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Found 30 results

  1. grahamffc

    Salaries UK v AUS

    Hi all, When reading posts most people mention that "salaries are higher in Australia" but while some salaries may be 4x higher wile another might only be marginay higher or even lower. I think it would help the many of prospective migrants who come on this forum if they could find some info about their profession as opposed to a blanket statement. Plus I am curious myself as to which jobs enjoy the biggest increase! I appreciate its personal info that many people will not want to divulge. It would help to say where both are/were as regions have an impact in both countries. Ignore exchange rates as they change all the time, and costs of living is a totally different topic and will vary massively depending on situations and lifestyle choices. Please include super in Australian salaries as it will be your money one day. I'll get the ball rolling: Accountant: UK (London): 40,000 GBP AUS (Melbourne): 75,000 AUD
  2. Hi, my name is Brandon Austin I'm 17 years old and hopefully I should be moving near darch/landsdale around April/may time from the UK I would really like some information from anyone who has a fair bit of knowledge on the police force, or current and ex police officers. I have always wanted to join the police since I was about 5 and have just had such a big interest ever since. I have been in the army cadet force over here for 4 years and reached the rank of corporal of horse for the household cavalry which is the equivalent to a sergeant. I would like to know what sort of salaries they get paid how their ranking system works and how I could join ect. Eventually I would like to join the T.R.G (Tactical Response Group) or become a detective as I love a challenge and excelled at CQC/CQB (close quarter combat/Close quarter battle) and I was awarded best shot in the county for ages between 12-18 in 2012 for getting a grouping of 9 out of 10 rounds within a 4cm radius using the L85A2 rifle at 150 m and various other requirements for the army also I am very physically fit and I am currently doing a BTEC level 3 sports course at 6th form which will give me 3 A-levels and I am predicted A*,A,A in results. also I love solving puzzles, questions , riddles and crime scenarios. so if anyone can please give me any guidance or info on what i need to do. That would be very much appreciated Thank You.
  3. Guest

    Cost of Living

    Hi Everyone From some of the threads I’ve read, people on here are very helpful in replying to individuals questions. This is my first thread so be gentle but I want to ask the group what salary scale would provide an average life. Firstly I know that’s extremely subjective so let me give a few more details. I want to move out to Perth or Melbourne, with my wife (who currently cannot work) and 4 year old daughter. Not looking for the moon-on-a-stick here, just a small car, medical cover, rented apartment with 2-3 rooms and enough money to put clothes on our back, occasional travel to NZ (extended family) and semi-private child care. I’m a scientist (post-doc) so will probably be based near one of the Universities. Any info you guys and gals can give would help out a long way. I’ll try and check back often enough in case you need more details. Thanks p.s I heard you have a thing called ‘Sun’ over there. Being from Ireland the ‘huge fiery ball in the sky’ has taken on a near mythical property, since its departure behind 3km of black cloud. Can you confirm whether or not you need to wear three heavy jumpers in mid-summer?:cool:
  4. I am currently an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co. I would like to move to Sydney but there are no opportunities to move within McKinsey. Does anybody know the salary levels at Manager level at Bain or Project Leader level at BCG in Sydney? What about locally owned boutique strategy firms? I would also consider roles within internal strategy teams in corporates. Does anyone have info on which companies have these kinds of teams and what the compensation data looks like (salary / bonus split)
  5. Hi, Just curious on how living standards compare between working in IT in Aus & UK. Planning on going to Aus mid-way through 2012. Currently work in Networking as a perm in the UK. Want to know how I would do moneywise when I go to Aus, as a perm or a contractor. Specifically Sydney or Melbourne. Cheers :biggrin:
  6. downunder

    Cost of living / Salaries

    Hi There, Been reading some thread's about salaries in Australia. The general impression I get is that most people seem to think it is unrealistic to live on anything below $150000 (for a family of 4, as an example). Is there anyone here on a salary of say $50000 and surviving? What type of occupations have these people who are earning $150k plus (one person's income not two)?
  7. RegDwight

    Salaries & Tax

    Hello PIOers, I am looking to get started with something small so I was wading through IT support/admin jobs and found out the median is $55,000 per annum. Is this rate after or before tax and if it is before being taxed, how much do you think I'll be able to take home? Thx for any help you may offer.
  8. Guest

