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  1. grahamffc

    how to choose?

    It seems you are not comparing apples with apples. Many people in the UK would have exactly the same problem with London. If you cannot afford a capital city lifestyle you need to forget about it and ask would you rather be in parochial Australia or parochial UK.
  2. grahamffc

    Will you be voting on the uk referendum

    I will be voting Leave. No side can predict the future so I don't buy any of this 'leaving is high risk' scaremongering, as is suggestions that the EU and rest of the entire world will cut off all business ties were we outside the EU. We do however have passed experience to go with remain and I'm not impressed, the U.K. is a net contributor and some of our European 'friends' (Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland) are always undercutting us on corporation tax, I'm not sure how that is defined as working together. I have also seen the difference not having competition for unskilled labour has compared to when I lived in Australia where everyone gets paid reasonably well. That said remain seems to be the clear favourite (with bookies) and if it wins I will get on with my life, fortunately my job isn't affected by immigration (touches wood) and I will continue to pay my Polish cleaner half what any English cleaners charge, and likewise enjoy other goods and services continuing to be low priced partly due to the effect of cheap labour.
  3. grahamffc

    Cashing in NHS pension

    I hope this is true, my partner is a teacher and the UK Government contributes 20% of her income (about £9k per year) to maintain the promised benefit. Would much rather have a lump sum!
  4. Maybe you feel you are not 21 anymore and too old to backpack, take seasonal jobs etc. But I would gaurentee if you didn't scratch the itch as it were, you would be saying the same thing in 10 years time wishing you were 30 again.
  5. For the year 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016 you have until 31 January 2017 to submit your tax return. To do this go onto HMRC website where it is fairly straight forward, there is a box in which you'll need to enter the years rental income, and a couple of others for all the expenses - mortgage interest, insurance, repairs etc. The site will then automatically calculate how much you owe. You will then also need to include it on your Australian tax return and include any tax paid to UK HMRC as this will be deducted from your bill from the ATO to avoid you paying tax twice on the same income.
  6. grahamffc

    UK house sale

    I think a few people's sarcasm radars are off today.
  7. grahamffc

    Chartered accountant

    I used CPA (as recommended by migration agent) but was only using my degree in Accounting and Finance as I wasn't fully qualified. I would expect that since ICAA have a reciprocal membership arrangement with ICEAW they would be your best bet though. For work experience I had my CV and references plus 3 payslips from every year (luckily I keep such things). For my then current job the agent said I could write my own reference and have it notorised by a solicitor to avoid telling my boss my plans. Pressumably that backed up with the payslips was sufficient proof.
  8. grahamffc

    In Melboune alone, what should I do?

    Assuming you are near St Kilda (why would you move to Australia and not be near a beach!) try the St Kilda Sports Club on Fitzroy Street. They have bowls, cricket, darts teams and a weekly pool competition. A really nice bunch of regulars, as with anywhere you just have to get yourself out there and strike up a few conversations. Cheap drinks too.
  9. grahamffc

    CPA positive assessment for 189 visa accounting

    Yes you can, I received a positive skills assessment and only have an accounting degree (I was ACCA part qualified). But the above post is also right, you may not need work experience for the skills assessment, but you will for the visa.
  10. grahamffc

    Chartered accountant

    ACCA is not well known in Australia so expect some frustration as jobs ask for people to be CPA qualified, especially for larger companies where CV's are likely to be screened by some HR assistant following instructions. However persevere and you will find either expat Brits hiring, or Australians that have worked in UK or Asia that will recognise it, or simply a local person willing to give you a go (possibly having been told by a recruitment agency that it's the UK equivalent), but most likely this would be smaller, less proceedure driven companies. So in short she will find something but there may be a month or two of frustration first, which is very annoying given the workload undertaken to complete ACCA (especially compared to what I have heard about CPA!). Is it worth doing more study? Definitely not!
  11. grahamffc

    We hit the re-set button...

    For what it's worth I used Go Matilda and found them very professiona, efficient, and friendly. How there prices compare to other agents I don't really know though. Could it be that their reputation (which contrary to your belief seems to be pretty favourable on PIO) means they don't need to give you the hard sell whereas others might? In such circumstances, not just with regard to migration agents, I find you're generally better off going with the company/product that doesn't need to sell themselves.
  12. grahamffc

    Four Four Two magazine

    It is slightly different, but you can also buy the UK version in many places for about $20 though (due to shipping costs). I've sometimes bought both versions and found many of the articles are duplicated, so now if I'm buying one will have a flick through and pick one.
  13. grahamffc

    Worrying about parents............

    I think something to consider is whether you are likely to go in 10 or 20 years time when your parents are in their 80's or 90's and you might have children or too old there after to qualify for a visa. A way to look at it could be to go for 5 years, if you like it you can probably get citizenship in that time. If you feel the same about your parents, and God willing nothing has happened in those 5 years, go back and you then got the opportunity to go in the future when they are no longer around, even if you are in your 50's by then. Obviously there's a risk attached to those first five years, but it's as low as it can be without giving up on the idea of going to Australia entirely.
  14. grahamffc

    Do you regret moving back?

    Sometimes, especially at this time of year but on balance no. London summer v Melbourne summer: London London winter v Melbourne winter: London London winter v Melbourne summer: Melbourne!
  15. grahamffc

    Our move back to UkK 8 years on

    Glad it's worked out for you, everyone's circumstances are different. Probably more importantly than how much they like Australia is their quality of life in the UK, I don't think I've ever met anyone in the 'never looked back' category who talks about their life in the UK with any fondness, other than missing friends and family. Likewise I've never met anyone who has only positives to say about life in the UK but that Australia is even better.