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Found 82 results

  1. Part 1: I never apply for jobs anymore, although I have registered at several internet sites whose role is, among other things, to help people get jobs. Perhaps this act of registration at such sites on the world-wide-web is an act in which I engage out of some sense of nostalgia, out of habit, out of an inability to stop applying for jobs after five decades of persistent and strenuous efforts in that direction. Those decades of efforts were aimed at obtaining jobs, better jobs, jobs more suited to my talents, jobs that paid better, jobs that freed me from impossible situations which I had become involved with, some work-scene in which I was ensconced--along the road of life. I stopped applying for full-time jobs, as I say, in September 2007 and part-time ones in December 2003. I also disengaged myself from most volunteer or casual work six years ago in 2005 so that I could occupy myself as: an independent reader and scholar, a writer and author, a poet and a publisher, an online blogger and journalist, an editor and researcher, indeed, what some might call a man of leisure in the Greek tradition. At the age of 70, then, and on an old-age pension, an Australian pension, I am in one of the formal conditions, one of the many definitions, of old age. I am now in the middle years(65-75) of late adulthood(60-80), as one model that the human development theorists in the field of psychology use to define this period in the lifespan. I have become self-employed in the many roles I outlined above. None of these roles pay any money, although I did receive royalties for my books at one internet site. The royalties were for six years of the sale of one of my books at that site. I received a cheque for $1.49. Years ago, back in the 1970s if I recall correctly, I could have bought one of those chocolate frogs for, at the time and again if I recall correctly, 25 cents. But at $1.50, their current price, this money, these royalties, will not allow me to buy even one frog. Part 2: I have gradually come to this current, some would say, penurious role in the years after I left full-time employment in 1999, some 16 years ago. Not being occupied with earning a living, and giving myself to 60 hours a week on average in a job, as was the case in the three decades from 1969 to 1999; and not being occupied with giving many other hours to community activity, as I had been for so many years as was the case from at least 1949 to 1999, marked a turning point in my life. I became able to devote my time to a much more extensive involvement in writing and reading material of my own choice. The process of frequent moves and frequent jobs which was my pattern for fifty years, 1949 to 1999, is not everyone's style, modus operandi or modus vivendi--to use two still commonly used Latin phrases. Many millions of people live and die in the same town, city or state and their life's adventure takes place within that physical region, the confines of a relatively small place, a domain, a bailiwick as politicians often call their electorate. Such people and other types as well often have very few jobs in their lifetime. Physical movement is not essential to psychological and spiritual growth, nor is a long list of jobs, although a great degree of inner change, extensive inner shifting, is inevitable from a person’s teens through to their late adulthood even if they sat all their lives on the head of a pin and never moved from the parental nest. That reference to the head of a pin was one of the theologico-philosophical metaphors associated with angels and often used in medieval times. This metaphor has interesting applications to the job-hunting process but I will leave that for another time. I was able to find jobs, in the main, by being willing to go where the jobs were and not feel committed to one town, one state, one home. Ron Price Tasmania
  2. RonPrice

    Mental Health Issues

    Mental health issues need to get an airing at this site since they are an increasing problem in both the UK and Australia. I won't tell all my story here but, readers with the interest, can access my story ***link removed per forum rules***
  3. I just read I need to be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Is that true? I have a car rusting away on my parents drive. They hate it being there, I want it here. I have another year on the 309 before it should become a more permanent visa. I don't even know whether I'd become a permanent resident then...?
  4. Hey guys i was wondering if any body could give me some advise on writing the personal statemet for the de-facto visa i have seen the areas of which they would like you to cover, but i was wondering if there were any templates that any body knows of that my self and my partner could take a look at any help much appreciated Bec
  5. Ive just sent off a mountain of paperwork for the personal import scheme does anyone know how long it normally takes? Thanks Luke
  6. rockola57

    Personal MP3 Players.

