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  1. samfarren

    Changes in the CSOL list

    This is the 2015 CSOL list and midwife is clearly on the list
  2. samfarren

    Changes in the CSOL list

    I am in Oz on a 457 visa and my work have agreed to sponsor me for the direct entry stream 186, my skills assessment was finalised last month wi ANMAC and my employer will have done the nomination this week. With midwives being removed from the CSOL from July, will that affect my application if I submit within the next 2 weeks?:wacko::wacko::wacko:
  3. samfarren

    Shipping Goods

    Hiya we moved here 4 months ago and brought our newish lcd tv with us - works no problem with set top box, we also brought over a wooden statue that we bought in mexico years ago and that was also ok
  4. Make sure you get a transcript of your training and also make sure that they put that your course was taught in English
  5. Hiya Lizzie I have been in Oz for 6 weeks now and I didnt use an agent - i did register with some nursing/midwifery agencies who offer all the help you need with the forms and registration for AHPRA etc saving you a lot of money that you will need later on - the forms arent over complicated - just very long winded, I printed a few copies of the forms off and did practise ones first. Good luck Sam
  6. I can honestly say I have been sooooo lucky - my AHPRA was finalised within 2 weeks, my medical was finalised within the day, my 457 has just been granted - only 18 days after submitting it.................and I did it all myself. I am now packing up to head for Orange maternity hospital, NSW, does anyone work/live in Orange that want to befriend me???? We will hopefully be there on 1 May!!!!:wub:
  7. I have a job offer for the Maternity hospital in Orange and will be moving in May 2013, medicals done, visa application in, I am coming over with my husband and my 15 year old daughter. I am looking for any info that will help our move like high schools, jobs for husband, best way to get to Orange from Sydney airport and any tips on transportation in the area. If anyone can offer anything at all, or if anyone is in a similar situation and wants to chat, please pm me:laugh:
  8. Hi Jo Thanks for the offer of answering our many questions. We are a family of me, hubby (both in our early 40's) and our daughter who will have just turned 16 when we arrive next May. We are trying to decide between melbourne and Tasmania - I am a midwife and my husband is a machine operator that will turn his hand to any vacancy. Our main priority is our daughter - I will work wherever I get a good offer however it is important that where I live and work is in an ideal location for a good high school and the university . Can you offer any advice on education and also is there a decent social life for a female aged 16 upwards and also, do you know the names of the main maternity providers in Tasmania Any help would be greatly appreciated x
  9. samfarren

    Yippee AHPRA have pulled through

    Hiya Kevin, it depends on what time of visa you are going over on - we are going to melbourne as a midwife on a sponsored work visa so I needed to get my AHPRA first - that is valid for a year then I got my employers to do the 457 sponsored visa, I went to one of the Expos and the advice they gave on visas and stuff like AHPRA was well worth £10 for the ticket, good luck
  10. :laugh:OMG I cant believe it - submitted my AHPRA application 3 1/2 weeks ago and have got my email tonight saying it has been granted - and i sent it to the Melbourne office, I am soooooo excited, I want to cry - one huge hurdle done and dusted x
  11. samfarren

    Ielts Writing

    as far as I know, block capitals should be fine, its the content and spelling they are looking at, as long as it is legible, good luck
  12. samfarren

    457 visa

    Hiya, dont take my reply as gospel but I am also looking at a 457 with me and my hubby going out then daughter flying out a couple of months later, I went to an expo and was told that as long as the visa holder enters within the timescale, then other people listed on the visa can come out afterwards.
  13. samfarren

    Cadbury Chocolate & Philadelphia?..... OMG

    Its Divine!!!! Doesnt taste of cheese just a nice mild chocolate spread - not too chocolately and sweet - very very addictive x
  14. samfarren

    Anyone from Caroline Springs ?

    Good morning Maureen - just reading through some threads and I notice that you are from Caroline Springs, we are looking at moving there later this year - could you give me a bit of an idea what it is like?????
  15. samfarren

    children on a 457 visa

    We are looking at emigrating over on a 457 sponsored visa in May 2013 but our 16 year old daughter wants to stay with her grandparents for a few months while we do the house hunting, car hunting, bank opening etc and come out in the November 2013, as she will be on our visa does she have to come over when we do or can she come a couple of months later?