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  1. cowgirlfromhell

    Please help me understand! 457 visa

    Hello trying to help a friend from Portugal...her English isn't that great and understanding their visa situation is confusing.. please can someone explain for me... my friends have moved over from Portugal ...( sorry don't want to use names) he got a 457 visa first and then brought over his wife and child a year later...they work for the same company so she has been there 2 years... in Oct she tells me they can get their PR but still have to work for the company for 2 years.. this isn't right is it?! things are messy with the company and they basically want out of sponsoring them..so their lives are a misery at work and how they are being treated but they are too scared to complain to fair work or anywhere in case they are deported! what options have they got? just want to help them make a better life!
  2. cowgirlfromhell

    Dilemma is the word! Help and advice needed for Portuguese friend!!!!!

    Good question.... not sure....these are the things we need to find out.. she does not speak Spanish.. thanks for for your replies...
  3. Ok, so my Portuguese friend is here by means of her husbands sponsor...( all Portuguese) come Oct they will qualify hopefully for their PR... Meanwhile her life is a mess and has been for the last year, her marriage is over and she is desperate for help...if she leaves her husband she will get deported back to Portugal, where she now has nothing, no belongings, no money for nothing. she has 2 young children and lives in Cairns.... can anyone give me some proper advice to help her? Her English isn't that great and she doesn't know how to find help, she is desperately depressed and I just want to help her! also does anyone in Cairns/ northern beaches/ Port Douglas area know of any expat groups or Portuguese community social groups?.. your replies will will be greatly appreciated.. thanks for your time..
  4. cowgirlfromhell

    Aus property/ living in Uk

    Can anyone tell me please, what happens if I have a joint mortgage on a property in Aus with my partner, who lives in the property, but I move back to the UK..what happens with regards to paying tax etc In Aus and the UK?. some advice would be appreciated .... Thanks!
  5. cowgirlfromhell

    UK Spousal visa

    I would like some similar advice too if you don't mind! I'm a dual citizen and my boyfriend of 6 years is Australian... what visa does he need to apply for, to have the right to live and work in the UK always?? need some clear info!! Thanks
  6. Ok..so compicated situation.....this is the short story.. I am now an Australian citizen/ dual citizenship with the UK and I live and work in Australia for now...in th next 5 years I will move back to England. My parents are going through divorce, my Mum has MS and the house they are in is suited to her longterm needs... So I want to know if I can get a mortgage in my name and my mothers name together, in the UK while I live and work in Australia, to be able to buy my Dad out...!?? can someone help me understand if this is possible?? thank you!
  7. cowgirlfromhell

    Moving to Cairns Sept 2015

    We moved to Cairns from Perth last year and lasted 9 months before moving back to Perth! Some people it's a good move..for us sadly it wasn't! For us it was more expensive, medical care wasn't as good, it's extremely hard to get a job..2nd highest unemployment rate in the country last I heard....yes it beautiful...cairns itself is quite run down, the council make some bad decisions in my opinion...suburbs to avoid are those suburbs that start with a 'm'...I was told this before I moved and I consider that correct information still current! Electric is near on 3times what I pay in Rockingham... im so relived we didn't buy here or move our stuff over! Renting first, getting a feel for the place is the best idea... Good luck!
  8. cowgirlfromhell

    Tax on savings

    So Linda worth keeping savings in Oz do you think or maybe the old fashioned idea of stashing cash under the floor boards be better In the longterm?!?
  9. cowgirlfromhell

    Albany - What's it like?

    A lot colder than Perth but a lot greener.....beautiful beaches...property is generally cheaper I've been told before to give spencer park and Lockyer suburbs a miss and searching on realestate.com they are some of the cheaper properties if that's anything to go by...alot of history as one of the first settlements in WA and I believe it was the first place to honour Anzac Day in Australia...transport would be good with a regional airport and buses (certain days each week) to Perth....easy pretty much straight rd down to albany from Perth around 5 hours +. Job wise I would check seek.com...
  10. cowgirlfromhell

    Cost of Living Brisbane \ adelaide

    I think maybe you under estimate the cost of food....and possibly petrol, but that's hard to judge until you are here and know how far you are going to travel everyday....eating out is quite expensive compared to UK I think as a general idea...
  11. cowgirlfromhell

    Tax on savings

    I have the same question....sorry I hope someone answers and it be good news?!
  12. cowgirlfromhell

    IgA????? Immune system dse.

    If you can explain your story a bit better you may get more help....as it can be quite complicated depending what illness you are talking about??
  13. cowgirlfromhell

    Paying tax in Uk for Aus property?

    Thanks Alan....yes I'm starting to think savings in a high interest account is a better idea...! The tax on the profit is huge! It is a big gamble....
  14. cowgirlfromhell

    Paying tax in Uk for Aus property?

    I need the idiots guide to paying tax on what and where..!? Sorry I'm sure it's been asked a thousand time already...but I want to be 100% clear on our life decisions! if we buy property in Australia and live and work in England, do we pay tax in the UK on our investment even if we make a loss on it as a rental? none of what we earn in the UK is taxed here is it? thanks for your time...
  15. cowgirlfromhell

    Living Cairns area?!

    Thanks that would be great! Im more worried about Cyclones and flooding really..Im a pastry chef/cafe cook, come waitress?! and my partner is a disability support worker so we should be ok for work!