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Found 40 results

  1. Hi We are looking to move to either the Southern Gold Coast or Sydney next year on a 457 visa. My daughter is currently 13 and plays for Manchester City Football Club and for Greater Manchester. Has anybody got experience or know of anybody who was playing at a high level in the Uk and has experienced the quality of the football in Australia? We have spoken to a couple of teams/coaches in both areas who feel that the quality is of a high/comparable standard but she is still worried. If there are any girls who are currently playing football in Australia it would be good to hear from them Thanks
  2. This is a bit of a rant and I'm sure it won't stop anyone wanting to come to Oz, but you really do need to be aware of how cripplingly expensive it is out here. Having been in Oz since October 2010 I can give you proof of this and why I suggeset you bring everything and the kitchen sink with you in your container. The most important thing to bring (if not the whole bed) is to bring your English mattress. What is it with Ozzie mattresses? They are useless yet cost a fortune. In the Uk mattresses are made to be turned over and if you do so regularly with a good mattress they can last 20+ years. In Oz the mattresses - and believe me I hunted high and low - are a made in way that is obviously about saving money on the manufacture - but that saving will not be passed on to you! It is a nasty, inferior product at an inflated price. Their mattresses cannot be turned over, only around like a clock dial. All mattresses ar made with an integral topper. The deeper and more lush the topper the more you pay - and pay - and pay. I paid $1800 for a Queensize bed from Myer and that was 40% off as it was floor stock. I assumed at that price it would be a decent mid-range bed. No so - every morning when I first wake up I have back ache which only wears off when I walk around. Yet when I am back in UK (as now on a visit) and on my Vi-Spring - Oh Bliss. I wake up refreshed every day and never have back ache. Other things? Bring as much as you possibly can from bikes (especially quality mountain or road bikes) to Wet Suits and swimming costumes, trainers - sports equipment generally. Yes you can pay a lot for items in the Uk too, but the difference is you can shop around at places like, say, TK Maxx (or M&S during their sales) and pick up incredible bargains. The price of a my surf life saving swimming cossie was $55 which I thought was really expensive for a plain costume, but you need it to be on duty. Don't get me wrong, I love the climate, the place and the people.But I HATE the cost of living. Everything - and I do mean that - is just so expensive. Clothes can be cheap but when they are they will be cheaply made too with horrible material. Nearly all 'knitted' type tops are made with 100% Acyrlic. If you want wool anything you'd have to go to Myer or David Jones and pay a small fortune. And it's odd that it's so hard to find nice fine wool clothes as the one thing Oz is not short of is sheep. Other examples. In the Uk you can pick up a pack of four Crunchies, Mars Bars, Marathons etc for £1 which is 25p each - so lets say at exchange of $1.50 to the £1 that is about 38/40cents. Go into Coles or Woolies or Target - ONE of those bars is all but $2. A litre of Ribena in UK on offer can be bought at £1.24 so call that $2. On offers in Coles - $6+ . And Mozarella cheese which here (UK) works our at 65 cents for 125 gms is $4.99 in Coles or $3.99 in Aldi for 125 gms. Bananas. Well OK there were problems in Oz with the floods etc. But in Morrisons the other day a Kilo of bananas was 68p, so about a $1 a kilo. At the point I flew out of Sydney the price everywhere was between $12.99 - $14.99 a kilo. What can I say - I'm eating bananas like a monkey here as I can't afford them when I get back. For women - buy stocks of all your make-up. 3 for 2 Maybelline mascaras here work out at £5 each - so $7.50 and they are 10ml. Exactly the same product in Oz is not only $17 for one - but it is a 20% smaller size at 8ml !!! Finally, in UK I was signed up to a local authority for a direct debit of £21 per month which gave me Monday to Friday 8-5pm access to swim, use classes and the gym as much as I wanted. Normally I used the pool 3 times a week and did two classes - all that for $8/9 a week. I can find nothing even remotely like that in Sydney. One exercise class is $15 minimum and a swim $5. So I don't do classes anymore and buy a block of tickets to make swims a little cheaper. I don't know why the Ozzies don't protest at the prices they have to pay. But no one seems to care. When I do my whinging Pom bit my daughters (both Citizens and both earning natch) just say to me "Mum, build a bridge and get over it"! So I have to bite my lip and try not to talk about it, but all joking aside I really do find the prices and cost of living my biggest head ache and a genuine worry. Here in UK they are moaning about prices. Me on the other hand I find it so cheap it's as if they're giving stuff away. I'm returning next week to Sydney and I've bought as much as I can carry to bring back in my suitcase because it is soooo much cheaper. Bottom line everything is so much dearer in Oz even given the cost of a container you will save on what you would pay in Oz for often quite inferior goods.
  3. Hi all, I arrived back in Oz just a few days ago. I originally travelled the east coast with friends for 3 months December 2011 when I met my fiancé. We've had a few months away but now we're back and living together on the sunshine coast. Looking to meet new people in the area. I am not currently working but actively looking so have a bit of spare time. Interests and hobbies include outdoor sports(surfing swimming running horse riding), cooking, gardening, jewellery design, fashion and travelling. Look forward to hearing about you.
  4. Hi There! Im currently studying for a sports therapy degree here in the UK, i was wondering whether there are many job opportunities in oz for us? whether my qualification will be allowed or will i have to gain a australian qualification? any information would be great!! thank you :biggrin:
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone has some info on ladies football/soccer!:goofy: I currently play for a ladies team in Glasgow Scotland, it's just a hobbie and was wondering what it's like in Canberra? Does any ine have any info on teams etc!? Hope someone can help Cheers Leeanne
  6. I'm a sports therapist qualified to both BSc and MSc standard in UK sports therapy, currently running regional sports injury clinic in the North East of UK. I have approx 15 years experience in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation sports and musculoskeletal injuries, specialising in rugby union where I have worked for 19 years as masseuse and therapist. I also have University lecturing experience and would also be interested in teaching sports therapy or related courses. Will consider any part of Australia provided that the hours and salary are acceptable. Please drop me a line if you have any vacancies!
  7. Are there any doctors / physios or medical people out there who can help me?!! A couple of days ago my 12 year old daughter landed badly on her leg at gymnastics and hyper extended her knee. It swelled up and she can only bend it a small amount and cannot straighten it. She can hobble along on it, but she says it feels like it's going to collapse on her all the time. So my friend the Google doctor tells me this is a classic ACL injury. So yesterday we went to the docs and she sent my daughter for xrays and an ultra-sound. The xrays did not show a break (I did not expect them to) and I am not sure what the ultra-sound showed. When we were having it done the guy doing the ultra-sound said there was some damage to the cruciate ligament, but it did not look like a massive tear. He also said that what the ultra-sound could tell us was minimal, as it can only really see the outer parts of the knee and apparently the cruciate ligaments are further in. He suggested that if the scan did not reveal anything that an MRI would be needed, as there was obviously something going on with her knee. So later we had a phone call from the nurse at the surgery saying that everything was fine. OK I said, that's great news, but my daughter has a very swollen knee and is struggling to walk, so what should she be doing - resting or keeping it moving? She had NO idea and said she would talk to the doctor. She came back later and said when it stops hurting she can have physio on it. OK - so now we have "everything is fine" to "needs physio" so I was completely confused. I asked her how long it would be before we could expect it to feel better - her answer "when it stops hurting" yes I said, I get that, but are we talking days? weeks? months?. She just did not have a clue. So now I have my VERY active 12 year old, unable to walk properly, in pain and I have no real idea about what treatment she should be having and whether she should be moving, resting or what?! She was supposed to be on a Guide camp this weekend which she has had to pull out of, so she can have a quiet weekend and rest her leg, but what then? How long to I let it hurt for? How long to I wait to see a physio? Do I accept what the doctor says? I am completely at a loss here. She is a netballer and obviously needs her knee back working again asap in order to continue playing. HELP!! Any advice would be really useful! Love Rudi x
  8. joseph banks

