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  1. frogian

    Form 80, previously worked as cabin crew help?

    I wasn't cabin crew but I had travelled frequently throughout Europe with my job. I just put in everything as per the stamps that I did have in my passports and also included a note along the lines of "and various other countries, dates unknown, as no entry / exit stamp required". Never had any questions asked. Maybe your OH can do the same but add "as was cabin crew, so I never officially entered the country"?
  2. frogian

    Shabby poorly built and...

    On bogs not having a sink: when I was a kid (80's) the houses I lived in 'up north' in the UK had a bathroom (bath and sink) plus a separate bog. I remember my dad knocked the bathroom and the bog room into one in the late 80's in the house we were in at the time. After that, all the houses I have lived in in the UK (and most that I have visited) had a bathroom complete with bath, sink and bog all in one room. Maybe changing trends; money saving on the build cost (one less door and wall to put in); or a bit of both? Anyone know? All in one or separate doesn't bother me, but there is an advantage to separate - if you have guests over and your partner is having a bath, your guests can still go for a number 1 or 2 without disturbing the OH or entering your bedroom to access your en-suite. There is a downside as well. Your guests can't wash their hands without disturbing your OH or entering your bedroom to access the en-suite...... O
  3. frogian

    Kitchen machines and gadgets

    OH hassled me going on 2 years for a Thermomix. My arguments against getting one were always 1) the cost of the thing 2) I figured it'd go the way of the other gadgets she'd bought in the past - used the days it's purchased, maybe on the odd occasion here and there during the next couple of weeks, then stashed in the cupboard for months on end until it was given to a mate (who probably though they REALLY needed one, just like my OH had at the time she bought it). I gave in a couple of months back and she finally got her Thermo...... Since then pretty much everything we've eaten has come out of the thing, quickly, and tasting good! The only time the oven gets used these days is to crisp up the roast and cook the Yorkshire puds and roast spuds (shame it can't do those things). Oh, one of my OH's selling points for us getting one was that it washes itself up. And it pretty much does! Yeah, they are expensive and going back 2 months my mindset was that it would be a waste of cash. So far, it seems that it wasn't. Will let you know if that changes!!
  4. frogian

    What makes a good migrant?

    Someone who can adapt to change, likes to take a risk and, at the end of the day if things don't work out, sees the move as a learning experience and leaves the place without regret or animosity.
  5. frogian

    Australian certificates

    Think you'll need to get relevant Aus certs mate. Have a look at this site: http://www.skillingsolutions.qld.gov.au/ It’s a free Government training and career info service. They will look at your existing UK quals, on the job learnt skills etc to see if it's possible to convert them to recognized Oz qualifications or, if a straight swap isn't a goer they'll help you work out which Aus courses (or parts of courses) you'll need to take to be able to obtain the relevant Oz qualification. Unfortunately you can't access these services from overseas as you have to be resident in Queensland for them to help you out, so you'll have to wait until you get here and set up a meeting with them. Best of luck with the move!
  6. frogian

    The smaller stuff

    When I left the UK in 2007 it was costing me X pounds per week to live my life. In 2014 in Aus it's costing me what I used to spend in the UK (X), plus a further 20%. I still have the same lifestlye etc, so nothing has changed (other than the weather is better!). I have no idea what things cost these days in the UK, but I figure that with inflation some things will have gone up, so at a guess would think that the cost of living here is Aus is maybe not quite so bad as 20% more than in the UK, dependant on location.... If you are moving from UK big city A to Aus big city B, probably not too big a shock, but if you are moving from UK town X to Aus big city B, there's going to be a big difference in the cost of living, just like if you moved, for example, from Barnsley to London (I'm a Yorkshire lad, so have nowt bad say 'bout Barnsley, just using it as't example) I moved from UK town X to Cairns, which is classed as a city, but its not a city like Sydney, it's more the size of my town in the UK, hence probably not too much different for living costs here. Had I moved to Sydney, I know it'd be costing me a LOT more to live each week. With regards to shipping items, if stuff is in decent nick, weigh up what it will cost to replace it all when you get here versus what it would cost to ship it over. All the best!
  7. frogian