    Well i found Valhalla!!Got this tiny Sandisk Sansa Clip,and the sound quality is unreal!:notworthy:Simple drag n drop load up n clear!The size of a matchbox but thinner,can't go wrong!:yes:Getting shut of my Ip.d PDQ now,never had such a pile of complicated and intrusive cr.p as this system,when all i wanna do is get me sounds on quick n simple like,and change them quick n simple at will!What do you reckon?:wink:
  7. dani5

    IELTS personal experience

    Just wanted to share my personal experience with the IELTS and hope it might help in some sort of way! After coming on this site, i must admit i was worried about the test after hearing about other people's bad experiences.. Luckily i have passed with the results i needed but did find the IELTS test to be quite stressful (in particular the long day with no break in between listening, reading and writing and then the long wait to find out the results) BUT having said that i really do feel for anyone who does not get the results they need because i don't think anyone can predict how they've done and to go through all that and find out you weren't successful must be horrible!! but here are some personal tips: Listening quickly glance through the text in the allocated time to give you an idea of what sort of answers you will need to fill the gaps. Remember you have the answer sheet to transfer your answers to at the end of the test so if you hear more than one possible answer, jot it down anyway and then you can make the decision afterwards as to which one you want to put down. I found that each section of the listening test became faster as it went on so be prepared for that as it can be a bit of a shock as you find you're writing things down quicker too. Be careful because some of the questions, you can write up to TWO WORDS and i know one of our sections related to student university accommodation - on the tape the person said A LAMP or A DISHWASHER and that is what i wrote down... i managed to get a 9 on my listening. When i spoke to some people afterwards some of them had only put DISHWASHER or LAMP and got lower scores.. not sure if this is the reason but it's worth bearing in mind.. Reading This can be a bit tricky as there is lots of text to read on different subjects. Something that worked for me was scanning through one bit of text at a time and then trying to answer the set of questions for that particular text.. Again, something that can trick you is the TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN statements... the not given part can cause some confusion.. all it comes down to is whether the text mentions it or not.. The paragraph headings can also be a problem and this is the part i found the most difficult and i think it's because you know you are pushed for time. Again, just think about it really simply and not as a trick. Match the ones you know first and then determine the others with the information you have.. Writing The first thing i had to do was look at a factory production process (displayed in pictures) and i had to look at the pictures and write it out into a process. They allocate you 20 minutes for this and there were 16 pictures so alot to write in 20 minutes. However, definitely manageable as long as you don't dwell on each picture too much. By the look of things, they tend to do something visual for the first part of the writing test (diagrams, maps etc) The next bit is worth the most points and you have 40minutes to write it so make sure you spend the most time and effort on this bit.. Generally, it is going to be about a subject that aids discussion and requires you to use your own opinion. Mine was about whether i thought secondary school pupils should learn a range of subjects or only a narrow range of subjects leading to a particular career. I then had to say why i thought it and give a personal experience to support it. With questions like this, it is good to choose which one you favour, but still mention the other option. E.g. i thought secondary pupils should learn a range of range of subjects so i gave a number of reasons why i thought this then said however, i can understand why a narrow range of subjects could be beneficial and then give an advantage. Then go back to your chosen answer and give it more weight by talking about it positively. Use words such as yet, on the other hand, conversely... It is always good to give a disadvantage of your chosen answer too as it shows you are thinking about it in a different light and considering all options... Then use your personal experience to back up your opinion. Speaking This was the part i was most worried about as i was nervous about being recorded and having to talk to an interviewer. However, it was not way near as bad as i expected and the more i got talking, the more relaxed i became. I thought i was going to have to think of lots to say to fill up my time but the interviewer kept throwing in lots of questions so there was never a quiet moment. Be prepared for the interviewer to ask you questions on what you have just said to him. He asked me about weather in this country and i walked myself right into a question about global warming because i mentioned it (big mistake) this is probably why i got an 8.5 rather than a 9 like my other sections, not that i'm complaining! so make sure whatever you say, you're happy to elaborate on it :-) Some of the questions are very random (e.g. do i think children should learn to swim at an early age?, was i encourage to be creative at an early age?, why do i think children should be encouraged to be creative?, discussion about neighbours etc) Having said that, it is amazing what you come up with on the spot and i found myself talking about things i would never have imagined. Most of all, do the practice test because they just give you that idea of what to expect if nothing else. and good luck!!!
  8. richselina

