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    No fixed abode

    Hi, A UK drivers license is valid for 12 months after your arrival date. We renewed ours really easily at the local rego ofice, just be prepared to queue, not very expensive and they came in the post within a month. Rego in SA provides 3rd party insurance as part of the cost, not sure if that's the same is WA though. Register for Medicare as soon as you arrive and if you're coming to SA don't forget to take out Ambulance cover. Should you be unlucky enough to need an ambulance, if you don't have cover then you get stung with an $800 bill! Good luck, enjoy
  2. jonneeb

    Do I take my tools or not?

    It's a time consuming job, yes, but well worth the effort. I used a wire cup brush on a grinder and held it with a bench vice and cleaned all the rusty tools, then sparyed with WD40. Everything else was cleaned with steam and coated in Jeyes fluid with a garden pressure sprayer. If you put the effort in up front you won't get cleaning charges, fines or lose your tools. Good luck
  3. jonneeb

    Do I take my tools or not?

    Tools are expensive here, we're in Adelaide but we know people in Perth. Bring everything you can, then you don't, or won't need to replace it. If you don't need it when you get here then sell it here. Just make sure EVERYTHING is REALLY clean before it is packed, I cleaned everything with a high temperature steam cleaner and coated it in Jeyes fluid so it looked and smelled like it had been sterilised. The smell of Jeyes fluid disappears after a while and we had nothing that required "customs cleaning" which can be very expensive. Cheers and good luck
  4. jonneeb

    Pics please!

    Christies Beach, Adelaide
  5. jonneeb

    Swimming in the Sea - PLEASE READ

    Thanks for that, really informative.
  6. jonneeb

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Hi Gaz, No worries, totally understand. I've been arranging quotes from shippers, planning decorating etc. etc. etc. you know the drill! I doubt "not as expensive" will come to fruition though! Cheers, hope you have a safe journey and a great time. Jonneeb
  7. jonneeb

    Is it just me?

    Hi Gaz, We had our visa granted on April 20th, so a particularly large Easter is now just a distant memory! Totally understand your fellings, we're having the same, BUT. Ask yourself this, "how many bites do you get at the cherry of life, and living it?" Yes, that's right, just the one. Also, ask yourself this. "Is there any greater fear than the fear of regret" You're not alone with all the emotions, thoughts nd fears but your also not the first to do it, and the opportunities are there for the taking. Unlike here where you have to fight all the time to get anything to change and also have pay through the nose for it. Finally,my favourite acronim J.F.D.I. ! (Just F****** Do It !) what's the worst that can happen? :hug:
  8. jonneeb

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Hi Gaz, Well, It's finally happened, visa granted 21st April !!! Please turn us green. Many thanks to all who have answered questions and I hope your remaining wait is brief. Many thanks again. Jonneeb
  9. jonneeb

    Medical referred? What now?

    Thanks everybody for your calming assurances! It just felt like it may all go pear shaped after so long. Thanks again. Jonneeb
  10. jonneeb

    Medical referred? What now?

    Hi Ken, OK, thanks for the information, much appreciated. I'll take myself off and give myself a good talking to and calm down then! Many thanks Jonneeb
  11. jonneeb

    Medical referred? What now?

    Hi, Meds are for mild heart palpitations, prescribed in 2009, no recurrence or increase in strength required since then. Otherwise, very healthy, apart from doubt about this! Thanks for the advice. Jon
  12. jonneeb

    Medical referred? What now?

    Hi, After completing all the Medicals, PCC's etc. Medicals arrived in Sydney nice and quickly, wifey and childrens medicals all OK but mine, main applicant, have been referred, I assume it's because I'm on some prescription meds which the Dr. at the Medicals said was absolutely fine but he asked for supporting info from consultant. Duly supplied this from my own Dr. and sent to Meds centre for despatch with results. Visa agent says the medicals are the property of the SA government, fair enough, and I havbe to wait for the outcome! Not helpful when I asked what the reason may be. Emailed CO, automated response. Does anyone ahve any advice etc. about medical referrals? Why they get referred, duration for a resolution? Visa denied?? Starting to think it could all go down the pan. Thanks.
  13. jonneeb

    Anyone used e-health and how do you use it ??

    Hi Gaz, I've read some threads on here where folk have tried to access the 26eh and 160eh forms online but only got a blank screen, I had the same problem last week. C.O. says fill the standard 26 and 160 forms in online and print them off to take with us to the medicals, the doctor and radiologist fills their bit in, I think what happens then is you both sign it and they send them off / upload into the DIAC system. But, there's no actual evidence I can find about that anywhere! Our med's are tomorrow afternoon so I'll let you know how we get on. Cheers. Jonneeb
  14. jonneeb

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Name: jonneeb Date of Visa application: April 2010 Nationality: UK High/Low Risk: LR Trade/profession:Engineering-Fitter Visa type:176 Which State Sponsored: SA Date of SMP Applications: Jan2010 Date of SMP Granted:Feb 2010 Onshore/offshore: Offshore Pre-November 2010 Category:Cat 3 Medicals submitted: Booked March 2nd Police check submitted: 21st Feb 2011 Date CO assigned:8th Feb 2011 Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date visa granted:????
  15. jonneeb

    Med's, what do they do?

    That really is a great help, thanks very much Cheers, Jonneeb:wink: