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    ABN/Company set up...clueless plea!

    Hi Megs Does he have a tfn yet? You need to have this before you get an ABN. TFN takes upto 4 weeks to get but ours took about 2 weeks. You can apply for both at same time. If he does have a TFN and you need ABN very quickly, some online companies can provide it there & then. Not sure how reliable they are though or you could just wait for ATO. Tax returns are from July to June each year so as far as reporting, you have till October next year to file & pay across tax. Thereafter, I think it's every 3 months based on there estimation. Also if you invoice over $6800 per month, he needs to be GST registered. We're just in process of doing this. Hope that helps. Michelle
  2. Hi to you all My hubbie is a fully qualified, experienced carpet, wood, vinyl fitter & looking for work. We arrived last Wednesday & looking for work NOR. Any help would be appreciated. Mobile no & CV by pm. Regards Michelle
  3. mipi

    Lepto Vaccination

    Thanks Bob, have left messages for other kennels. The Rabies is all done and blood test was passed in November 2011. When will this expire? Michelle
  4. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? We were supposed to be flying one way to Oz next month, but due to our house buyer pulling out, have had to put things on hold. We now need to do a validation trip which we have booked. As we were flying our dog over we have not vaccinated him against Lepto as advised but now as he needs to be kennelled, our local kennels wont except him as he is not fully vaccinated. If I was to have him vaccinated now and we were able to move in 5-6 months time, would the Lepto have worn off enough to pass blood tests? Thanks Michelle
  5. mipi

    e health

    Hi all. we have our medicals booked for Friday. I have downloaded and printed our 26EH and 160EH forms but I haven't been promted to advise we are going to Maidenhead. Also there was no form to download for non migrating dependent. Spoken to CO and they have advisd to complete Form 26 for her. Will Maidenhead be able to find us on the e-health system? Really don't want to go down the paper route!!!!
  6. Hi, we are having a few issues with getting my partners ex to agree to a medical for his non-migrating dependent. I know we can do statutory declarations, etc to get round this problem, but does anyone know what the benefit is for the future, in regard to the child doing the medical? Regards, Michelle
  7. mipi

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    Woo Hoo, we have a case officer. Only requested a recent detailed employer reference, medicals and police clearances. Michelle
  8. mipi

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    If not heard this week, will call next. Still got a bit of baby weight to lose before we book medicals. lol Cheers
  9. mipi

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    Hi. We are still waiting for a case officer. Received email from WA on 25/05/11 that they sent ss confirmation. Anyone else waiting who lodged about the same time? Regaqrds, Michelle
  10. mipi

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    Hi Guys, Can we join the May gang and Perth BBQ. Finally uploaded the last of our documents (consent form from ex-husband), and patiently waiting for a CO. Keep checking online application and it says processing commenced, I can't remember if it said that to begin with or maybe I'm being optimistic. Good luck to all who are waiting and hopefully it wont be too long.
  11. mipi

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    Congrats to all who have CO's. Can't believe how quick its moving. We have finally got good news this morning and received the email from WA approving SS. Policy change must have been granted. Woo hoo. Good luck everyone.
  12. mipi

    Woo - hoo we got co !!!

    Wow, congratulations. That was so quick.
  13. mipi

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    Hi all, just spoken to WA to find out what the problem is. Our application is currently on hold due to this policy change. When they take into account the work experience, they exclude any informal trade apprenticeship, so although OH was working and being trained on the job (so to speak) this hasn't been included within the seven years experience. (Oh bugger, should have reworded CV). The policy change is hopefully going to be take into account these training years which should be implemented in the next few weeks. So fingers crossed should have a positive outcome in the next month or so. Hope this helps any future DIY applicants as I suppose if we had used an agent they would have known about this. Cheers, Michelle
  14. mipi

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    Not sure if anyone can help? Due to the delays we have been experiencing, I sent an email to WA last night attaching CV, passport page and TRA letter in case of problems uploading on original application. I also expressed our anxiousness in hearing outcome as soon as possible due to future points changes. We received an email back stating sorry for delay but they are waiting for the outcome of a policy change which will affect our application. I cannot see any problems with our applicatioin at all, my OH has 8 years work experience as a floor finisher, holds a UK passport, we have funds of over AUD$ 110,000 after relocation costs including AUD$ 25,000 savings. Gone over reasons for choosing WA and although haven't written huge amounts included enough as far as we can see. Absolutely stumped and feeling extremely downhearted about it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  15. mipi

    WA SS 2011 - where are we now

    Hi Perth42, thanks for the reply. I emailed on the 20th December making sure all documents had been received as we had the problem of CV not showing as attached. I received an email back saying that the application had been submitted successfully that day. When I called last week, they looked up our application and just said should hear by Monday, Tuesday this week. I didn't ask any further questions. If we don't hear tomorrow, will call again or try emailing maybe attaching the documents again with our reference number.