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  1. butros

    Welder technical interview query

    Good Day mate!, He has to relax the questions are about what he does everyday at work.
  2. butros

    May 190 Visa Lodge Gang

    Hello May Gang, i finally got the golden mail on Friday 20 Sept . I am over the moon, still can't believe I am now a permanent resident of Australia along with my mother. lodged on the 15 th of May, Meds on the 6th of June, Case officer 28 June, Grant 20 Sept
  3. butros

    Second application charge

    Hi Mirwais I think you are asking y am I paying the second application charge, It only applies to dependents who don't have functional English , it is designed so that the dependent can take up English lessons when they arrive in Oz
  4. butros

    Second application charge

    I got an email from my case officer requesting the second instalment application charge for my mother as she doesn't have functional English My mother's Medicals were referred and they have been finalised, my question is what are the chances of getting a grant here?
  5. butros

    Pregnant applicant

    [WRAP[/WRAP] Good Day everyone, We are on 457 and we have applied for visa 190 I am the main applicant my wife is the dependent so is my mother we have done the Medicals and the case officer said my mother's meds where referred so she is still waiting for them to be cleared, my question is my wife is pregnant how does this affect our application if we inform them do they wait for her to deliver or a decision will be made even if she hasn't delivered. Please help. Thank you in advance.
  6. butros

    Is anyone else unable to log into visa application?

    We are in the same boat mate I also don't know why, I have been trying for the past 3 months since I submitted my application and still no lucky .
  7. butros

    May 190 Visa Lodge Gang

    Hi everyone, I lodged an application on the 15/05. I finally got a case officer on Friday 28/06 but only saw the message Mon 1/07. In my application I had stated that my mother and my son I got from a previous relationship are my non migrating dependents and she is asking for their Medicals. I want to take them out of as they are not migrating with me how do I go about doing that.
  8. I would say machining and diesel plant fitting.
  9. butros

    have we messed this up completely

    U can only ask for a remark within 28 days. There is no harm in trying.
  10. butros

    have we messed this up completely

    Hie, with regards to IELTS I would suggest you also request a remark especially that one where he missed by a 0.5 he might be lucky I did that and got my 7.
  11. butros

    Qld ss 190

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if there is anyone here who is a Metal Fabricator who managed to get an invitation for 190 with 60 points. I am here in Oz on a 457 and I now want to apply for PR. I live in Gladstone QLD hence leaning towards QLD. I am only waiting for my TRA which I hoping to be get in two weeks since I submitted my papers on the 15th of Jan 2013. I have done the skills assessment with VEtassess before but on the Skills select it says I have to do with TRA. My IELTS is as follows (8,7,78.5) L.R,W,S My second choice is WA but I am not sure about multiple SS application.
  12. butros

    IELTS!! Dont know what to DO now

    Hie Nic1171 There where they are catching us I am waiting for my remark as well and I need a 7 but I have also registered again and this time I said I want an 8 in each band may be I will come right this time around.
  13. butros

    IELTS!! Dont know what to DO now

    I am in the same situation I have asked for a remark. They say it takes about 4-6 weeks to get the results. I am even contemplating on re writing whilst waiting for the remark, but now I dont know if its allowed.
  14. butros

    How hard is it to score 8 in IELTS ??

    I have booked mine for the 23rd of Feb and I need to get at least a 7 in each band. I wrote twice before and reading is my nemesis because the last time I wrote on the 1st of Dec 2012 I got these scores.( 7;6;8;7.5). Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  15. butros

    Canceling a visa

    we are on a 457 visa, we are still togather but there is tension between the two of us and I jus dont like it.