    One Way Insurance - Personal Items

    Hi, I'm trying to find an insurance company that would cover our high value personal items that we will be carrying with us when we move from the UK to Australia. I've talked to the leading insurance companies, but coming up blank. I'd appreciate any guidance on what companies offer this. Thanks, Richard
  9. taggs101

    Personal Trainer

    Hi Just wondering what the personal trainer industry is like in the Sydney area. I’m moving over with my OH (she has sponsorship) I currently run my own sports therapy / personal training company and would like to set something similar up over there. Any tips from PT’s or a client would be very much appreciated.
  10. Guest

    Personal Presentation

    This thread is for all genders Is your Personal Presentation important to you ? Do you go any special lengths in the things you do or the way you dress, either for yourself or for your partner. Do you have any little must have items or products that you can't live without. I see people on TV shows talking about all the things they have done at salons & spas, getting waxed, plucked, spray tanned, hair dressed & all manner of grooming rituals & they say it is just part of who they are & these things are part of their general lives & that they wouldn't feel themselves if they didn't do these things. So what are the things you do to make you feel good in terms of how you present yourself ?
  11. Hi there, new to the forum and hoping someone can answer my question! My wife and I are just about to move to queensland, and I have noticed that the cost of used cars on sites like carsales are prohibitively expensive. In the UK I usually lease a car so I don't need to worry about maintenance and depreciation. Can this be done in Oz? I have found a couple of sites that offer that sort of thing but they seem to be some sort of company benefit your employer organises? Does a personal vehicle lease have a different name over there? Many thanks all Paul
  12. Hi Everyone, I just wondered if anyone could recommend a good shipping company that will collect your belongings from your UK door and deliver it to Australia (to that door too if such company exists!). Thank you xx
  13. Hi everybody! I am in the process of writing my personal statutory declaration that refers to our personal history. Question 1) How do I write this? Do I just state dates and numbers OR do I express feelings as well. Is it more like writing a diary about ourselves (example: what I thought of my husband when I first met him and how we fell in love OR should it just be clear dates.) 2) I Know I have to write in this personal statement about how we support each other financially But WHAT do I write about how I PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY support him? what do they want me to write about? Especially the physically part???? 3) my husband also was paid always in cash by his bosses and not through bank accounts so he doesn't have any bank statements to show. My question is do I write about this too in the personal statement??? and if so where do I justify the non bank statements? 4) My landlord (since it was a rented house) refused also to have our electricity bill in our name for years. She just gave us a photocopy of it and told us to pay her account in the bank. We have the receipts of the bank payments and all our names on it and the reason: for eletricity and Water. When I send this proof where do I write this explaining the situation??? Please, I would love to hear your answers. Thanking in advance to everyone who does. So far you have been an enormous help to me. :hug:
  14. Discussion on the radio yesterday (Jeremy Vine Radio Two, should be able to get it on replay I imagine) about the whys and wherefores of some of our soldiers receiving free tickets to the Olympics, the discussion whilst being mainly targeted at this particular topic also went further and discussed such things as medals, they are paid, why a special case, and so on. I was somewhat surprised at the tenure of at least 50% of the comments. To try and keep it as succinct as possible some were saying that they were NOT a special case, why should they get this sort of 'special' treatment. I wholly agree that some jobs out there do not get the rewards they deserve, (monetary and public) police, nurses, all types of jobs that 'should' in the cold light of day be rewarded and looked upon with thanks by us, BUT. I do maintain that though (now) entering the services is on a voluntary basis I wholeheartedly agree that our service personal should receive due reward and thanks from a very often apathetic populous. And for one reason ONLY. They do a job that maintains our freedoms, and enables us to live the lives we presently lead. This can be said for generations of soldiers and their families, without them I doubt very much that some of the freedoms we seem to take for granted nowadays would exist. So, in your opinion, are our service personal 'just' doing their job, and should receive little or no extra 'privileges, or are they doing a job that should be rewarded by our country in many ways? I don't want to cause a stir, but with had on heart I was amazed at the sometimes vitriolic debate that took part yesterday on the radio from some members of the public, and what was even more surprising was the fact the a few of the callers had perviously been ex service personnel,:shocked:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  15. Unsure which room is best for a rant ??? :confused: Greetings one & All.... After Lemmings Excellent thread about Books Covers & Judgements I just want to have a Rant about a personal situation that's been bugging me, but cheifly it affects my Husband. He is a really great guy. Circumstances have meant that he is currently out of work. He lives in inner North Brisbane. Now he may not have a paid job but he is far from Lazy & has been working hard doing voluntary work, hoping to get a paid position, or to be in a place where he meets people, who can give him a heads up if they know of any jobs going. He has worked long hours at a charity depot on the loading dock. Also helped with labouring & rebuilding during the Brisbane Floods & also helped with pyrotechnics at Firework & monster truck events which were to raise money for the flood victims, He's often been doing 15hr days all unpaid trying to prove himself & get taken on by an employer. At the well known