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  1. Gaskit

    Expat Mortgages - a solution?

    I've still not progressed. Having done a lot of searching, I can say it's a very complex picture and the combination of your own circumstance and lender's position means it is very hard to generalize options - but it's easy to say that it's very hard for UK expats in OZ to secure a new UK mortgage. I believe the best options are with Family Building Society and IMP at the link I posted above. FBS were no good for me as I don't have a current UK mortgage. Note I have no affiliations to IMP and am not a customer but I did talk to them. They seemed to be able to offer reasonable if not the best rates through their exclusive Ipswich BS products. Al Ryan are also a solution if you are comfortable with Sharia lending. There are more options available through brokers but rates and product fees can make your eyes water. I held off applying as I'm waiting to see if Barclays change their position on Consumer Buy to Let mortgages. They previously indicated their position may change in October after a systems review. Note that Barclays do have a high salary threshold which means they're not an option for many people but at least they don't require you to keep GBP40k on deposit with them like HSBC. I would be great if people could keep this thread current by posting here when they do secure a new UK mortgage as it seems the market and options do change quite quickly.
  2. Gaskit

    Expat Mortgages - a solution?

    I think it does. It would be good to see how you go. I'll PM you. This link has a pretty good review of what I've found to be the current situation - who still loans, who doesn't and at what penalty. I think it might come out of Hong Kong. http://www.international-mortgage-plans.com/a-z-expatriate-mortgages.htm
  3. Gaskit

    Expat Mortgages - a solution?

    I wondered if you proceeded with your mortgage application? I've also been going through the same process and had an offer from a Shariah bank. I'm guessing it was Al Rayan ? For ethical reasons I wasn't keen so decided to go to another lender - an off-shore branch of one of UK's big banks. It proved to be a long drawn out process that ultimately got me nowhere. After having initial approval my application was declined when they found the property used to be my home. This has left me back at square one and looking back at Al Rayan. Thanks to the Australian Corporate Governance Act there are so few UK lenders willing to lend to AU residents these days. I'd be interested to know if you followed through with your Shariah lender or found another option?
  4. Gaskit

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi, my husband (main applicant is British) but I am French and despite working in English speaking countries for last 10 years I still had to have a score >4.5 at IELTs to satisfy all visa requirement for secondary applicant.
  5. Gaskit

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, I thought I would add my timeline to give hope for those who submitted at the same time as us as we got our 186 yesterday: Application through MA lodged 27 June (just before the fee increase ;-). Police checks and medical were uploaded in July and the IELTS certificate mid August. 186 granted 12/09/13 good luck to all of you still waiting .
  6. Gaskit

    Can i get pregnant on a 457 as the de facto?!!

    Hi. I had a baby last year and I'm De Facto on my partner 457 Visa. I only paid for the very 1st scan then all the antenatal care was done at the hospital I had been referred to. I had to have lots of extra scans and monitoring for baby and there was no problem. You need to come from the UK though to have reciprocal agreement and benefit from Medicare. You need to consider the non medical cost as well : nurseries (if you are going to work - no rebate if you are on 457), equipment (prams etc can be expensive), clothes. However you can get good deals if you go to 'Baby Markets' where they sell clothes, prams etc second hand , usually in really good condition and only a few dollars! Good Luck.
  7. Hi, We quite like Mount Waverley - lots of new houses are being built (so very modern and practical houses - but small gardens) and prices are not too bad. Good train service into CBD (30min) , close to shopping centre and M1 motorway or Princes Highway (it takes about 35min to drive into CBD at the weekend). We have seen some very nice and large houses in Ivanhoe before but not really in our budget :-(
  8. Gaskit

    Pregnancy on 457 Visa

    No problem and good luck with everything!
  9. Gaskit

    Pregnancy on 457 Visa

    it should be OK although she will be due for the 20 weeks scan ? Might be better to get it done before you leave as if you miss the 20 weeks deadline I believe it's more difficult to get the measurements required to detect any anomalies with the baby - maybe have a word with your GP to see what the best timing would be ?
  10. Gaskit

    Pregnancy on 457 Visa

    we registered a few days after we arrived. We went to a medicare centre with our passport/visa and we were issued a temporary card with the Medicare number until we received the proper card at home. If your wife is 2 months from giving birth I would then go straight away to a GP with your temporary card so that they start the referral etc straight away - it can take a few days to get processed and then for the appointments to come through.
  11. Gaskit

    Pregnancy on 457 Visa

    Hi, I can confirm that the pregnancy will be covered by Medicare (I'm going through it now!) - register quickly and then go and see a GP so that he prepares a referral for a public hospital . Once you are being followed by the hospital then you don't have to pay anything (obviously I'm talking public hospital). I'm in Melbourne so maybe procedures are slightly different for Sydney . I must say I can't complain about the ante-natal care so far - it's been really good.
  12. Gaskit

    Air Freight Costs and Companies.. any advice?

    Hi. My quote was all inclusive - did not pay any extras when I received the box.
  13. Gaskit

    Melbourne experts wanted!

    I'm no Melbourne expert - only been living here for 6 months. But we have a 3 yr old and will have a newborn in 2months! we live in Glen Iris so not very far from Glen Waverley and Bentleigh East. OH works in CBD and has a 15min walk to station then 30min train and another 10 min in CBD so just under an hour. Obviously the closer you live to a train station, the shorter your commute will be. Although if your OH will have his own car, it's free parking at the stations in the suburbs so worth thinking about. You will find most of the areas you named have parks - there's certainly no shortage of them! There are quite a lot of shopping complexes on Glen Waverley (the Centro) and East bentleigh is not far of Chadstone shopping centre. But there are always some smaller independant shops on the main roads in these suburbs. I don't know if you have a rental budget because you might find that's your main criteria, rentals are very expensive - have a look on realestate to find out prices. I hope this helps a bit ?
  14. Hi, Have you registered on SEEK ? They had plenty of offers for draughtsman in Melbourne when I was looking a few months ago.
  15. Gaskit

    getting pregnant on 457

    I can confirm what has already been said as I found out I was pregnant shortly after we arrived in Melbourne on OH 457 visa. Obviously it meant that job hunting for me would not be easy so decided to live of OH salary for a year or so. I'm going public hospital route , private health insurance is not an option because of the 12 month waiting period. So far I had to pay for a scan and the blood screening test and it was about $300 - I got about $100 back through medicare. I have seen midwife and doctor in hospital and did not pay. It's my second child so I guess it's a bit easier 'knowing' what to expect and what care I should get - might be a bit more stressful for a first timer?