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    Thank you Kate. Regards Imran www.khwajaimran.com
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    Mate... This is Australia!!!
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    Heyllo Guys & Gals, Just wanted to say "Hi" This is Imran here. I am a Australian Permanant Resident holding VE-175 Skilled Migrant Visa. Got the visa on 22-June-2010. I am done with my initial entry on 20-Nov-2010 & I visited Melbourne. Planning to move to Sydney or Melbourne to settle down. Need help on finding a job & a decent home for my family. Regards Imran www.khwajaimran.com
  4. Dear Friend: Thanks for the quick & prompt reply. My visa says like this: INITIAL ENTRY BY 18-FEB-2011. GRANTED 22-JUN-2010, MUTIPLE TRAVEL. MUST NOT ARRIVE AFTER 22-JUN-2015. HOLDER(S) PERMITTED TO REMAIN IN AUSTRALIA INDEFINITELY. Regards Imran
  5. *** Initial Entry Date - Coming back to Australia after Initial Entry on 20-NOV-2010 *** Hi Friends, My family (Me, Wife & my Kid) was issued a Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (VE 175) on 22-JUNE-2010 and our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011. It is a 5 Years Multiple Entry Permanent Resident visa valid till 22-JUNE-2015 where in we can live in Australia indefinately. I just needed to confirm something because I think it's making me crazy. Our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011 & we were not prepared for a immediate permanent move to Australia due to family issues & financial problems. In order to keep our visa's active & to activate it, we planned for a week's vacation to Melbourne and we travelled to Australia on 20-NOV-2010 & returned back to India on 28-NOV-2010. Have we met the "Initial Entry Date" requirements? Now, I have decided to move to Australia in January 2012 as things are stable now. I just want to know whether I can go back to Australia on the same visa? It would be really great if someone can advice me on this. Regards, Imran