charity organisation he has proved popular with his co-workers & customers & has really made a difference in terms of their profits, I'm shocked at how much these charities throw away. He has been trying to stop so much being wasted & spotted several antiques the other guys wanted to trash & sent things through to the shop. One of the shop managers told him she'd taken $6000 dollars in one day with stuff he was organising & sending through to the shop. My husband is intelligent, hard working & a very polite guy, he is also scrupulously honest & very highly principled. However There is one man on the managerial side of the company, who has taken against my husband. It can be only based on his appearance as he is a Goth like me. For work he dresses in casual clothing the same as anyone else. But He does have one complete sleeve of Tattoos another large Tattoo on the other arm they are artistic tattoos & not ugly, a neck Tattoo & Several ear piercings & a pierced eyebrow. He has short but spikey black hair. & Is slim. Male Goths are often thought intimidating on initial appearance when not working he dresses Goth Smart good shirts & alternative suit jackets & Leather pants, ankle length leather coat in winter Goth boots etc. But for work it's just casual so I dont think he can appear any different to any bloke with tattoos its not unusual. However new people start working for this charity & get employed & he kept getting past over. So he asked several times if he had a chance at employment & was encouraged to keep trying. This has continued for several months while he's been working hard to get other jobs & been trying to help me sort my Visa. He asked a couple of weeks ago is their any chance of being employed EVER, after the latest new guy started there & was not only employed but also given a $500 voucher to furnish his unit. That guy was in a really similar position to my husband but was given preferental treatment my husband has bought loads of stuff & always paid for it, no vouchers for him. This charity takes on people with all kinds of social, & mental health issues. My husband Has No issues that prevent him from working , has No drug or alcohol issues & no criminal record. But this particular manager is very prejudiced. So speaking to an under manager my husband found out there was a rumour that he was Never going to get a paid Job because he was " too sick to work " he enquired what was supposed to be wrong with him & was told they'd found out he had advanced Kidney disease & was thus unemployable. He was baffled as how such a rumour came about. & went to clear things up with the manager who treats him badly. He told the guy that he had No kidney disease or issues that prevent him from working. & the manager said " oh I didn't realise you were wanting a job" so infuriating. So he asked my husband if he'd be a truckers off sider, & my husband said sure no problem he'd take any oppotunity & was also willing to go on any courses they'd send him on etc. so the guy said he'd bear him in mind. Well on saturday, my husband went to work & everyone he normally gets on with were being a bit off with him, & he found out the latest rumour is that " a guy who works on a saturday (HIM) has been passing goods on to people without payment & hiding furniture so people can retrieve it without paying. That would be totally against his principles & he is outraged to be placed in a position where he is under suspicion & spoils his reputation. Just so this guy isn't forced to employ him. It's all been set up as an implication, no real evidence but just enough to cast doubt over his honesty & integrity. But I doubt he can get so much as a refrence after months of working his butt off for a charity that wont even give him a fair go. So I've said just never go back, I'm All for making a stand but this is one we cant win. So this is another delay in my getting over to Australia. It would really make a huge difference if my husband could get full time paid work so anyone know of jobs in Brisbane let me know. Another issues in getting employed has been the fact he doesn't have a car, most jobs stipulate the need for your own transport. We've been advised it would help our Visa application if we could spend more time together. We are trying to be responsible by putting the search for work at the forefront of our plans. We dont have money to fritter away on flights but if anyone knows of any real cheap deals on Brisbane to London etc also let me know please. It's tricky searching from this side as most searches are showing flights going the other way. It will be for a three month return trip from now onwards..... Thanks your thoughts & advice appreciated :notworthy:
  16. My partner, 2 little girls and I where all prepared to move to Perth in May on my partners 457 visa. He has just passed away in early February which has left us in complete shock and devastation is it was totally unexpected. My only remaining family now is my girls, my brother who is already a citizen and my mother who we where going to apply for Contributory Parent Visa onshore once we had arrived. Is there anyone who can advise on what direction I should take to get my family to Oz asap. The contributory parent visa is upto 2 years waiting time and i cannot apply until my mum's PM visa is through. Is there anything i am missing as an applicant that i can do? I have not worked for almost 10 years so non of my skills are now recognised as a skilled migrant. I need to focus on something positive during this very sad time and am determined to get my little family re-joined with my brothers and for me to get the family support that i need. Any advice? Karen
  17. Hello friends I am going to establish a personal firm (an agricultural consultation firm) after my entrance to Australia (NT)? What should I do for achieving to this goal? Thanks a lot for your opinions. Mohammad Reza
  18. Hi All, With only medicals left to do and Form 80 to fill out we are hoping to have everything set for when we get a C.O. I'm a bit stumped on Question 26 which is a log of all visits to other countries within the last 10 years. I know roughly the month and year but will it matter for the exact dates????? There only seems to be America and Mexico that has stamped my passport. European countries certainly don't bother and I have no way of finding out. What did anyone out there put down on their form? Please advise :jiggy: Cheers, Mick.
  19. pts