    Sports Therapist, Do I count??

    Hello, Anyone know how many points are awarded for a Graduate Sports Therapist if any (Can't find on any SOL). What are my options, State Sponsorship? anyone with any experience pls help, Regards, Oz-bound somehow
  9. Hi Everyone! I am currently working as a sport's therapist in the UK and I am looking to work in Australia when I go travelling next year. Will my qualifications be allowed or do I have to gain Australian equivalents? Also, what are the job opportunities like for Sport's Therapists? Any information will be a great help! Thanks
  10. TheSmithFamily

    Sports Clubs

    I know Australia is renowned for its sport facilites but I'm just wondering a couple of things: My 9 yo daughter is a very good gymnast who trains over 12 hours a week and competes regularly in competitions. When we move we would have to find her a good gym club to go to. Does anyone know of any really good gym clubs in the area from Bunbury upto Perth? It is a key consideration for us as a family and could narrow our search for property if we know there is a good club near. And secondly, are there plenty of soccer clubs in WA for an amateur like myself? (Amateur may be too kind :laugh:) Would love to keep playing when we move over.
  11. taggs101

    Sports therapist

    Hi I'm moving over to Sydney at the end of the year and would be grateful for any information regarding setting myself up as a self employed sports therapist, which is what I currently do here in the UK.
  12. Hi I will be 10 in November and my family are moving to PERTH in January 2012. Is there anyone who is goiing to PERTH or is there already into soccer or any sport or that supports LIVERPOOL ? I would like to talk to you, thanks :chatterbox::chatterbox:
  13. Hi, We're looking at giving Sydney a 1-year trial, but I'm really concerned about whether I can get a job in my field: sports development. I haven't found much on the web so far. It feels like too much of a risk of 7 years hard work in the field & I'm too long in the tooth for waitressing again. Any ideas? Cheers
  14. Guest

