weeks). I eventually concluded with some options I'm exploring: Option 1- IF I don't fulfil the ASR and I need to do 2 more units? Is there a chance I can apply for exceptions (due to reasons below)? On one call to the DHA, I was advised to submit my visa 485 application with an agent and cite my case, and that the case officer may exempt from the ASR. Things to note: 1) I will be completing my degree July 2019. Adding 2 units would be absolutely pointless in my degree. It just doesn't seem to make much sense, costing so much time and money. Option 2- IF I don't fulfil the ASR and I need to do 2 more units? Is there a chance there is a different visa route I could take does not require the ASR? I am interning with an employer as an accountant who's looking to take me on full time and most likely sponsor my visa. On one call to the DHA, I was told about TR visa 482 (that did not require ASR) and recommended to go through visa 482 and then 186 for a ASR-free employer-nominated route. But upon reading online, it seems like visa 482 requires 2 years prior working experience (which I may need some clarification on how the visa works and if I may be eligible!) Option 3- I do the 2 units because I have no better alternatives. Perhaps I can do a professional year? At least I would gain 5 points while working to meet the ASR. Exploring study options that may be more useful or cheaper as well, such as taking 2 easy-pass units up in a low-cost registered institution. Really need some advice as DHA calls have been pretty contradicting and I'm really confused! Please let me know if there are other options I could explore.
  5. My 18 year old friend studied hard last year and this year has been offered a uni place. She was born in Australia of UK born parents. This disqualifies her from accessing HECS loan for uni like other Aussies can, apparently. It doesnt sound right or seem fair. Especially in light of the hundreds of Aussie politicians with dual citizenship who have served in Parliament contrary to the Constitution. Can anyone she some light on why an Aussie born girl who has lived here for all of her 18 years is not entitled to Aussie rights? Cheers.
  6. From January 1 2018 most permanent residents & New Zealanders will no longer be eligible for subsidised places at University, meaning they will pay about three or four times more for their degrees, on average. To compensate, the government will now allow those groups to access the Higher Education Loan Program, meaning they can defer their fees and pay back the loan once they start earning regular income. Universities, researchers and even New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English reacted negatively to the plan, with Mr English bluntly warning Canberra on Tuesday: "We're pretty unhappy about it." But Education Minister Simon Birmingham argued the changes will encourage about 60,000 new students to study in Australia because they will no longer have to pay fees upfront. "Access to student loans could attract some new students for whom upfront payment was a disincentive to study, leading to an estimated 60,000 additional [full-time students]," the government contended in a policy paper. It did not stipulate the time period for the 60,000 extra students, nor how the number was modelled, and the minister's office did not answer questions before deadline on Tuesday. Recent visa changes also mean permanent residents must wait four years to become an Australian citizen, meaning they could be liable for full fees for the duration of their degree. About 20,000 permanent residents and NZ citizens are currently enrolled in Australian universities, according to government estimates. They will be unaffected by the changes, which apply to people beginning their courses after January 1 next year. Representatives from the tertiary sector attended urgent briefings on Tuesday and reserved judgment about the changes, although one observer noted "a few wry smiles" when government representatives suggested a potential deluge of New Zealanders. Henry Sherrell, researcher at the Crawford School of Public Policy, was sceptical that potential students would flock to Australia the way the government anticipated. While students did not typically react to big movements in degree fees, "that is not the case when you have very specific settings for certain groups of people", he said. Higher prices "will be a disincentive, even if it is an income-contingent loan, even if it does go through HECS," Mr Sherrell said.
  7. Nick Osbaldiston

    University Research into Brits in OZ!

    Hi all, I wasn't sure if this would be ok to post this here and if it isn't then I'm certainly ok with it being deleted! My name is Nick Osbaldiston from James Cook University and together with my colleague Dr Felicity Picken from the University of Western Sydney, we're presently conducting a research project on the British experience of moving to Australia. We're also looking at New Zealanders too. We're keen to find people willing to talk to us for about an hour either through Skype, on the phone or in person depending on where you live. If you happen to be in the Tropics all the better as we are really interested to hear from Brits who choose to live in those areas! However we are keen just to talk to all British folk. We have a page set up if anyone is interested where you can sign up with an email address. We really look forward to working with everyone and would be really happy to share our research with you all when it is completed. Just to be clear also there is no commercial or financial benefit to this study. This is purely academic research only. If you have any questions, please PM me. Thanks for your time Nick
  8. telle06

    Help urgent 189 visa question

    Hi, I have been in Australia (Melbourne) for just over a month now on my parents 189 visa. I am 17 and will be 18 in November this year. I am debating going to University in the UK. Will this time away affect my chances of becoming a citizen? Is there a maximum time that you are allowed to leave Oz for?! HELP!!!!!!:confused::confused:
  9. johnhamilton

    Staying in Australia after graduation

    Hello everyone, next year I will have the opportunity to study in Australia for one year in order to complete my bachelor in computer science. I thinking of staying there after I graduate (the climate and beaches seem amazing) and I was wondering what my opportunities are. The occupation that I'll graduate to is in the "Occupation on demand" list, I have also looked at the Point Test online and my score would be of 60 points once I graduate. However I was wondering if I would have to leave Australia while processing the "permanent residence" visa or if there is a way I could stay in Australia after my student visa expires. I read there is a temporary graduate visa, however I don't think I can apply to it since it requires two years of study in Australia (I will only be doing one). So yeah I just want to get an idea what my opportunities will be to stay in Australia once I graduate (if any ). Thanks
  10. My daughter is currently at the end of year 10 (15 years old) and will be starting year 11 in September. One year from now she will be finishing year 11 and completing her exams. Would it be best to make the move at the end of year 11 or after her A-levels? (A-levels are years 12 and 13). I understand that schools in Australia have different timings and holidays, so I would like to know at which point in the year we'd be moving to, and what you would suggest. Any personal experience would be great to hear too! Thanks a lot.
  11. Hello all, After a lot of dithering as to whether to or not, thought it might be useful to start this thread for all those Aircraft Engineers out there who are intending / or have already started / passed their TRA assessment via Victoria University. Our story: OH is avionics with 25 yrs military experience and we're all set to start our skills assessment, but we have been advised that we may be wasting our money as he doesn't hold civilian licenses or an 'official' log book. He's completed the initial online Tradeset assessment with no problems, so as an initial guideline we think this is a positive indication. We personally, and no doubt all others in the same situation, would be really grateful to hear of how your application is going, timelines whether you have civilian licenses or not, log books etc. Any advice you can give really. I do know that clarification on this issue has been been requested by at least one migration agent ( to both Vic Uni and TRA) but as yet a definitative reply hasn't been given from either to say if they are a pre-requisite or not...very frustrating! Our understanding is that under the previous guidelines, before the assessment switched to Vic Uni, that you didn't have to have civilian licenses and that providing a very in depth breakdown of jobs, experience, tools used etc. (all signed off) was sufficient. Is anyone out there in a similar situation or had their assessment application acknowledged /approved without licenses? Thanks, E&A
  12. Rogmandera

    University Funding

    Hello I am a dual citizen of the Uk and Australia, by descent in Australia as my dad was born there. I am considering going to university in Australia but was wondering what (if any) help from the Australian government I am entitled to, meaning loans or grants. I know that in the uk you have to be a resident for 3 years as well as a citizen to receive a loan. Is this the case in Australia? Hope you can help, thanks
  13. Hi all, My family moved out from London to Melbourne seven years ago, when I was thirteen. I never wanted to immigrate, and as much as I've gotten used to Melbourne I can't help but feel that I'm still an outsider here. I'm now considering going back by myself, for many reasons. I'm a student, and it's been my ambition for years to go to Cambridge University to study history. I achieved the marks I needed in order to get in. But, I discovered that although I'm a British citizen, I'd have to pay international fees in order to go to any university in the UK. Apparently, in order to get normal fee arrangements, I'd have to have lived in the UK as a resident for three years before the start of my course. I'm considering finishing my undergraduate Arts degree at Melbourne Uni, then returning to the UK and doing casual work for three years before trying to get into Cambridge (or, if unsuccessful there, another university) for postgraduate study. My questions are: 1. As a British citizen who hasn't lived there for a long time, would I have the right to work in the UK? 2. How easy is it for young people to get casual jobs at the moment in the UK? (I've worked casually for several years in call centres, conducting social research. Would there be similar opportunities?) 3. Or, is there any chance of getting a slightly better job with my Arts degree? 4. Is there any chance I'd be eligible for any welfare payments? 5. Would I be totally crazy to move back to Britain by myself, as a young person with little to no financial support from my family? Could I rent a flat? Could I survive? Any answers to any of the questions would be much appreciated!
  14. Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone studying at university in the UK,has ever transferred to an Australian university, or have they had to start their degrees again? I have just found out that I've got a place at uni starting this sep in the UK to study midwifery. It's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works as this was my 4th year of applying (I'm a mature student) and although I can't wait to get started, my husband has recently applied to transfer his job over to Australia. If he manages to transfer his job, I would have one year at uni under my belt already. I am just wanting to explore avenues at the moment, and asking for advice from anyone that may have done this in the past. Hope someone out there will be able to help. Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm 17 and want to be a lawyer, but only one university in England does Australian law which is what I really want to do. So if I don't get into that university, I can't move to Australia and be a lawyer. I figure that I should probably apply to some Australian universities as well. Does anybody know if international students can study law in Australia? It's not an undergraduate course in Australia like it is in England, so which undergraduate courses would be better to get onto a law course afterwards? How do the fees work? In England we pay them back afterwards, but I know that in some other countries students have to pay up front. Thank you very much for reading this, I'm so sorry if it's already been asked.
  16. Hello there, i am 16 years old, nearly 17. my family are hoping to move to Perth in the next 6 months, and by june i will have completed my first year of A Levels (AS). i am studying Psychology, Sociology and ICT. i heard that the age for leaving school is 17 in Oz and therefore i will go straight into university if we do move in the next 6 months. im just a little confused as to how this would work and how the grades would transfer, if the grades i had would be enough to go to university..would i need to go back a year and go back to the last year of school just to get australian qualifications or..? i would love to stay in england to finish my a levels but my mum refuses to leave me which is understandable. But would it be more wise to stay in england to finish my a levels? if ive missed out any details let me know, i would be very greatful if anybody could help me with the above questions! :cute:
  17. Hi, I wondered if anyone has experience of training as a nurse once they get to Australia? I am thinking of JCU in Cairns. I already have PR so will have to pay the same fees as the Aussies, about $5000 each year. I was wondering how people have found it, is there as funding provision to get you through to registration (I imagine not) and what was the workload like? I already have a relevent science degree so was thinking of doing the shortened 2 year course for graduates, but unfortunately I think this would mean I wouldn't be able to practise in the UK should we ever return! Does anyone know anything about this? Would I be better to do the Div 2 Nursing course and then go into the 2nd year of the Bac of Nursing, so I have actually studied for the 3 years stipulated by the NMC in the UK? Would this be acceptable?? Any info/comments welcome. Thanks
  18. Hi First of all I'd like to say this is my 2nd post in the last 24hrs and I've found out more information reading all of the threads on here than I have in the last 11 years since returning from Oz from a working holiday Visa - this site is GREAT so thanks to you guys and girls for all your good advice given on here! Right, here it goes... Me, hubby and 2yr old daughter want to apply for a SS Visa 176 under my husbands trade as a 'Carpenter'. Below are some things I can't quite get my head around? - to apply for SS do you already have to taken the skills test? - for a Carpenter it says TRA and use VETASSESS or VICTORIA UNIVERSITY - what one is it best to go with? - Is it correct that if you go with VICTORIA UNIVERSITY there's no actual physical skills test, just a Paper-Based assessment and then a Technical Interview which if I understand correct is conducted using SKYPE? - If we go with VICTORIA UNIVERSITY - how long will this take to arrange as we're concerned about the new points system coming into play July 11. Will we have enough time to get everthing sorted - as there's so much to do - If we go with VETASSESS - I can see tests in Feb but no other dates available on their website. How often are the skills tests and do this alwasy have to be done? Again, worried we're going to run out of time re new points system that comes in July 11. Minds gone blank! I'll ask more questions when they come to my head! Thanks for your input everyone! Cheers :chatterbox:
  19. Guest

