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Found 33 results

  1. Guest

    The first step is the hardest!

    Hi PIO! Looking for the first step of direction people have taken in even starting the ball rolling for emigration to Australia. In an ideal world Brisbane would be the destination but in no rush to get there if other ways in! I am an A1 qualified NVQ assessor for Teaching Assistants, Business Admin, IT and Customer Services with PTLLS probably completed before 2012 is out and have a Sport Management honours degree (business side rather than coaching) also, previous background in delivering training, marketing, brand management. Partner is a level 4 teaching assistant specialising in special education needs and she has worked in this area for more than the last five years. Does anyone know if any of this could be transferred? Is it easy to transfer? Are these kind of backgrounds in demand?! Its difficult to know from the advice on websites as they're the guidelines and not experiences! Just wanted some initial help on this to see if it is even worth following up or if we are doomed to live in England FOREVER!!!! SAY IT ISN'T SO!:arghh: FFF :animal-frog:
  2. goingtoOzz

    initial entry

    Hi, I have been recently granted VE 176 and my initial entry is in next 8 months. I just want to know, is the entry at airport is enough as landing process in Melbourne? Or do I have to process some documents as well (like the tax file number, Medicare and Centerlink)? or we just visit and enjoy as holidays there and come back? and do these formalities later when I move permanently…? We are planning to visit Melbourne Australia in Jan 2012 for 3-4 days as holiday as I cannot resign from current job, so I am taking break. We will visit Melbourne and Come to home country and then again after few months in 2013 I will move to Australia…Is that OK? I mean does this confirms that I have done validation and I can move to Australia again next time in 2013? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. *** Initial Entry Date - Coming back to Australia after Initial Entry on 20-NOV-2010 *** Hi Friends, My family (Me, Wife & my Kid) was issued a Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (VE 175) on 22-JUNE-2010 and our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011. It is a 5 Years Multiple Entry Permanent Resident visa valid till 22-JUNE-2015 where in we can live in Australia indefinately. I just needed to confirm something because I think it's making me crazy. Our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011 & we were not prepared for a immediate permanent move to Australia due to family issues & financial problems. In order to keep our visa's active & to activate it, we planned for a week's vacation to Melbourne and we travelled to Australia on 20-NOV-2010 & returned back to India on 28-NOV-2010. Have we met the "Initial Entry Date" requirements? Now, I have decided to move to Australia in January 2012 as things are stable now. I just want to know whether I can go back to Australia on the same visa? It would be really great if someone can advice me on this. Regards, Imran
  4. Hi all, I'm heading over to Perth (Northbridge) in 3 weeks and I'm in a hurry to finalise some accomodation before touch down. I've been reviewing my accomodation options and thought I'd try and get some guidance on how these things are generally done? Do people stay in Hotels for the first 2-4 weeks (about $1000/week) or arrange some form of rental from overseas? Ideally I'd like to view rentals when I am there rather than just take a stab at it from the UK. One short term solution could be a Hostel I have found in Northbridge that looks reasonable (4* status) and is $300/week which seems tempting, but I am concerned that hostels aren't really designed for those with a 9-5 job. Any feedback or guidance will be appreciated! Thanks Sean
  5. Okay so I have reached meltdown! I have been going round and round in circles (second time I have typed this because the last one disappeared before I posted!). Could anyone please advise temporary living accommodation, holiday lets, caravan parks motels etc.... We are a family of five, hubby will be working in central Geelong and we have been looking at the very bottom area of Geelong. Many thanks Leila x :arghh:
  6. In our grant it states: You must make your first entry to Australia before XX-XX-XXXX. In some circumstances the department may be able to facilitate travel after this date. If you are unable to enter Australia before this date please contact your case officer as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances. Is there anyone who did this and what are legitimate reasons to apply for this??
  7. Guest

