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Found 77 results

  1. Hi, i’m from the UK and i got my australian citizenship last year. In february of this year i went to australia for 3 months. I went on my british passport with my aus citizenship certificate. when i got to the desk in the UK they checked my certificate and rang someone to see if it was fine and it was, then when i landed in perth i was stopped at the passport area and they had to check if i was an australian citizenship but they didn’t need to see my certificate, the lady said it would be fine to enter again like this, just they may be some delays like that. im moving to perth permanently in jan/feb next year for university and i’m concerned, some people have said i may not be able to enter without my australian passport as it’s a permanent 1 way ticket, do i need to get it or will i still be fine to get it when i get there next year…
  2. Hello all - hope you are all getting on well! Hit the 10 month waiting mark for my PMV yesterday, trying not to focus too much on it but it's hard when everyday you log in and it says "Further Assessment". But anyway...it will get there eventually! Hoping those grants are coming in soon for all of you who have been waiting! Anyway - wondering if someone can help me with my query. I am travelling to the USA for two months in June and July for our "honeymoon" (we are doing our honeymoon before we actually get legally married!). On the off chance that I get my visa soon, do they give you a specific date you need to enter by? Our wedding is booked in Melbourne for August 2019 so there isn't a huge amount of time between the end of our honeymoon and that date. Not too worried...but I love a panic, especially when it comes to my visa. I just have visions of having to leave my fiance alone in USA while I jet back down under. I am currently offshore, at home in Edinburgh for a (freezing) couple of months! Thanks to anyone who can confirm!
  3. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everybody, first of all let me apologise If I have started a new topic where I shouldn't have, I have never used forums before. . I submitted the nomination and application for 186 direct entry on Jan 21 2017 as a graphic post press trades-person. I have been waiting for 13 months and my lawyers have not been contacted once ! The only thing my lawyers always say is to wait. This uncertainty is nerve wrecking , also this occupation apparently is no longer on the list. Does anyone knows if this affects the application and / or processing times? Do we know if the processing times for 186 direct entry vary according to occupation.Thanks in advance for any info.. Any advice would be appreciated. I have posted this message in other topics but I don't have not received one reply, so my best guess is that It is in the wrong section of the forum. This wait is really affecting me and my dependant.
  5. benhawk123

    Visa (417) entry date

    Hi Guys, I've all but completed my application for the work holiday visa, but was wondering whether the date you give as your 'entry date' has to be abided by? I haven't yet booked flights, so cannot give an exact date. Did you guys book flights before obtaining a visa, or is this something they're easy on? Thanks for your help!!
  6. Hi - Does anybody have any experience of the select entry system in Melbourne? Am hoping my daughter will be able to sit the exam before we come over but would welcome any guidance on the exam and Mac Robertson Girls school. Many thanks.
  7. goingtoOzz

    initial entry

    Hi, I have been recently granted VE 176 and my initial entry is in next 8 months. I just want to know, is the entry at airport is enough as landing process in Melbourne? Or do I have to process some documents as well (like the tax file number, Medicare and Centerlink)? or we just visit and enjoy as holidays there and come back? and do these formalities later when I move permanently…? We are planning to visit Melbourne Australia in Jan 2012 for 3-4 days as holiday as I cannot resign from current job, so I am taking break. We will visit Melbourne and Come to home country and then again after few months in 2013 I will move to Australia…Is that OK? I mean does this confirms that I have done validation and I can move to Australia again next time in 2013? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. While awaiting for approval of the partner visa can my partner enter the country?. even if it was just on a tourist visa and was not for work purposes?. Would this affect the grant of her partner visa?. Anyone have a similar issue?.:nah:
  9. suandianbrown

    Entry after visa!!!