    Activities in Melbourne Area

    Hi, We are in the process of moving to Melbourne or surrounding area and would love some advice and help with regards to the activities available and where it's best to live, so that we don't have to spend the time driving hours to get to them all. We like scuba diving, coast walking and cycling. We have a little girl, who will be about two when we move over. (Later this year). We already take her walking and cycling with us, but obviously not the diving as yet. Would love to hear your experiences or advice on this, as we really want to get it right. We have already looked the Geelong area, but from what I have seen it's a bit limited for diving, so we were now thinking of the East side of Melbourne?!? Look forward to hearing your views All the best Charles and Kathy
  15. Hi I don't know if it's of any use but I came across a website called meetup.com which lists loads of different types of social groups, including for younger people. There are pages of them and some of them are er, alternative shall we say, but there does look to be some that look good, so may be worth investigating. We're not in Oz so can't vouch for it but for people who are finding it a bit of a struggle so far socially or just want to get a few more friends may find it useful.
  16. Guest

    Ideas for a sports lover

    Hi all just looking for some advice for a hearty meal out somewhere sports related. My hubby and I used to go to a restaurant at a football ground in the UK where the food was devine and was looking for something similar here in melbourne. I have checked the MCG, Eithiad stadium and they dont appear to have any proper restaurants, just on day event food stalls or cafe/ bars. Am i missing something or is this the case? Any suggestions for a decent restaurant in or around Melbourne? (no preference on type of food - we are easy!) thanks v
  17. nik_kershaw

    Early morning Fox Sports access - Canberra

    Is there anywhere open at that time on a Saturday morning with access to Fox Sports 1 so I can watch the Preston North End v Hull City? I am living in Queanbeyan but happy to travel anywhere in Canberra area
  18. Hi, fingers crossed we are moving to Perth or Adelaide (dependant on which state sponsors us first!!) but my hubby is panicing that there are not track days to go on over there. He has a little two seater track day car and is wanting to know if there is any where he can take it as it is not road legal and we would like to know some costings etc before we decide to imprt the thing. Personally I hope there isnt! Please can someone advise Thanks
  19. Hi there i have recently arrived in australia again back with my partner who i had to leave due to a family grievence. I am now back you have probably already seen my post regarding looking for lawyers I am also looking for volutary work ideally in the sports field or in a kitchen i have uk police checks I pressume i will need to arrange one for australia , I have 10 years previous experience with voluntary work along with various affiliated uk charitys that i have helped raie money for , references can be supplied but really keen to get the ball moving in australia again any advice would be great Thanks
  20. Guest

    Lexus Luxury Sports Coupe

    I have a Lexus sc400 for sale, getting it transported from perth to melbourne. 4L V8 Engine Pearl White body Airbag suspention 20" White Rims with gold trims - Deep dish with low profile tyres 225/35/20 Pioneer head unit Wireing kit installed for subs rear Diff changed to a Turbo LSD diff (better ratios for taking off) Fully electric with user pre-sets Tinted windows New timing belt Rear Wheel Drive Pod Air Filter Ajay PM me for details
  21. Nick and sez

    Sports day........

  22. We are moving back to the UK in May and need to sell our car (quickly!!). It's listed on carsales.com.au - $16,000. It is silver, has full service history, 71,000kms, very economical (600kms per tank) with a comprehensive list of features including climate control, remote locking, abs, 16" allow wheels, cruise control and many more. We are based in Lovely Banks (Geelong). Let me know if you're interested and i can send pictures. Many thanks
  23. I'm posting this for my daughter Candi. We're moving to Aus in April next year and her boyfriend wants to join us out there. He's currently at university doing a degree in sport and aims to become either a sports teacher or a sports coach. He will finish his degree in May. How easy will it be for him to get a visa? And what sort of occupation should he be looking at if he wants to move out to Aus. I'm not sure what else to say but if anyone could offer some insight then that would be great. Thanks, Clairbear. xx
  24. Soccer fans wowed by world's first live 3D sports broadcast | News.com.au so you've just got the latest HD TV..:mad: now start saving for a HD/3D set:biglaugh: check out the comments, do you thinks they are gutted that it was the UK and not Australia (run out of emoticons but i would have put a biglaugh one here)
  25. nik_kershaw

    Early morning Fox Sports venue in Canberra

    The mighty Preston North End and taking on some team called Newcastle in the Championship which is being shown on Fox Sports. However I have 2 problems, I don't have Fox Sports and I don't know of anywhere open with Fox Sports at 6.30am so I can watch it before work. Anyone out there know of a place open at 6.30am tomorrow morning that has fox sports and maybe getting my breakfast as well.