    Initial Entry details

    Hi, My Australian PR would lapse if I do not make an initial entry in the next month. In lieu of this I am planning to make a short visit. Is there any minimum time lines I have to be in Australia for the visa to be active? Do I need to do any registrations or the like? Am planning to stay for a week and then come back and travel again in the future. At the immigration point do they ask for any specifics like the time I would be staying, the reason I have come etc..Please advise. Cheers, Light
  8. Guest

    Initial set up costs

    Hi all Just trying to work out our initial set up costs one we set foot in Oz, has anyone got a list they worked from when arriving? Got my own but need to make sure I'm not missing anything major. Thank you.
  9. Could anyone please give me a list of initial outgoings when you first arrive please? e.g. rent, car (plus stamp) and rego, cost of driving license, fodder (practical places to shop and eat) and, anything you can think of. many thanks leila x:chatterbox:
  10. hi there. myself, my husband and daughter are moving to melbourne area in feb/march 2011 and wll be renting. we were just wondering if renting in oz is the same as uk- ie pay 1 months rent in advance and deposit on agreeing to rent a property. just trying to work out how much money we need to have prepared for our accomodation. thanks. ruthx:chatterbox:
  11. One thing that puzzles me about the various visas is what latitude is there, if any, in changing jobs especially if promotion was on offer? For example, looking at the state sponsored 176 route if you got SS granted and then a 176 visa for say on of the IT skills required in Victoria. You arrive there, get a job relevant at that skill (I presume you wouldn't be allowed to take anything else?) but after a few months you get offered promotion within the company to a higher level, i.e. not one that you originally applied for SS/visa for and perhaps not one on the state's list (e.g. a higher management role). Could take the promotion? Similarly could you apply for a different / higher role at another company? Or even a total different job not in IT? Gary
  12. HI, we submitted our medical and all docs last month for GSM 175 visa , and today our CO wrote us a email that our application is near completion .And we should confirm our Initial entry date(IED), which in our case is 14th august 2010 (i.e expiry of our PCC)....and if we have to extend our IED then we should provide new PCC...Is that means visa almost granted?? ...on visa status link everything is finalised and met rgds manish
  13. hi , I have the PR status , but i havent taken my initial entry as yet. i got married after i got my visa and now i need to apply for the spouse visa for my wife. now im planing to enter Australia ASAP with my wife. any one please tell me the best possible option for me to apply visa i hard that the best option is to get a visit visa to get in to oz and apply the onshore marrage partner visa. but im afraid to proceed please help me. CHeers.
  14. Guest

    Initial Entry Date Question

    Hi I have to enter Oz by Sept 10th to validate my visa, does my wife have to also enter Oz with me to validate it for her ? I am the primary applicant so my wifes visa is through me so I am not sure if it is only me that needs to enter the country or both of us. One other question is regarding getting the visa put on your passport, is Australia House in London the only place in the UK that this can be done ? and can it be done on the same day if you go there in person ? thanks in advance Duncan :hug:
  15. Hi all, My 175 grant letter advises me to get evidence of the visa added to my passport; is this something that people typically do while still in the UK, or do you do it when you enter Oz for the first time, coming through immigration? Our "initial entry" will be the real thing... we're planning to arrive and stay. Just want to be sure I have any necessary stamps, paperwork etc for this to go smoothly... TIA Tarby
  16. Guest

    Initial entry date

    hey guys... we received an email saying that if we got new police checs and copies of passports out intial entry date would be the 8th March. What doesthis actually mean?? Would we have to be there by then?xx:goofy:
  17. Guest

    Initial accomodation on arrival

    Hi all Does anyone have any suggestions about the best type of accomodation when arriving in Melbourne? We plan to be in Melbourne for about 4 days, maybe a week before moving on - the idea of a serviced apartment sounds good as I don't really want the family to live out of a hotel or on meals out for a week (although the kids could pretend they were Zac and Cody for a week) Can anyone suggest some nice accomodation when they arrived? Thanks Debbie
  18. Guest

    Initial arrival

    Can anyone help????? When I come over, I will be coming over before my OH. I have a job at King Edward Memorial Hospital and I will need to find somewhere furnished to stay for a few weeks so I can find a rental, rent furniture until my OH arrives with all our stuff (including two cats) from the UK a few months later. Can anyone recommend anywhere to stay on initial arrival at a fairly reasonable price? Any advice greatly received
  19. Guest

    Initial Entry Date For VF 475

    Dear All,:hug: I have been granted visa type VF 475 on 24th March 2009 and valid till 24 March 2012 that total come out to be three years however my initial entry date is 13 Feb 2010. I am having one query, how about if I decide to move to Australia in January 2010, the validity of my visa still be 24 March 2012, than is will come out to be less than three years or it will also be pushed forward. Because online status shows no entry allowed after 24 March 2012. Please put some lite on this. Thanks San:notworthy:
  20. Hey, everyone, I have received last month my OZ visa grant (for Spouse Provisional, Subclass 309) and was advised to enter OZ before mid May to validate the visa. But my Aussie husband just recently left OZ for Hong Kong because of job change and we won’t be back to OZ permanently in about 2 years. So I will stay in OZ for only few days after entering in April or early May to validate the visa. In this case, do I have to contact the health authority for the health undertaking, OR, just do it in the future when I settle permanently? (The visa grant letter does offer a free phone number for the health undertaking service, but it seems only for health-check appointment booking, not for inquiry like mine). Does anyone have experience to share? Much appreciated! Tina
  21. Guest

    Initial Entry date

    Hey everyone.... we've got our visas... yay!!! They are in our passports. I just needed to confirm something cos I think it's making me crazy. Our intial entry date is the 8th march. It says this in on our visa along with the fact that we can come and go till 2014 when we have to take up permanent residency. we have booked a flight for sat to perth, we will be leaving again on the following friday. that will mean we have met our initial entry date won't it?? There isn't a certain time we have to stay for the first time? We just have to land there??? Lynsay,x
  22. Hi, My name is Inam, I am an engineer and currently working in Goergia on a single entry visa. I recieved my AU PR and its mentioned on my visa Grant that initial entry has to be made by 22Feb, 09. I cannot travel out of Georgia due to single entry visa so perhaps will miss this timeline by 18 or 20 days. I contacted the AU immigration department via email but they did not respond and I have no other lawyer as I did all the procedure myself. Will my visa be still valid or I will not be able to use it after 22 Feb, 09 Thanks & Awaiting. Regards
  23. :confused: Hi. Im lisa (43) and Neil (40) We are due to move out to WA later in the year but will be taking a trip in a few weeks to do our initial entry as migrants. Question I have is, do we need to take any documentation with us other than the passports with visa stamps. We have had so many different opinions and now I have seen this website, I thought it would be the best place to ask this question. Any advice? Lisa:rolleyes:
  24. Guest

    Advice on initial move to Oz.

    Hello everyone, you've probably seen our great news on the forum board,we got our visa !!! Now we have the unerving step of dipping our toes in foreign waters. We need advice on renting properties,buying cars,things we need to do when we get there, things we should do before we go, like setting up bank accounts etc. The work situation,has the recession hit australia yet, prices for shopping,petrol etc. In fact any information that you might think would be useful to us in our new life? Many Thanks and a Happy Christmas Pete (Plumber), Sue,Joe,Emma,Ben,Nic,Will & Tom
  25. markstott1980

    Initial move funds

    Hello all, I am hearing different things from various people about how much money is needed to get to Austrailia and how much is needed to get established once there. Ideally I would have a job sorted out before the move but could handle a few weeks of looking before hand. Do the immigration folks ask for your ways and means for providing for yourself? Do they have a specific limit on how much cash you should have readily available. At the moment I'm thinking the initial $300 for the TRA, $1000 for the VISA application is the starting point, although I'm not sure how much extra for police checks for myself, wife and 2 children. I suppose the rest comes down to living expenses for the intiail settling in period. My wife and I have already agreed that I would travel over beforhand to get things set up, phone, bank accounts, accommodation, employment etc. If anyone has any experience they would like to share then feel free..... Thank you