    personal statements

    Hi,this should be my last question before I send in my spouse visa application. Do the personal statements have to be hand written or can they be typed and signed. Many Thanks Paul
  20. Hello poms, I've started this thread in order to share some usefull information about where to look for the freight when you have landed in Melbourne. If anyone has an experience please put it down here, I think It would have a huge value for anyone looking where to start.:yes: I shortly describe mine situation-we have just shiped our Personal effects through DHL(by air), but they declined to do a customs procedures. They just said that they deliver a freight to Tullamarine airport and then you are on your own. Oh, and they said that we must collect our freight from Quantas terminal... I thought it would be from DHL terminal.:wacko: But here comes the paperwork, and I have no any Idea where to start and how to clear goods . Some tips would be very appreciated. Where to go, what to bring, how much time does all processing takes. Please note that it is an Air Freight. Cheers, Irmaal:wink:
  21. Hi All, I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this. Any help would be appreciated.:notworthy: We are shipping our car on roll on roll off as it's so much cheaper than a container. The question is can we put personal possessions both in the boot and on the back seat? Thanks Dawn x
  22. Hi, I am looking into shipping my car to Aus when I emigrate, the car details are: 2003 (53) BMW 320ci MSport Convertible I paid £13k for it and Ive seen similar ones for about $30k on carsales.co.au Will have had it for 12 Months soon. Ive seen the personal import scheme which allows one person to bring one car over, what would be the cost of this as Ive been told if your on the personal import scheme the taxes etc are not as bad as regular importing of vehicles. Luke
  23. Hi, nearly ready to send in my defacto visa application. Could someone please help me in regards to the personal statements, do they need to be signed by a witness and in this case an anyone do this. What wording needs to be used?? I have had conflicting info, saying that the personal statements do not require any witness.
  24. A brit with queries about personal insurance. I have a few queries about this: Do I need health insurance if so any suggestions who with? Anyone have/use/recommend insurance for personal equipment? - I'll be travelling and have cameras, laptop etc I'd like to cover. Any suggestions appreciated. I have another post about driving but as we're talking about insurance I wondered if car insurance was compulsory in Oz (it's not in NZ hence asking) and any suggested providers to cover a van/camper. Many thanks.
  25. Guest

    Establish a personal firm

    Hello friends I am going to establish a personal firm (an import firm) after my entrance to Australia (VICTORIA)? What should I do for achieving to this goal? Thanks a lot for your opinions. Mohammad Reza