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    Personal Trainer

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    Personal Trainer

    Hi Just wondering what the personal trainer industry is like in the Sydney area. I’m moving over with my OH (she has sponsorship) I currently run my own sports therapy / personal training company and would like to set something similar up over there. Any tips from PT’s or a client would be very much appreciated.
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    Sports therapist

    Anyone :unsure:
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    Sports therapist

    Hi I'm moving over to Sydney at the end of the year and would be grateful for any information regarding setting myself up as a self employed sports therapist, which is what I currently do here in the UK.
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    Sports therapist

    Thanks Susie Just to expand a little I don't just treat sport injuries but also run of the mill aches and pains. I’m also a former personal trainer, which I’m not adverse to going back to initially but again I’m not too sure what the job possibilities would be. Any tips guys would be great