    Salaries & Cost of Living

    I am considering moving to Oz with my wife and 2 young children (5 & 7) in the next 2 years and whilst I would move tomorrow given the chance it is not the same for my wife as she will find it very hard leaving her elderly parents. I am now 37 and my wife's parents are only getting older and therefore the optimum time to move seems to be now. We are drawing up a list of pros and cons and one area I need help on is comparing the cost of living to demonstrate that we could achieve a comfortable living if we moved. I am looking at comparing the cost of living between the UK and OZ and therefore could someone advise what salary (gross income) I would need in order to have a 'comfortable' living in Oz. We would look at needing a 4 bed house in a decent surburb (ideally near coast) offering good schools and transport links to the CBD. We currently have a comfortable life in the UK with both of myself and wife working however if we decided to move I would not expect my wife to work initially and then only part time. I am a qualified management accountant with over 5 years at a senior level. Many thanks.
  9. Guest

    Sydney salaries

    Hi everyone, I am about to negotiate with my employer in Sydney regarding my salary, I have been trying to do some research on it. Could someone tell me how much is the average wage in Sydney? and how much senior Scientists get?
  10. Right - this is going to sound a bit odd at first so bear with me. Given the overwhelming voice shouting not to compare living in Oz to the UK and the exchange rate variance being so large it is difficult to work out the relative seniority of roles and earning power. Still with me? If you were hiring the following in the UK: a techie, with a few years experience, I'd expect to be paying £30-35k a senior techie (specialist), with a 10+ years experience, £40-45k an entry level manager, with a few years of other experience, £30-35k basic plus ok bonus, car etc an second level manager, with a 5+ years of experience, £45-60k basic plus good bonus, car etc a senior manager (dept head), £70-80k basic plus really good bonus, car etc so, for the relativity check - what would be appropriate if you were hiring in OZ? Hopefully this would give a better indication of affordability that converting at the prevalent rate based on job ads. cheers
  11. I have been offered a job with WA health as a registered nurse on level 1.8. I have looked on the wa health website and the pay rates are from 2009. When you look on the job vacancies site there seems to be different figures shown for the salaries for the same level nurses. Do nurses throught WA health get the same wages or do some districts have different pay rates. Does anyone have the current up to date pay scales at all?? Thanks
  12. Guest


    Hi Can anyone please tell us what a good salary in aus looks like? It looks like OH is going to be offered a job in Melbourne but in order to make an informed decision on whether he accepts it, it would be great to know how much does constitute a good, comfortble lifestyle without scrimping all the time. Things in the UK just keep getting more and more expensive but don't want to go from the fat into the fire. Having looked at property in aus, it would appear to be quite expensive in the good areas and we would look to live East/South East of CBD within 1/2 hours commute if possible. I would be most grateful for any help. Thank you deb2:confused::hug:
  13. Guest

    Aussie Salaries ??

    Hi All, my second post of (hopefully many). Just considering the big application, I lived in Oz in 89/90/91 and am just considering dragging the missud back over there to live. I have my own catering business here, I would hopefully sell up and buy something similar over there. She`s a junior school teacher, earns about £33k here. Although financial is not the number one priority for the move, and I think I could earn the same, what could we expect a junior school teacher to earn in NSW ?? many thanks. Tony :wideeyed:
  14. Hi there, I am a top band 6 (old F grade) here in ICU. Realistically I will be aiming to get a Level one position in an ICU, top level 8. What kind of salary will I be looking at for that, I am looking public or private. Also, do the salaries there include unsociable hours or do you get them on top of salary like here? Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance for any advice. Rache
  15. Hi everyone, Hope someone may be able to help. Does anyone know the going rate for an "energy consultant". I have a phone interview soon & they want to know what salary I expect, one problem, there are not many adverts about with salaries attached to compare with! Any advice greatly accepted Thanks
  16. Hi All I'm looking to move to Aus in the next year and am hoping to secure a job as a electrical maintenance/manufacturing engineer/technician. What i am trying to find out is what the average salary is that i could possibly be earning? If anyone could be of any assistance or could even give any advise on the the aviation industry in Aus as a whole it would be very much appreciated. Cheers Matt :biggrin:
  17. Guest