    We are in Cairns and I wrote the following in another thread nearly 2 years back. Since writing it we've added a baby to the family but, to be honest, the figures still hold today(we've cut down a little on entertaining / lifestyle spend though!). State: QLD Location: Cairns Property type: 3 bed house Household: 2 Adults (and dog who thinks it’s human) Mortgage: $20,700 per year / $1725 per month Annual Rates: $3000 per year / $250 per month Electricity: $1300 per year / $108 ish per month Pool: N Air Con: Y Gas: N/A Water: Annual Charge – Not sure if this applies here (I can’t see it mentioned on the two bills I have just found) Usage: $120 per year / $10 per month (no joke – last quarter the bill was $19.19, one before that was $31) Monthly Shopping/Food: $7800 per year (around $650 per month, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less) Car Rego: $1460 per year (two cars – SUV & a 4x4) (note: this has to be paid upfront for either 6 or 12 months, but equates to $122 ish per month) Car insurance: $900 per year / $75 per month (two cars, fully comp) Fuel - Can’t split between work and social I’m afraid as never broke it down. For info: SUV does around 400km on $85ish (2.4L petrol), 4x4 (3L Diesel) does around 600km on $110ish (both mixed driving). Home Phone: N/A Mobile Phone: $1320 per year / $110 per month Total Mobiles in Household: 2 Internet: $480 per year / $40 per month (we don’t have a fixed internet connection, just a dongle type thing from telstra (pay as you go) but to be honest , other than browsing, e-mailing, the odd skype chat and music download, we don’t hammer the net that much each month) Schooling Costs: N/A Child Care Costs: N/A Entertaining/Lifestyle: $10400 per year / $200 per week (, sometimes more, but most weeks less) Additional: $1440 per year / $120 per month private health insurance (good cover - wife only), $500 per year / $42ish per month pet insurance Profession: N/A That totals around $49380 per year / $4115 per month / $950ish per week (excluding fuel for cars, buying clothes, buying stuff for house etc and any loans that may need to be repaid) As someone said in another post, if you rent, you wont pay rates. If you have any further questions drop me a line and if I can help out, I will. Best of luck with the move!
  8. frogian

    Is Australia getting a belated GFC

    Am happy to have a beer or two mate if you ever head up this way but would prefer to play a game of pool and chat generally rather than focus on economics ;-)
  9. frogian

    Is Australia getting a belated GFC

    On the first part of your statement: 1) Don't know about the credit reporting system here but when we bought our house a few years back everything was going great. Then the s#it hit the fan with the downturn and 7 days before settlement the bank turned round and told us they wanted twice the deposit originally agreed on or else it was game over. 2) I arrange finance (business and personal) for the gear I sell. From what I see, lending isn't being done "willy nilly". If it was I'd be laughing. On the second part of your statement I reckon: heat factor = zero %. Sleep factor = 99.99% (couldn't put 100% for that 'cos I've replied , so you obviously haven't sent me to sleep....yet).
  10. frogian

    How often do you do it....

    Work shirt gets changed every day, trousers after 2 or 3 days. Civi gear is a different matter. I wear a pair of shorts until they look like they might crawl off me / I start smelling something (whichever occurs first). I shower, on average, every 2 days. Before anyone says it, yep, I'm probably your typical 'stinking pom'. HOWEVER, my OH (Aussie) calls me that, what with the way I am, particularly with my shower habits (or lack of them), but if you were to ask her, she'll honestly tell you I never smell. IMO there are three options as to why this is the case: 1) My metabolism is set up well; 2) she doesn't have any sense of smell; 3) she's a lying ***** I'll let you decide which it is.
  11. frogian

    G'Day from Cairns

    Yeah, every Wednesday. Hope you are enjoying yourselves here! Are you sticking around in Cairns for good?
  12. frogian


    Lanfair....pilly..filli.............go..go..goch train station when you are at Menai, just for the fact that it's got a long (the longest?) name? If Jake is interested in looking for fossils, head to Plas Newyd on Angelsey and go down to the shore. You should find some pretty easily if the tide is out. If you pass through York, maybe the Viking experience (if it's still there??). Have a great trip!
  13. frogian

    G'Day from Cairns

    If your OH is up for a few games of pool, some beers and a chat on Wednesday night drop me a PM and we can arrange (mixed group of English, Welsh, Kiwi and Aussie blokes).
  14. frogian

    HALIFAX bank advice

    I've been out of the UK since mid '07 and still have a Halifax current account and credit card and have had no issues with them at all. I haven't used the credit card since 2008 and they were going to cancel it last month (which is understandable). They sent me a letter to let me know they were going to cancel it so I gave them a call and all is well - just received my new one. All is good with Halifax from my POV!
  15. frogian

    Halloween - how do you cope?

    I put a tub of sweets on top of the letter box and then get on with something out the front that I need to do. Last year I did the front garden, last night I did some work on a camper van I just picked up. When the trick or treaters rock up I just tell them to take something. No knocks at the door (so the dog doesn't go ape all evening) and at the end of it I've done something I needed to get done anyway.