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  1. StokieDoug

    Transferring money and limits

    You won't pay any tax on any savings you transfer over.
  2. StokieDoug

    Is AFL in other states as fanatical as Victoria?

    One of the reasons they don't have a full home and away program is because of the distances teams have to travel, particularly the teams not based in Melbourne. I would be interested to know for example how many km's a Perth based team travels over the season. You say think of the cost to an ardent supporter if they follow his team to China, it probably isn't much more than a supporter travelling from the East to West coast or visa versa. When I first came over to Melbourne I wasn't particularly intersted in AFL but it has grown on me over time and the 2017 Grand Final was a joy to watch as Richmond hadn't won it in such a long time. I think the current league structure is working fine, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.
  3. In the IT sector my experience is that most people arrive in Australia and then secure a job. A lot of employers won't even look at your cv until you are based in Australia. Also I think it is money well spent to get your cv 'Australiaised' before sending it to perspective employees. Good luck!!
  4. StokieDoug

    General Thoughts Victoria vs Queensland

    Humidity is a pretty pointless stat anyway in measuring how muggy it feels. A better indication is dew point. "Dew point is often a better measure of how comfortable a person will find the weather than relative humidity because it more directly relates to whether perspiration will evaporate from the skin, thereby cooling the body. Lower dew points feel drier and higher dew points feel more humid." Brisbane "Over the course of a year, the dew point typically varies from 4°C (dry) to 22°C (very muggy) and is rarely below -3°C (dry) or above 24°C (very muggy)." Melbourne "Over the course of a year, the dew point typically varies from 2°C (dry) to 15°C (comfortable) and is rarely below -1°C (dry) or above 18°C (mildy humid)." Taken from the Weatherspark website. Melbourne is rarely muggy. Brisbane on the other hand... :wink:
  5. StokieDoug

    General Thoughts Victoria vs Queensland

    The summer months in the afternoon though are when you really need to look at the humidity levels as this is where the temperature is at it's max. These stats aren't so close. Average humidity levels for Melbourne @3pm in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar are 49, 45, 44, 44 and 47 Brisbane is 55, 57, 59, 60 and 59 Granted Melbourne is more humid than Brisbane in the winter but does that really matter as it's cooler. :cool:
  6. StokieDoug

    General Thoughts Victoria vs Queensland

    Both cities have pros and cons regarding the weather. Although Brisbane on average is warmer, it's very humid where as when Melbourne gets hot (40+ degrees), it's a dry heat which I find not as energy sapping. I work with guys from Malaysia and Singapore and they say that 40 degrees in Melbourne does not feel as hot as 30 degrees in those countries. Also over the year Brisbane get on average pretty much DOUBLE the rainfall of Melbourne. In the past few years Queensland has been hit by some insane tropical storms that have caused extensive flooding. I think the first thing to consider though when choosing which city in Australia to move to is work opportunities, not the weather.
  7. StokieDoug

    Most dangerous places to booze in Britain

    I see Stoke is #2. Come on chaps one last big push! :biglaugh:
  8. StokieDoug

    Salaries UK v AUS

    Telco Database Analyst/Programmer UK (Reading) - £33k AUS (Melbourne) - $117k + Bonus Not planning to move back any time soon as my standard of living would plummit.
  9. StokieDoug

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    It was team 4. The thing that took a little time was the medicals (about 3 weeks from medical check to 'met' status).
  10. StokieDoug

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    We had our 176 visa granted today!! Our main milestones (as I am sure people are interested!) were: 176 Visa Application lodged - 20/03/2012 CO assigned - 29/03/2012 Medicals - Completed and uploaded 19/04/2012, Met 11/05/2012 PCCs - Uploaded 29/04/2012 Met maybe a week later Visa granted - 11/05/2012 Keep the faith guys the wheels are turning!!
  11. Hi all, I have had my skills assessed by Engineers Australia under the Washington Accord as Electronic Engineer as that was what my degree was in. My work experience however fits into the category of Telecommunications Engineer. Is this classed as a "closely related occupation" to Electronics Engineer as I need to claim some work experience points... Anyone had any similar experience? Thanks!
  12. StokieDoug

    CO at last

    Blimey they seem to be rattling through 175's now. Only last week people who had applied in June 09 were being assigned CO's, and we're now in Aug. At is rate the back log of 175's will be pretty much gone by the time the new system comes into place in July.
  13. StokieDoug

    IELTS Test

    I took the academic test at the back end of last year and scored R-8.0 L-8.0 W-8.5 S-9.0. If you look at some example questions for each part of the test, it would be of benefit. I found the reading part most difficult simply because I ran out of time. I think alot of native speakers find this part the most difficult. Good luck!!
  14. StokieDoug

    ITELS Test

    I took the IELTS academic test last year and it was ok. The part I found most difficult was reading because I was running out of time. I strongly recommend you get the book/CD when you apply to take the test with IELTS just so you know what to expect in each part of the test. I scored writing 8.5, speaking 9.0 listening 8.0 and reading 8.0 and I wouldn't call myself an expert at the English language. Good luck!
  15. StokieDoug

    Engineers Australia

    The time depends on the type of application he sent. If your husband applied under the Washington Accord (i.e. he has a recognised Electrical Engineering degree from a University from one of the listed countries), the turnaround time is under 1 month. If however he's applied based on a Competency Demonstration Report assessment, the process can take 16 weeks. I applied at the back end of last year under the Washington Accord and got a response in under 1 month. Cheers