    Teaching salaries

    Hi, Been teaching for 2 years, 3 when we get to Oz. Will I have to start at point 1 on the pay scale or do teachers carry their 'years' with them? Cheers x
  18. Hi folks... I hope someone can help me please. I've been trying to find the average salary for Perth (most data on the web seems outdated). As a single salary, how does $60k fair (+super etc). Is this a salary that would afford a good standard of living? We dont have kiddies to worry about so its just the two of us. We would be looking at a 4 x 2 home, one car etc. We're pretty much homebirds so a pool would be nice as we're not sea swimmers! I'm wondering how the tax works (bearing in mind I would get LAFHA) and as such I am trying to establish what our disposable income would be after tax, a small car, food, bills, insurances etc. From what I have seen on SEEK, roles in my field and at my level are usually advertised at c$75k-$90k+ but I'm not sure how 'true' these figures are - whether they are just a hook to get you to apply. Based on the UK a $60k AUD salary (when converted to £) is a little low for my field. Are the salaries in Perth lower than elsewhere? This would be a single salary... my hubbie would be hoping to secure work once we get there. His salary should be circa $40k-50kpa (flat salary) but we have no idea how long it would take for him to find work. We just dont want to uproot our lives and be worse off...! Of course we also need to balance quality of life against what we earn... eg. if we were on less than UK but had a good standard of living then all well and good. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  19. Guest

    ACT Salaries

    This is an extremely general question, but can anybody give me an idea of what is considered to be an "average" weekly wage in the ACT??? I know that this varies hugely across the different professions, but for a one-income family, what do people feel is a required weekly wage? We don't want to be asking people what they earn, but we're finding it hard to compare what hubby is earning with any standard of measurement - i.e. is he earning enough or should we be thinking of finding him another job?? Any general comments would be appreciated.
  20. Hi What is the average salary in Auatralia and how does it stand up against the cost of living their. Moving to Perth in January Thanks
  21. My OH applied for a social work post in melbourne, we are going over on a 457 visa. She has today had an offer of 59,147 AUD salary and a relocation package of 10,827.22 AUD. Is ther anyone else going to Melbourne as a social worker and if so did they manage to negotiate a better deal? Mandy and Ken:realmad:
  22. mr luvpants


    I am in Oz at the moment and am looking through the papers at jobs. It seems to me that wages here are a lot less. I have no trade (I am a Fire fighter) and would be looking to join the QLD police or fire service when we get here. If that does not work then my plan Bs are the airport fire service, prison service,Bus or train driving or postal worker.I need to know that we can make ends meet so can anyone give me any heads up on wages etc please? JOHN
  23. hi been looking for hairdressing jobs but all the advertised jobs do not specify salaries does anyone have any information on how much an experienced fulltime stylist could be expected to earn:unsure: very interested in perth and brisbane. thanks
  24. Guest

    Salaries in Melbourne

    Hey, I'll be discussing my salary with my new employers in Melbourne in the not too distant future, and was wondering how much I should be looking to earn? I earn about £26k a year here, but live in one of the more expensive parts of the country. I think my salary will be at about the same level down under. What should I be looking for? Have any of you accepted less than you wanted and then struggled to get by afterwards?
  25. Guest

    Salaries in Australia

    Recently someone on here (Jo n Paul) posted that her husband was earning $15,000 per month. While I think that this is fantastic and he obviosuly works very hard for it, I want to let future migrants know that this is not an average 'normal' salary. Whilst we can see that this is possible, I heard on the radio last week that the average wage in Australia is $51,000-not sure exactly what that would be per month but no more than $3,500. I wanted to post this so people are not misled with what they could be earning over here. I know many a family that struggles here day to day with food, petrol, mortgages etc-and that is on two jobs. I also know people who have moved back to the UK because they just could not afford to live here. I don't mean to put a downer on things. Jo and Paul have proven the potential out here-and Australia is very much a country to support you if you put yourself out there. But be aware for those of you not over here yet that $15,000 per month jobs are not common !!