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  1. Yep I've seen that one but they go back a way looking for recent posts
  2. I've got loads of friends in Halls Head it's a lovely place! Keep me in the loop with your progress :-)
  3. Hi Everyone, posting this on behalf of my parents as they aren't tech savvy :-) Me and my husband emigrated 4 years ago and found connecting with people slightly ahead of us in a thread and helping those slightly behind us really beneficial. For that reason I am starting this thread for people that may have submitted there offshore 143 visa prior to June 2016 and those that are about to. Tip: Use your signature to update your progress dates so we all know lead times on every step:-) My mum is 58 and my dad 62 so still great ages to enjoy the wonderful scenery and weather WA provides us! Have a wonderful week everyone and please introduce yourselves :-)
  4. K8kte

    In Perth wanting to move to Sydney

    Hi Rupert, Budget for renting $700pw / $550k to buy By activities I mean parks, bars/pubs, parks, swimming. Where I am at the moment I have lovely parks and beaches yet no evening nightlife or anywhere you can go for a really nice evening stroll. Just want a gentle balance,..if it exists! Regarding schooling where I am, currently the best secondary schools are all private and not government based (government ones have a v bad rep locally). I have got used to this having to be the case so I am hoping government schools will be better over the other side? Thank you!
  5. I have been living in Perth for a year with my hubby and two young children. It has been lovely and I fully understand why people can happily settle here. However the lack of evening activity and housing expansion without putting in more 'activities' is not suiting us. I worry as to how my children will grow up without entering the mining later on etc. I do not want to upset those who are happy there, it is just not for us! :-) So we are looking to go to Sydney, we havent been before so I am looking for guidance on good areas for both primary and secondary schools whilst being within commute of the city (I am a graphic designer, hubby an electrician). Can anyone give me a heads up on good areas that are lovely suburbs but within 30mins of activities? Would really appreciate any input :-)
  6. K8kte

    NSW from WA Advice Please

    I am so glad you have posted this! I am also in WA and looking to make the move to NSW and have all the same questions! I have loved my year here and understand fully why people settle here but i need more of a buzz and entertainment for when my kids get older! Let me know when you find out about good suburbs! Also I use an au pair for childcare and its so flexible, maybe this would suit you when it comes to the move? Where are you in WA? :-)
  7. Ok here we go,... Someone give me some positive info!! I am moving to oz on a perm 176 visa in a couple of months! my sister is also there and we desperately want our parents to join us ASAP! So I ring immi and they advise me the 173 an 143 are a good option for my parents,... But two years settled?!? ive known about this for a while and have researched into what they class as settled and they keep this pretty vague! When I asked immi if we could apply before 2yrs, say 1?!, they responded with its possible if I'm settled! i said my child will be in school, husband employed, mortgage, car on finance! Is this settled enough?! And they said it depends on each applicants application! Also agents won't do it before 2yrs as understandably they don't want it to effect their pass rate! Has anyone been granted either the 143 or 173 within the 2yrs and what declared you as settled so I can do the same!!!?? Please help!! :-) thank you kate also if anyone knows of agents that will and can fight on our behalf let me know!

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    <p><p>hi kate just read your post about moving to secret harbour, we too are hoping to get to Perth where we have family in Yangebup my husband is also an electrician and due to do practical at end of the month , any tips from your husband would be fab hope you dont mind me asking :cute:</p></p>

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  9. Thank you! That sounds fab! Have you visited there before? We went over last month to check it out! Secret harbour blew us away as far as schools were concerned and it was such a beautiful place! However if we don't get in there Port Kennedy was as lovely! We're sooo excited booked our flights to get there on the 8th!
  10. Hi my name is Kate, I'm 28yrs on Sunday!! My husband Pete is an electrician and he is 30! We have two boys who are 3yrs and 1yr olds. We are looking to move to secret harbour and are looking to form friendships and possible mummy's group for during the week?! Does anyone live near there that would be interested in meeting?? Kate x
  11. Hi sorry, what do you mean by not so? Would she not have to live in a specified regional area but instead just work in it? Thanks
  12. I have recently been to WA to activate my 176 visa. I am wishing now that I had done the 2week electrical A licence course whilst I was there. However I now know there is a very slim chance of getting employment without my A licence. On holiday I managed to apply to energy safety for me to be able to book onto a college course. Energy safety informed me it would be 4 weeks before I would receive the letter to be able to book a course. My problem now that I am back in the UK is that I have no holiday entitlement left for this year so I cannot take a holiday back to oz to sit the 2 week course. It is also clear I somehow need to do something to get my A class to secure a job so I can afford to take the leap with my young family. I could go and do it the start of next year with my new holiday entitlement but by then we were hoping to be there! So 'Tradies down under' seem to be my only route for £3k as I can do it now ,over just two weekends, followed by a 5hr course in WA as soon as I arrive! My question is as follows; The tradies guy has said the day I do the 5hr course in WA is the day I would get my A class licence? Is this correct as I thought I would then have to seperately apply to energy safety after course completion to receive my A licence? I just want to make sure he is not selling me something to find out I get there, do the 5hr course, then find out I have the 8week wait to get the A licence from Energy Safety? If this is the case I will go over in January to do the 2 week course and apply to energy safety myself, return home to wait for my A licence whilst still being able to work and earn money in the uk! Anyone thats used them in WA that has the answers to above please let me know, as for £3k I want to know its all done and a quick process when I arrive! Cheers
  13. I am a perm resident living in Port Kennedy. My sister would love to come out on a 457 as a Graphic designer but this with all jobs is looking unlikely from abroad. So she is going to come out on the 417 working 1yr visa as she is 29! She is a qualified graphic designer with a UK HND. However this morning I came across the 487 visa which initially looked fab! However I cant sponsor her, as If i did Graphic designer comes off the SOL list, however if the state sponsors her, Graphic designer is on list yet she'll have to live in a specified regional area away from us. This defeats the object as she was looking to stay with us to keep her bills down etc. She would be happy to commute yet it looks as though you actually have to live within postcode they specify? Is that correct or can she just work in area? Also would she have to work as a graphic designer or as long as she was in the area she could do any work?? Also any help with how she could secure a job under the 457 would be appreciated! Any other advise on what options she could take would be very much appreciated :-)
  14. I am a perm resident and my sister will be joining me in Perth on a 1yr Working holiday visa - 417. She is a HND qualified Graphic Designer and after the 417 she hopes to move onto a Regional Sponsored 487 visa. After I have been 'settled' for the two years needed my parents will then be applying for the contributory parent visa - 143. My question is as follows; If I sponsor my sister under the 'eligible relative sponsor' for her 487 visa, will this then cause any problems with me then being able to sponsor and be assurer of support for my parents when they apply for the 143? In other words is there a capping in place for how many people you can sponsor or time between sponsors in place that may restrict me from sponsoring my parents later on? Also does anyone have any idea how long the 487 is taking to process? Thanks Kate