    Hi My husband is the main applicant, but me and our three children are on his application..........We have been granted our visa, do we ALL have to go to validate at the same time?, I have looked on DIAC website and can find nothing that syas we all have to enter at the same time:frown:
  10. Hi Just out of interest do agents have the automatic right to enter your rental? We just got a letter saying they will be inspecting the flat giving a date in a couple of weeks and will be here sometime in the morning. The letter states that if we are not here they will use their keys to gain entry. I don't have a problem with them inspecting and will arrange to be here. But I would be interested to know for the future if I was unable to be here when they visit whether we had any rights to insist that they come at a mutually agreed time when we one of us could be present. Maybe I am being silly but I am not very keen on a stranger wandering around my things when I am not here. Vicky
  11. Our "small"-office is seeking a self-motivated, organized individual for Office Administration and Data Entry in Central Sydney. An offers a competitive starting base pay plus an excellent benefit package. If this sounds like the career path you’ve been looking for, then now is the time for you to start your journey! Job Requirements : Two years college experience is preferred. Individuals applying for this position must have an excellent work history, skills and be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Apply today! Send your CV :radar:
  12. *** Initial Entry Date - Coming back to Australia after Initial Entry on 20-NOV-2010 *** Hi Friends, My family (Me, Wife & my Kid) was issued a Skilled Independent Migrant Visa (VE 175) on 22-JUNE-2010 and our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011. It is a 5 Years Multiple Entry Permanent Resident visa valid till 22-JUNE-2015 where in we can live in Australia indefinately. I just needed to confirm something because I think it's making me crazy. Our initial entry date was 18-FEB-2011 & we were not prepared for a immediate permanent move to Australia due to family issues & financial problems. In order to keep our visa's active & to activate it, we planned for a week's vacation to Melbourne and we travelled to Australia on 20-NOV-2010 & returned back to India on 28-NOV-2010. Have we met the "Initial Entry Date" requirements? Now, I have decided to move to Australia in January 2012 as things are stable now. I just want to know whether I can go back to Australia on the same visa? It would be really great if someone can advice me on this. Regards, Imran
  13. Hi Dear all Is it possible to 475 visa holder to get marry before the first entry?. Are there any visa restrictions to not get marry before the first entry?. suppose to apply visa for wife after the first entry... :wubclub: Need your opinions................. please reply........... thnx samk6
  14. Guest

    Money on first entry

    How much money can be taken in the first entry (Validation trip)? How much is the tax on it ? What is the best form that it should be taken in ie: cash or what..
  15. We are moving over to perth next july & hoping to live in or around joondalup area. I am a direct entry registered midwife in the uk - any contacts/recommendations of hospitals that take direct entry midwives ? Thanks
  16. Lets assume that you are granted a visa subclass 121 which requires you to enter Australia by a certain date. What are the implications of : 1) Entering before that date, but not beginning employment with the company who sponsored you until a later date 2) Entering before that date, joining the company and returning to your home country for a period of time whilst working for that company 3) Entering before that date, joining the company, leaving the company and returning to your home country for a period of time. And later returning ? 4) Entering before that date, but not joining the company that sponsored you for a number of years 5) Not entering Australia by the date specified - would this impact on any future applications ? Thanks in advance for your response !
  17. In our grant it states: You must make your first entry to Australia before XX-XX-XXXX. In some circumstances the department may be able to facilitate travel after this date. If you are unable to enter Australia before this date please contact your case officer as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances. Is there anyone who did this and what are legitimate reasons to apply for this??
  18. Hi there, Hope all are having a great time there in OZ. I got the subclass 176 visa in March 2009 and I have moved to Western Australia. But after a short span of 2 months of time I left the country because I have a got my professional job in Arab country. But my visa is valid till March 2014. I am planning to go there in Perth before that deadline date. Is it possible for me to stay in Western Australia if I go there just before the dead line March 2014? From one website I heard that we need to stay 2 years in Australia in that 5 years in order to get the visa extended. Is it true? I thought that we can enter Perth just before the deadline and stay for 2 years before taking a RRV. Folks please help me because I am trying hard to find a answer for this.:cry: Regards, Jake.
  19. midwifey

