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Found 133 results

  1. Just thought I'd post this as it is the one thing that always slips my mind till the last minute. This year I'm super organised and cards are being written this weekend and posted next week! Royal Mail have it all listed. Cards (and parcels) sent via airmail have to be posted by Monday 5 December http://www2.royalmail.com/greetings International Airmail Mon 5th December South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand Fri 9th December Eastern Europe, USA and Canada Mon 12th December Western Europe I haven't been able to find the cut off for Aus - UK airmail but it will be around the same time. Will post it when its announced. Sea mail cut off point was back in September sometime. Anyone wanting to be organised that far in advance can make a fair saving on costs for shipping though. Worth keeping in mind for next year if you want to send larger parcels of non perishables. Our family sends parcels this way a few times a year and it works well.
  2. How long do our passports need to have left on them? In the back of my head I'm thinking it shoul dhave 6 months remaining from the date we land in Oz - But is that the case?
  3. Hi to everyone, This post is aimed mostly at those people who have recently been granted their partner visas for Australia. I recently submitted a partner visa app (309/100) in London. The payment was taken around 14/10/11, the app was complete & front-loaded (nothing else required by CO). However, we noticed on our confirmation email from our CO (PS) that he has back-dated it to 30/08/11. Can anyone confirm which date they are using when calculating the time-frames for granting visas? I.e. - is it the date your payment was taken/the date on your confirmation email/etc? I am just wondering if he back-dated it because of the police check/medical having been completed around 3-4 weeks prior to submission. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Hi I am gonna undertake medicals. I have already undertaken Police checks 6 months ago. Enter before date in visa application is calculated based on medicals or PCC? For instance if I submit a fresh medical test along with an old pcc which is still valid then my enter before date will be calculated based on medicals or old pcc? Regards
  5. Guest

    Date to start school

    Could you please inform me what are the different dates to start primary school in sydney? I am not sure whether i will get to enrol my child in february , so i would like to know what would be the next month in which i can try to enrol him Thanks!
  6. *** Initial Entry Date - Coming back to Australia after Initial Entry on 20-NOV-2010 *** Hi Friends, My family (Me, Wife & my Kid) was issued a Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (VE 175) on 22-JUNE-2010 and our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011. It is a 5 Years Multiple Entry Permanent Resident visa valid till 22-JUNE-2015 where in we can live in Australia indefinately. I just needed to confirm something because I think it's making me crazy. Our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011 & we were not prepared for a immediate permanent move to Australia due to family issues & financial problems. In order to keep our visa's active & to activate it, we planned for a week's vacation to Melbourne and we travelled to Australia on 20-NOV-2010 & returned back to India on 28-NOV-2010. Have we met the "Initial Entry Date" requirements? Now, I have decided to move to Australia in January 2012 as things are stable now. I just want to know whether I can go back to Australia on the same visa? It would be really great if someone can advice me on this. Regards, Imran
  7. cass51824

    Date to apply for Citizenship

    Hello, My husband got a spouse temp visa back in 2007 when we were living in the UK. We then came to Oz Sept 2007. His permanent residence visa was granted Dec 2011. THis means he has been here 4 years now, but it also says 12 months permanent residency. It says if the visa was offshore then it starts from when he arrived in the country. Or is is the date of his perm residency visa? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi there I'm a newby to the forums here and I also want to say thanks for everyone who adds their tuppenceworth - I've found it very helpful, but can't find an answer to this question anywhere. My background is that I and my sibling are Oz citizens having migrated from the UK, and we sponsored our parents for an onshore aged parent 804 visa. They applied for the visa 2.5 years ago and were given a bridging visa type A within 4 weeks, but they still don't have a queue date. I've called and emailed immmigration several times over the last year and they often say that the queue date/case officer allocation is "imminent", or "they won't have to wait long" but nothing every happens. The last couple of times that I've emailed them they either misinterpret my request (I don't know how - they don't seem to take the time to read the whole email) and answer a question I haven't asked, or simply don't respond. Can anyone provide me with feedback as to how long it takes to get a queue date? Immigration's voicemail still says 15 months, which is patently wrong based upon my/my parent's experience. Thanks heaps!
  9. I have two questions 1. I want to arrange PCC, get them ready and upload them once CO asks for ( I don't have CO assigned as of yet ). So my question is what date will be counted for PCC is it the date PCC was issued or the date I upload to my visa app? 2. I need to change (endorse) my present address stated in my passport. When I took the passport ( in Jan 2009) I was resident of different address than the one I'm now. Now I need to endorse my "current" present address in my passport. Its not getting a new passport, its just an endorsement by passport authority to reflect my present address in my passport. I need to do this endorsement to get PCC from the Police station my current residence falls under. Now my question is, should I upload another copy of passport to my visa app to inform them about the endorsement? Again I'm not getting a new passport, neither there is a change of circumstances nor I've changed the address that I mentioned as 'present address' in my visa app. Any insight anyone? thanks tarini
  10. Hi, Just thought I'd let you know that I had an email from the london office saying that current processing times through that office are 5 to 6 months. :cry:
  11. Hi everyone, Young, old, families, no families, new to Perth or not so new. Please come along to the Kings Park meet on the 10th July, 1.00pm at the Lottery West Family area . Bring a barby or picnic or just ourselves. Hope to see as many people as possible. Look for the White Balloons. Contact me for a contact number Joanne
  12. We did the the health exmination on 20 June 2011 and HOC received our health reports on 29 June 2011. However, now the health requirements have still now been cleared. I emailed HOC but they were quite impatient and just told me that the reported had been received. Could anybody tell me the current processing date of HOC? Thanks a lot. Chuncheng
  13. I have WA sponsorship, and awaiting a CO. I understand that your meds/police checks which ever first only last for 12 mths. However is this from when u request them or until u get an outcome from the first? Im hesitant in arranging either at the mo, any advice?
  14. Hi there I was contacted by some money company the other day and was told that if we sold our house and put the money into the bank and waited until the rate of exchange was better that we would be taxed on the profit that we make when we decide to move it to Oz is this correct or is he just putting the frighteners on me!! Tar in advance Nikki
  15. Hello nataliepowell and myself have been organising a meet up for anyone who are also arriving around this time or, who are already there in the Buderim, Noosa, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and any other surrounding areas. We will be at the Buderim Tavern from 1pm on Saturday July 2nd. Anyone welcome including children. Check out Home - Buderim Tavern, Buderim, QLD, 4556 (very child friendly) Buderim Tavern 81 Burnett St Buderim, Queensland, 4556 Please reply if this sounds of interest! Will be great to meet you :wink: I am Heidi, married to Jonathan with a four year old daughter called Poppy.
  16. Guest

