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  1. JoannaAch

    Ceremony experience? Young Children?

    We had our 1 year old sitting on my lap duirng the speech, then I just held him for the pledge and took him with us to pick up the certificate and get the photo taken. Lots of families with small kids did the same. Also - we gave him a iPhone with Wiggles vidoes (muted) to keep him occupied during the very boring and long speeches.
  2. JoannaAch


    I wanted to change test location (just within Sydney as we moved to a different suburb since submitting application) and the guy on the phone said that they can only change test locations if someone moved to a different state, not within the same state. So definitely call the help line and they should be able to swap it for you.
  3. JoannaAch


    We were only asked to show drivers license and passport. But when I called the call center before they advised to bring the originals of all documents that you submitted with the application - so might be good to get a new 1195 signed as suggested just in case...
  4. JoannaAch


    I would guess so as your application can only by approved if you are in Australia.
  5. JoannaAch


    I logged online to check. For me it was right after the test. For my husband the status changed to Approved in the afternoon on the day of the test. You should also get a letter information that the application is approved. I guess in principle after you pass the test, your application (in most cases) is done and just waiting for formal approval. But sometimes it takes extra long and that delays your ceremony even further...
  6. JoannaAch

    Documents to Upload for Citizenship Application

    You don’t need to do anything about it and you didn’t make an error. Everyone can see that in their application and I think it’s a bug in the system. You might also see “bringing visa application” tab which is also a bug.
  7. JoannaAch


    I think it depends if they have done all the checks before inviting for the test. We waited almost a year for the test, so all processing must have been already finished.
  8. JoannaAch


    Just came back from the test and my application is already approved. Applied: 3 Feb 2018 Test: 31 Jan 2019 approval: 31 Jan 2019 Hopefuly we can get the ceremony before May elections!
  9. JoannaAch


    We both requested Sydney CBD as we live 15min from there. It will take me extra time to get to Parramatta... it’s funny as the case officer must have specifically select for us to have the interviews at the same time - but missed the different location? I called to check if I can change the location for the test, but there is no option like that. The guy on the phone suggested we had different addresses when we applied, but that’s not the case (have been living together for 10 years). We’ll keep these appoinemts as they are, just to not delay this any further...
  10. JoannaAch


    Finally got the test appointment for my hubby. They gave him the same date and time for the test - but at a different office... His is in Sydney CBD and mine in Parramatta. Both our timelines are: applied: 3 Feb 2018 test: 31 Jan 2019
  11. JoannaAch


    Hi, I need to wait for my husbands appointment letter to arrive first... But that's a good idea if he gets it before my test, I will reschedule both of us for a later date.
  12. JoannaAch


    Both my and my husband applied on 3 Feb 2018 from Sydney. I got a test invite already, but nothing for him so far... It’s a pity as it would be easier to do it together with arranging day care drop off/ pick up. Especially that we need to travel all the way to Parramatta for the test. my timeline: applied: 3 Feb 2018 test invite: 4 Jan 2019 test: 31 Jan 2019 Sydney Parramatta office (requested CBD as Parramatta is quite far away)
  13. JoannaAch

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    The 190 visa does not have any conditions, so that's not exactly correct. The obligation comes into place with the agreement that you sign with the state where you certify that you "intend" to live in the sponsoring state. That is where I think it gets tricky - intend is a very vague term? Even though your example where someone never goes to sponsoring state is reasonable, I'm not sure if that is something that can be proved e.g. in court? What if that someone intended to live in the sponsoring state when signing the agreement, but changed their mind 2min or 2 months later? How do you prove that they never planed to go there? Just to clarify - I'm not actually encouraging people to ignore their obligation to the state that sponsored them, I just really don't like fear mongering. Might be related to being a scientist in a world running on fake news and anecdotal evidence...
  14. JoannaAch

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    It would be quite interesting to know how the department can justify cancelling someones visa based on not meeting this obligation. How can they show that someone provided false information about the intention to move to sponsoring state? What if someone sent one job application or even just googled their sponsoring state - couldn't that be considered a genuine intention to move there? Intention is not really something that can be that well defined and can be very subjective in my opinion... Another thing would be the logistics of cancelling a visa of someone already in Australia. For example what about their children that are Australian citizens or loans/mortgage/other obligations that they took?
  15. Hi, I will be having the same problem when my son is born in October. Have you tried submitting an application without the additional photo ID? On the actual paper form it is written: "1. Identity documents that show a: birth name and date of birth photograph and current name, if available." Based on that, if the other photo ID is not available (like in case of a newborn baby), it won't be required? At least that's what I think...