    16+ in Brisbane? :)

    Hi, I'm Katie In July 2010 I moved with my family from sunny Southampton to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, and since then I have completed schooling and secured myself a place at university in Brisbane. I am planning to make the move to Brisbane in the coming months, and I was just wondering if there were any fellow poms of my age in the same situation or looking for friends in the Brisbane area :smile:
  20. We are possibly coming over to Oz on a 457. We are looking at all our options for PR in the future in case it doesn't work out or lead to ENS 856. DH has an occupation that is on a few of the State lists (I know this can change at any point). He has enough points and experience but the only problem is that he can't pass the skills assessment without a degree. Realistically our only option is the OU. Anyone know if this would work, or how to find out? Various internet searches haven't helped so far. Many thanks.
  21. I will be studying at the University for 2 years starting in Feb. 2011. My partner is Project Engineer (Construction). We need to find a good place to live where both of us can get to work easily. Anyone got any good ideas? There's only the two of us and we are mature people so studnet residence doesn't seem like it will work. Not sure if we would be too old and fuddy duddy! I gues the travelling is more important than anything as OH will need to get to a construction site or office each day, but not sure where yet until he has a job. So easy escape and access to and from the CBD sounds probably the best idea. Thanks for your ideas!
  22. I am finished BBA 3rd yr in Nepal.I have 1 yr left.I have a situation so I am willing to apply for exemption(credit Transfer) in Australian University.How likely is it to get exemption and what are the documents required and process to apply for exemption. thanx in advance.
  23. If we apply PR , is my wife eligible to study Bachelor degree in Australian university.Does she have to enroll as a student ? thanx in advance
  24. WonnaBeInWA

    University fees

    Hi just a random question! My dad is in Perth and in two years me my partner and my 2 children can follow through him (when he applies for permanent residency). My question is that when we make the move does my girlfriend who wants to be a nurse pay international fee's or Australian citizen fee's if we travel over as a permanent resident? Thanks in advance for any information.
  25. Hi I am a qualified teacher . I passed my PGCE a number of years ago through the Open University. The transcript is not very detailed and after a number of requests I have been told that they are unable to provide a more detailed transcript than the one I have. They have been very helpful with all my requests but I am concerned the transcript is not enough. I know that AITSL may want more detail. Has anyone else OU trained had any issues having their PGCE recognised by AITSL? Or has it not been a problem? My visa geezer will be submitting, but as i am 45 in less than 6 months ,we are hoping there will be no problems to hold up lodging the visa.