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    Getting a rental in Geelong or Western suburbs

    Thanks, peanig. Sent you a PM too today - bombarding you with questions!
  2. FamilyGuys

    Getting a rental in Geelong or Western suburbs

    Hello folks, Just another quick query related to my last one (above) please :unsure: Is it reasonably easy to get a rental in Geelong/ Lara region for a family with a dog? Don't have one yet but don't really want to have to wait until we buy. Thanks for your thoughts on this.
  3. FamilyGuys

    Full registration with VIT

    Thanks Sammy1, that's very reassuring - now I can submit my application! Exciting times ahead ....
  4. FamilyGuys

    Full registration with VIT

    Hello fellow teachers, I am finally ready to apply for VIT but have been told that I can only apply for provisional registration as I have not worked in an Australian school. However, the VIT website suggests that it may be possible to get full registration if you can provide evidence of meeting the teaching standards. I was wondering whether anyone has managed to do this and, if so, would they please share their experience? Alternatively, it would be good to hear from any teachers who have received provisional registration and managed to get work. When I spoke to someone on the help line at VIT he seemed to suggest that having provisional registration wouldn't affect my chances of getting a job but I can't help wondering whether employers look down on it. Thanks for any advice!
  5. FamilyGuys

    Getting a rental in Geelong or Western suburbs

    Thanks for all of the advice so far. Sounds very promising! AJ, congrats on your OHs new contract and that's great that things have gone so smoothly for you. Are you moving to Geelong or the Western suburbs, if you don't mind clarifying, and how long are you committed to with your rental (3, 6, 12 months)? I'm so pleased to hear that it isn't a nightmare getting somewhere. We want to get son settled in school for final term so a bit of a tight turn around. Do you have children? Any thoughts on opportunities in Geelong for a teenager? Thanks again for yr advice. Peanig, thanks for sharing yr experience. I haven't researched Lara as well as Geelong but it looks affordable. Are you enjoying living there? Are there decent areas within striking distance from the train station - I will need access to public transport so this is important. I have been following realestate.co.au and am hoping we can get a smaller 3 bed for 300-350 (don't need a 4 bed and could manage with 2 bed if necessary) so fingers crossed. Thanks for your thoughts on this. akiralx, thanks for info - I've noticed that some areas are very expensive. We really need to live within striking distance of schools if we go for the state schools but are also considering one of the more affordable private schools. What areas do you see becoming more expensive? Cheers.
  6. Morning PIO people! I've read comments about how difficult it can be to secure a rental in Melbourne. Just wondered if people have had similar experiences in Geelong (from Hamlyn heights down to Belmont, roughly speaking) or Western suburbs (Werribee, Lara, etc)? We'll be aiming for the $300 a week rentals (approx) and will be arriving August (I know it's a long way off but I'm trying to set up a budget for the early months). Trying to gauge how long it might take us to find something (weeks or months?) and whether we're likely to have to offer a large amount up front (3 or 6 months?). Ideally we'd like to rent for about 4 months and in that time find a place to buy with a view to moving in around Dec but maybe we'll have to offer rent for 6 months as we don't have jobs/ employment references yet. Just trying to get a feel for how competitive it is in these areas and at that time of year. Thanks to anyone with experience of moving to Geelong or Western suburbs. Much appreciated.
  7. Thanks to everyone for advice so far. Andrew, I will send you an email explaining our circumstances and with details of our pensions. Cheers!
  8. Thanks Gbye Grey Sky and Marisawright. To be honest I don't know whether it's the right thing to do which is why I want to get some advice. I think Andrew's main concern was that we shouldn't make the decision before living in Oz for a while which is fair enough. The majority of my family all live in Australia now and love it (one sister has been there for over 20 years) so I'm pretty certain I'll retire there too. Maybe I'll contact Andrew again and see if he can give me some pointers. If anyone else can recommend a financial adviser I'd be really grateful! :-)
  9. Can anyone recommend someone for advice on whether/ how to transfer our Teachers Pension ( husband and I both teachers). I contacted Andrew at Vista months ago but he said he couldn't help as we're not yet residing in Oz. I have followed some threads on this but still none the wiser and feel we need professional advice. Or maybe we are too late to catch the April deadline? Thanks for any recommendations.
  10. FamilyGuys

    When to transfer savings to Australian account?

    Hi Alan, sorry I thought I'd replied to this. Thanks for yr advice. We're thinking of moving to Geelong - if we need some financial advice I will get in touch. Go Matilda organised our visas ages ago and I was v impressed so ... :-)
  11. FamilyGuys

    Transferring US$ to Aus

    [quote name=NicF;1936662440 With regard to transferring your earnings' date=' there are no tax implications. You are not resident in Australia yet so therefore not subject to tax on your earnings yet. If you continue to earn an overseas income once living in Australia then you will have to declare the income earned on your tax return. The ATO is only interested in income earned once resident in Australia. However, if you earn interest on money sent to Australia while living overseas you will be paying large amounts of tax on that interest. Thanks NicF for taking the time to explain this to me. Much appreciated. I was thinking of setting up a savings account in Australia and transferring over some of our savings now but if the tax is so hefty on interest, as you mention, I will probably just keep it in my Moneycorp account until they advise of a good exchange rate. Thanks again!
  12. FamilyGuys

    Transferring US$ to Aus

    Thanks, Maryrose. Never needed to use an accountant as I'm not self-employed. Do most people migrating to Oz employ an accountant then? Is it a very complex system?
  13. Hello, I'd appreciate advice from those in the know ... We have PR and will move to Aus around August/ Sep. We are from the UK but currently living overseas so earning income in US$. We have set up an account with Moneycorp and successfully moved some GBP last summer (although wish I had waited now that I look at the exchange rate ... groan). Now we're starting to think about moving our US$ earnings from our income and wondering about tax implications etc. We have been taxed on the income here so I guess I just need to keep payslips showing this? Does anyone know if I should do anything else to avoid being taxed twice. Also, I will ask the helpful chaps at Moneycorp but does anyone have any other suggestions re. sending US$ to Aus now - is it a good time or should we wait a while? Many thanks for any help!
  14. FamilyGuys

    Any feedback/opinions on Geelong please?

    Hi Charlie, which secondary schools do you recommend? What sort if problems did your son experience, if you don't mind me asking? Got a 14 yr old boy and worried about getting the right school (he's a bit quirky and sensitive type)
  15. FamilyGuys

    primary teacher sponsorship

    Most good migration agents will have a chat with you about whether you are eligible before you have to sign up with them. If you're in the UK I'd recommend Go Matilda. You could just give them a ring and tell them your circumstances. They will know whether there is an alternative family sponsor route for you but I think you usually need to be on a skills shortage list too.