    Direct Entry Midwives

    Hello! I am just about to qualify as a midwife, i was not a nurse first so i have done the 3 year course. I just wondered if there is any midwives out there that know about the acceptance of direct entry midwives in Oz and how much experience is generally required. I already have a job secured in the UK which i want to work in for a year but i am desperate to move to Australia so dont want to leave it much longer than this. Also, my partner does not hold a job on the skilled occupation list, would he be eligible to come over on my visa? We are living together but are not married. I would be really grateful for any help. I have looked in so many places for information and i keep getting different answers! Thanks :cool:
  20. Hello everyone. Melbourne is very chilly at the moment, and I have just arrived last week. Still trying to get used to the weather, skin's really dry! Anyway, just want to confirm with you guys whether 309/100 is a multiple entry visa? Am i supposed to stay here for 2 years or allowed certain number of days outside the country to be granted PR for subclass 100? :unsure: So far I'm actively seeking for a job, and have 2 confirmed interviews with agencies (already went through one of them) . Everything's falling nicely into place for us! I have opened a bank account with Commonwealth Bank (no minimum opening balance, bargain!), registered TFN, and also registered for Medicare and the local library (free internet!). Just have yet to send out Form 886 as we want to secure an apartment, are we supposed to send out the Form 886 asap? Thanks all!
  21. Hi, I wonder if anyone who has recently had their visa granted can answer this question for me please? I understand that medicals are valid for 12 months, is this from the date of medicals or date medicals are finalised? I.e are you given an entry date 12 months from date of medicals or 12 months from date medicals finalised. The reason I am asking is we are hoping to go to Oz next June 2012(round about 15th - (after my daughters exams are finished) for good. We are unable to go even for a reccie before this. So I am trying to establish earliest I can do my medicals. I am going to get police checks the middle of June on express service. Appreciate any guidance ( we have co and have been asked to get medicals done)
  22. Guest

    Initial Entry details

    Hi, My Australian PR would lapse if I do not make an initial entry in the next month. In lieu of this I am planning to make a short visit. Is there any minimum time lines I have to be in Australia for the visa to be active? Do I need to do any registrations or the like? Am planning to stay for a week and then come back and travel again in the future. At the immigration point do they ask for any specifics like the time I would be staying, the reason I have come etc..Please advise. Cheers, Light
  23. littlem

    Entry date clarification please

    Hi can anyone confirm. Once visa granted is first entry 12 mths after police checks finalised or Medicals finalised. Sorry of this has been asked before Michelle
  24. Wanted to know, In a PR visa, the activation is on the 1st entry Is it possible that me (main applicant) will enter on my own (Search for Job, House etc.) and rest of the family enters after a few weeks/months ? (assuming all enter before the last date noted by DIAC as last entry date) Also in case it is possible, and the visa is 176 (SS), the 2 years you must live in the sponsoring state - count start when the 1st (main applicant) enters, or after all have entered ?
  25. We fount out today that my fiance has been refused entry clearance to marry in the UK. It is a disaster. We have booked our wedding, people are flying from all over the world and I have my dress. We didn't know we needed any sort of visa for him to enter the UK to get married until the priest only told us in September we need to register our intention to marry at the local registry office and it was only after that the entry visa saga unfolded. He completed his biometrics in Brisbane and sent the form to the UK embassy in Canberra, only to have it returned because the fool at the Brisbane office hadn't signed off his paperwork properly. Back to Brisbane to get it signed off properly and sent again to Canberra for processing. Waiting with bated breath for the last week, until we received notice today that it was refused because we didn't submit enough supporting evidence with the application to proove that he is only planning to enter the UK to marry me and then leave again. We are all planning to go and live together in Australia once we are married. Has anyone else had anything like this? I went to an immigration lawyer today who suggested that the UK border agency are refusing lots of visas at the moment and that we may be as unsuccessful even if we reapply with all the correct evidence. How are we meant to be together??? We have a 7 year old daughter together and after a few years apart, we are desperate to all be together again. Can anyone give us a silver lining???? Desperately unhappy in London