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  1. Due to continued growth we are looking for an experienced Upvc window/door installer in the Perth Metro region. Vacancy available full time or sub contract- remunaration rates to be discussed with applicants. Please call 93012440 and ask for Danette.
  2. alba

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Got the best phone call of my life from my MA !! Off to get drunk now!
  3. alba

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just got the good news that visa has also been Granted today !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all who are waiting !!!
  4. alba

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Not sure but I assumed it may have been due to year end threshold slowing things..
  5. alba

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Good news, Nomination applied 17th March and Granted today!!!! Visa lodged 28th April so hopefully won't be long.
  6. alba

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Everyone, Been following this thread for a while now, my timeline below... Family of 4.. Nomination Applied 17th March 2015 Visa applied decision ready 28th April 2015 (Transition stream from 457) Waiting.........................................
  7. Hi sorry , the position has been filled by another member .. we are always looking for good installers though
  8. Due to continued growth we are looking for a surveyer/lead installer to fill key full time position within our company. We are not a sponsor and are ideally looking for someone currently in W.A or about to arrive with a right to work Visa. This position comes with a really attractive package including salary- bonus, Car and phone. Please reply by pm if interested or by email to info@glhi.com.au
  9. I am currently looking for an experienced Upvc window installer with a minimum of 10 years fitting experience. position available either full time or on a sub contract basis. We are not an authorised sponsor so you must have a valid visa and be in Perth, immediate start and great rate of pay. PM me if interested. John
  10. alba

    Double Glazing Companies

    I have a double glazing company in joondalup (http://www.greenlinehomeimprovements.com) drop an enquiry through the website and I will deal with it personally. ​John
  11. alba

    Kitchen Designers - Perth

    Kitcraft for me too....
  12. This is a spare car we bought when we first arrived in Perth and is sitting gathering dust in the Garage. The car is a manual in white and has 111094 kms on the clock. We have just had 4 new tyres fitted and the car has Rego till April 2013, Very clean tidy car and drives like new.. Pm me if interested John
  13. Davy, Pm me if you are looking for work in Double Glazing field. It is starting to take off here in WA and I am sure you will find work no bother, Lots of companies have got into it in the last 18 months and you will def find vacancies for fitters-sales and fabricators.. Not much call for the joinery skills as the install's are very different out here (Fix and trim only) John
  14. Sorry guys this position has been taken,