    TRA - Finalistion Date

    Hi All Im helping with someone's application. The online checking system is now showing as 'Finalisation Date' as todays date - but no email yet of the actual outcome. How long after finalisation date showing should the email with the decision appear? :arghh: It isnt even my visa, god knows what I'll be like when I can finally apply for my own :embarrassed::laugh:
  17. We are still waiting a week later and no response
  18. Hi there I was wondering if anyone can advise or maybe point me in the right direction to get infomation. My family have a 175 visa, that is valid until July this year, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, they do not think they will make the deadline. I have tried to find out on the oz gov immgration website, to get any info, to see if you can get an existing visa extended, if so what the circumstances would be and the length of an extention.:unsure: If anyone could give some advice, I would appreciate it immensely. Thanks x
  19. Hi, I wonder if anyone who has recently had their visa granted can answer this question for me please? I understand that medicals are valid for 12 months, is this from the date of medicals or date medicals are finalised? I.e are you given an entry date 12 months from date of medicals or 12 months from date medicals finalised. The reason I am asking is we are hoping to go to Oz next June 2012(round about 15th - (after my daughters exams are finished) for good. We are unable to go even for a reccie before this. So I am trying to establish earliest I can do my medicals. I am going to get police checks the middle of June on express service. Appreciate any guidance ( we have co and have been asked to get medicals done)
  20. thewebweazel

    TRA - Finalisation Date

    On the TRA tracking website there is a date under Finalization Date. Is this the date that you will get your result ? or is it just an estimate?
  21. woodymcfc

    Court date changed again !!

    Well medicals went well today, but picked up the post when we got home and the court have sent a letter, with 3 weeks to go, changing the final hearing date regarding removing child from jurisdiction, again !!! Do the court not realise that arrangements have been made with the OH's and my work commitments, childcare has been arranged and our CO has been told when the final hearing will be, this will have been the final piece in the jigsaw for our application and now it's been put back for another 6 weeks. Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done ???
  22. inception

    New SOL release date

    Any idea on the new SOL release date?.. and what's happening with the cap and cease bill? Btw, is there a limit to the number of permanent residency visas granted each financial year and if so, what is it and where can I find it?
  23. Hi all, We are very close to applying for our 309 partner visa (offshore UK) - we have now been living as a couple for for over a year and a half but were a bit slack in getting my OH set up on bills, bank statements etc so we're waiting until the end of April to apply as we know we'll have a solid 12 months of evidence by then. My question is - the date from which we have the solid 12 months of evidence is 21st April but to save time, can we get my OH's parents etc in Oz to fill out stat decs, get them witnessed and return them to us in the meantime? For example, will it cause problems if we have 12 months evidence from 21st April but stat decs signed and witnessed on 15th April etc. Should we be waiting until 21st April before asking anyone to complete them? Thanks all!
  24. Hi, As I was a student in Aus and extended my student visa in March 2010, I had my medical check done late much last year (I have done the body check eligible for PR, e.g. had the blood test and everything as well). When I did the application online, I said I have done a medical check for this application (as I was hoping to use this medical check for both extending the student visa and PR). I have received an email from the immigration today saying that they anticipate that my visa will be allocated to a CO within 3 months, so I can start preparing for a medical check now. Also, as I will be away working in a rural town in Aus where there won't be a Medibank Health Solutions, so I am hoping to get it done so that I don't need to fly back to the city just to get my medical check done. I am wondering if anyone knows how the immigration take the validity of the health check and if I should undergo another health check before I go to work in the rural town. When I lodged in my application, my health check was less than 12 months old (it will be 12 months old by 26th March). I am wondering if they calculate the 12 months from the date of lodgment or when I will have a CO? According to the email, Health and character clearances have a limited validity period, in most cases 12 months from their date of issue. All clearances must be valid for the grant of a visa. There is some discretion to extend the validity of a clearance in certain circumstances. This discretion has been applied in the guidance given below. If your health assessment is more than 15 months old you should now undertake a new health clearance. So to me, it seems like the medical check from last year can still be use for this application. Please advise!!! Thank you soooooooooo much!!! Wastrel
  25. littlem

    Entry date clarification please

    Hi can anyone confirm. Once visa granted is first entry 12 mths after police checks finalised or Medicals finalised. Sorry of this has been asked before Michelle